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  Posted: Feb 19, 2013 4:40 PM FEED
4 X-Pro II
I'm not thrilled to be back in the office, BUT my feet are! Thanks, @ghbass & @misslesamac! ❤

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I spent the past two days under the weather (aka really sick) -- but I got to ride out my agony in paradise @gurneysmontauk thanks to the good folks at @unileverusa 🙏🏾 Blessed I got to learn about all the fancy new products coming out next year in between sneezes and coughs... got a sweet press 'n cut from my boo @Ursulastephen... and got some QT with my baes @chanelinezp & @lacyredway! Was also nice to be away from my boys so they didn't get sick and I could toss and turn all night 😬And shoutout to my beauty editor sister AND unfortunately sister in sickness @jenn_edit -- hope you feel better soon! ❤ #WhatsNewWithU
Screaming "Happy First Birthday!!!!" to my beautiful nephew and niece-- Malcolm & Corinne! 👶🏽🎂👶🏽Can't believe it's already been 365 days since you blessed us with your presence. 🙏🏾Love you to the moon and back!❤ #TheBrownBabies #TwinLife #Wombfire approved 💯AND shoutout to my super dope sister @_ephphatha and brother @geoffibrown for surviving their first year of parenthood. The struggle is real (especially with TWINS)! But you have took to this life like rockstars! These babies are so lucky to call you theirs! 👏🏾
The second studio album from the band #NoShadows is entitled "Not Today Trump!" 🚫 Never too young to #RESIST! ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏻 #StayWoke #Wombfire approved 💯🖤#PowerToThePeople
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 11:11 AM
22 Nashville
✨Not letting go of this week's glow ✨#ThatGodLight #BigTingsPoppin 🙏🏾
The launch of @fentybeauty has put the lack of diversity within the beauty industry back into the spotlight -- and rightfully so 💯The amazing @sbrogue has beautifully and thoughtfully addressed the issue in her latest @bof feature that I had a pleasure of contributing to 🙏🏾Women of color deserve to be considered -- and we will continue to demand that respect ✊🏾 Checkout the link in my bio. Thanks again for this amazing piece, Sarah! 👏🏾
My Mani Message: Keep dreaming big ✨...but always stay woke✊🏾! Dope digits courtesy of @oliveandjune 💅🏾 Love and light to my @fashionmamas sista @gibsontuttle 💓#OliveYourMani
Fall is in full swing so here's a look at my #DopeStuffOnMyDesk from the October issue of @essence! I'm denim obsessed and loving all the patchwork designs out there like these by Bandolino @belk that I'm rocking in the pic 👖I'm also wearing a pair of the most iconic boots (and warmest socks) by @llbean 👢To finish up my look I've got a super cool @verloopknits backpack 🎒Now onto beauty... I was blown away when I learned about @bfragranced -- a perfume company started by a Black woman 👸🏾And speaking of Black-owned, I can't get enough of anything by @urbanskinrx -- especially this Pumpkin Pore Mask 🎃 You'll also want to grab @cremeofnature's apple cider vinegar rinse for your hair this season 🍎 @maccosmetics Fall 2017 palette is obviously a must-have 🎨 And last but not least, I'm loving all the colors of @maybelline's matte ink liquid lipsticks 💄(Art director: @inrashidasworld 🎬 prop styling: @junkprints 🏆 Photo editor: @kaliflower1 🎞 Creative director: @thompsonproject 🎯)
Let me break down my kid's lewk real quick 🌟 The @nmaahc hoodie says "I come from kings and queens. You know I stay woke!" ✊🏾 His @theminiclassy Dino pants say "Shoutout to all the dinosaurs at the @amnh -- my favorite place to kick it." 👌🏾Last but not least, his @akidbrand tweed moccasin kicks say "Peace and love to my Native American brothers and sisters -- we been trill!" 👊🏾#Wombfire approved 💯 #BlackBoyJoy
My other wedding date is a baddie too. Duh. 💯 #ForTheLoveOfMullen
Posted: Sep 30, 2017 12:30 AM
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Always 💁🏾 Ready 💥(P.S. Blue velvet dress 👗 by @eloquii) #ForTheLoveOfMullen
That Jesus light is just right for @chrissycole's wedding! 👰🏽🖤🤵🏽 With one of my hot dates @charlipenn 🌟 #ForTheLoveOfMullen
Posted: Sep 29, 2017 11:23 AM
3 Sierra
When it's finally Friday AND officially @chrissycole's wedding day! Let's get it! 💃🏾
About ready to wash this face and put up my hair -- BUT not before a quick selfie💁🏾 Why? Cause this @fentybeauty makeup and my twist-out courtesy of @vernonfrancois is just too damn good👌🏾 Plus, I needed to capture the moment -- I just spoke on a panel all the way at @uscannenberg with a group of badass women, who I never dreamed would even know my name, let alone know my work. How blessed I am that I get to call this my life 🙏🏾
Friendly reminder 💁🏾...I'll be gracing the stage with these queens at @uscannenberg @idea_annenberg tonight to talk about Fashion's diversity problem 👸🏾 Be there or be square (if you're in the LA area) 😬We #StayWoke! ✊🏾
When I'm session with my brother @jahisundance ✌🏾
Guess what today is? The official launch of my girl @glowmaven's new book #OwnYourGlow! So proud of this woman and everything she stands for. The book is outstanding and a real testament to self-care and living your best life. That means you need a copy. Congratulations, Latham! Keep shining/glowing oh-so-bright! #BlackGirlMagic
You're welcome. 🖤 @kofisiriboe P.S. Kofi-- why do you smell like #BlackLove and Africa's finest juices and berries? 😩 #BestJobEver 💯
Learning to love my body after baby has been extremely hard. Especially when it's been three years since I gave birth and random people will point to my belly and congratulate me on being pregnant. Ugh! This happens more than you'd think. Someone literally has to be crowning (meaning I need to see the baby coming out of your vajay) in order for me to comment on their pregnancy. So yes, it's upsetting to have my body commented on in that way. But I have to remind myself that I brought an amazing human being into the world and if that means that I "look" pregnant for a few years after, so be it. I'm also aware that I hold my health in my own hands -- and I need to find more time to sweat. Working out will not only help me physically but also mentally and spiritually. This photo by the amazing @papermonday is a reminder that I'm beautiful no matter my dress size or whether my stomach is flat. I'm dope just the way I am. 🖤
I'm headed to Cali this week for the distinct honor of speaking on a panel at @uscannenberg with a group of women that I respect and admire so much -- @bethannhardison, @kimoraleesimmons & @eboneedavis! 👸🏾Fashion is still struggling when it comes to diversity and we're hoping to shed some light on why that is -- and what we can do to fix it. 🙏🏾 If you're in the Los Angeles area please come check it out! 😉