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  Posted: Feb 14, 2013 4:16 PM FEED
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Finally feels like fall: gloomy day with a bit of rain, an amazing #flannelcandle from @bathandbodyworks burning, and a few cups of coffee just for something warm to drink. Perfect setting to while away the afternoon with lots of knitting and binge watching a season of @nbcparksandrec. Almost felt guilty for wasting a perfectly good day, but then I remembered: Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. 👌🏻 #wordstoliveby
Throwback to last weekend, taken 8 hours before our lives changed from the #northbaywildfires. Loved looking up and seeing this gorgeous contrast between colors! ☺️
My heart is broken, and to be honest I am still in complete shock over what happened last night. I didn’t know about the fires until the high speed winds woke me up at 1:30am — I ran outside to pull down our umbrellas in the backyard and turn the patio table upside down to keep from blowing away. That was when I looked up, and all I could see was blood. red. flames. and smoke billowing over the north horizon, close enough to completely take the breath out of me. Never in my life have I ever seen something so terrifying. I don’t think I will ever live long enough to forget that sight. I ran back inside and was waking up my roommates by 2am. By 2:30 we had decided to start packing bags, just in case we got evacuated. We were close enough to the fire on the horizon that we knew it was possible. This was a situation everyone always asks themselves hypothetically: “What would I grab if there was a fire?” I cannot even describe how surreal it was to be doing it for real, with no idea if our house would survive the night. I honestly paced in circles in my room, completely unsure of what to take, besides a few basic changes of clothes. I mean, really, what do you take? In the end, I was surprised at myself by how little I packed. How little anything really mattered besides the obvious valuables and my own life. We ended up self-evacuating at 6am and so far our house is still intact. But seeing the devastation in the rest of my city, and places like @paradiseridgewinery that I was just at only 10 days ago, completely gone, and at that a place I’ve loved so much over the years... I am just utterly, utterly heartbroken. We’ll be out there tomorrow doing what we can to lend any help to our community. Please send us your thoughts as we heal from such a horrific night, in the days and months and years to come. 💔
Enjoying such a lovely summery fall day today! Wandering @thebarlow707 with @sydnieleahphoto and we’re peeking at all the pretty things. This picture is a super #latergram (dated 2014 I think) but it accurately depicts how I feel today. Loving the tranquility of having nowhere to be and enjoying the moment. 😌
It's hard to write this because there truly are no words to describe the unspeakable horror that happened in Vegas on Sunday. Absolutely none. It's been two days and I still just cannot get my mind around it, and I'm sure the rest of the country feels the same. Conan O'Brien had some pretty sobering questions the other day, though, so I will let him speak for me on this.

"Today, when I came in to work, my head writer was standing in my office with a sheath of papers. And he said, 'Here are the remarks you made after the Sandy Hook shootings and the Pulse nightclub attacks in Orlando. You might want to look at them to see what you might say tonight.' And that -- that struck me. How could there be a file of mass shooting remarks for a late night host? When did that become normal? When did THIS become a ritual? And what does it say about us that it has? We're all tired of hearing reporters, let alone comics, discuss mass carnage in the most affluent and influential country in the history of the world. Something needs to change. It really does."

Las Vegas, all of our hearts are there with you. We can never, never give up on the hope that our country can and will be better than the monstrosity created by a single person. Please speak up so we can, all of us, take action toward preventing another despicable gun violence death. It has to stop. Check out @everytown for how you can help. 💛✨ #prayforvegas #endgunviolence #nevernevergiveup #lasvegasshooting
So, I have this thing with menus. 😌 How could you not, when they're this aesthetically pleasing and colorful and have matching flowers? 💐 // real talk tho. I touched on this in another post, but work and life stress have been pretty debilitating for the last 6 weeks or so. So much of my time was spent simply trying to cope with that stress that doing anything productive or something simply for me was out of the question. There was a solid 3-4 weeks there where I could barely drag myself to work and back home. Finally getting back onto Instagram last week really made me realize how much I missed being creative and how much that affects my mental health. I decided to run with that and the other night went out to shoot the sunset; I haven't picked up my camera for a shoot just for me in I can't even remember how long. But doing so made me remember how passionate I am about photography and how happy it makes me. I can't even describe how good it felt to finally quiet my soul and be able to tune the whole world out behind my viewfinder. So here's to rediscovering the small good things in life and taking time for me. ☺️
Desperately needed some more pops of color in my feed, so here is your daily dose of prettiness. Also, I had to put my hands literally six inches away from this gigantic bee to get this shot, so you're welcome for that.
If I couldn't live in California, I would live in Maine. Oh, how that state has my heart. It's only been a month since I left and already wishing I could be back there. 💖
Given life repeatedly punching me in the face for the last month (check out my previous post for the whole novel if you need some drama in your life), all of the days off I've had in September have been spent relaxing at home doing basically nothing. I actually read a few books, watched a lot of tv, and ventured outside on maybe like two occasions. I don't think I've ever felt so emotionally and mentally burnt out and stressed as I have over the last month, so the thought of doing anything productive in my free time was just too much to bear. But now that the life insanity has simmered down to a manageable level, I finally feel like myself enough again to return to adulting. So, today's day off was super productive and I felt so awesome for doing like five errands around town and then productive stuff at home. Small victories, people. I will take it.
Sooo it's been a really long hot minute since I've posted anything. A little bit crazy to realize this full month is probably the longest I've gone without posting in the 5 years since I started my account.

Life was real crazy there for a second. Looking back I can laugh now & think, "it really wasn't that bad," but yes. Oh yes it was. @k8lin000 & I decided to move out of our apartment & into a house this summer when our lease ended on 8/31, & find two more girls to live with us. When I left for my vacation on 8/5 we had those two girls lined up and a few promising houses to look into. By the time I got home on 8/19, both girls had flaked, one of them not even 72 hours before I landed. The super awful catch 22 about househunting with roommates is that property companies aren't interested in you unless all applying parties are present. So with 10 days to go on our lease, we had a plan to move into a four bedroom house but no roommates and no house. Suffice it to say, we barely slept that week out of pure anxiety.

The day after I got home, we FaceTimed @sydnieleahphoto & a few days later she was on board. So although it was not our first choice of having 4 people, 3 of us in a house was better than nothing, so with 7 days to go on our lease we started up again on our house hunt. Mind you, this was happening around all of our full-time jobs; finding time to see a house together or even research was a job in and of itself.

Letdown after letdown later of applying to houses & not being accepted, I went back through my email to look again for another possible roommate applicant, & two days later we were meeting our 4th roommate; with only 5 days to go on our lease. We spent that weekend researching & calling like never before, & saw a few very promising houses, but it would take days to hear back. The killer part was that there was literally nothing more we could have been doing; the realization that we had to simply wait on others was agonizing.

Tuesday rolls around with TWO DAYS left on our lease & we get the call back that we've been offered our first choice house! Pulling that all off in the span of a week was nothing short of spectacular.(more👇🏻)
So here we are, the last night at our Camelot cottage... knew it would go by too fast and of course it did. So thankful to have this amazing place to continue to return to! Even if it's not as frequent as I'd like. 😉 Picturesque #mainesummer vacation: swimming in the freezing North Atlantic in August. Til next time. ☺️ // thanks for the #squirrelisland beach tip @andrewgmurray! Who knew a beach like this existed in Maine. 😍
Just learned that there are seven main types of hydrangeas -- I had no idea! They're all so different but equally beautiful; this is the smooth hydrangea. How could you resist taking pictures of this? What a gorgeous evening stroll at @newagenseasideinn tonight. 🙂🌸
Hot weather always calls for ice cream. 🍦😋 Can't wait to hit up the classic, been-there-forever ice cream shop in downtown at least once before we leave!
I LOVED stopping by this little cafe the other day -- so pretty, with all the white and pastel colors inside, contrasted with industrial themes! Can't wait to share all the pictures I took. 😊🐣
@katiebug_shrub and I celebrating 'the back half' of our vacation! One week down and one to go. Of course it's going to go too fast. 😔
I discovered the other day that @newagenseasideinn hosts storytellers on Wednesday nights all summer, and I didn't really know what it would be like but hey I'm trying to be spontaneous so let's check it out! It ended up being so cool, Karen Pillsworth was an amazing storyteller. Although I think part of what made it so great was that I haven't really experienced storytelling since I was a child. Loved to see her passion for it, even still after 30+ years. The s'mores with 150° views of the ocean at sunset was pretty nice too. 🌲🔥
Wandered downtown #boothbayharbor today and found this darling bag in @seawickscandlecompany! Love love love. Definitely need to learn to live more in the moment and just absorb life as it arrives. ☺️ Can't wait to do that on this vacation -- our semi-regular summer two weeks in #southportmaine is the perfect opportunity to unplug and slow down. 😌 #seawicks
A favorite quote of mine. Found this at a darling print shop at the Friday Foodie Market in @therocks! My other similar favorite is, "A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships were made for." Can you tell I'm obsessed with everything water-related? #swimmerforlife ✌🏻