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Baby Valentine's Day DIY post at Disney Baby today - inspired by @elsiecake and her wall art DIY. (link below)

  • caseysjl 244w ago

    Cute, I love that! I may do a big girl version today!

  • @caseysjl go look on my little things blog - I made a big girl version for Craig and it didn't turn out quite as I hoped. Go look and learn from my mistakes!

  • So cute! I actually love that it turned out imperfect...a bit symbolic of what love is ☺

  • love the post. 😂😂 goes well with the gin

  • On the not so perfect one, you should paint a y in it... Maybe in white or red. Maybe a cursive y so it's obvious that it's not the sticker font... A joint mama baby piece :)

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This weekend my friend @adlibbeauty taught me some new makeup tricks and I acquired some fun new products, so I was inspired to document the getting ready process in my instastory yesterday 💄💅🏼🤳🏼. // You can still see it for a few more hours if you're interested, but a few people asked for a list of the products I used so I thought I'd leave it here for you. I'll tag all the brands and leave a more detailed description in the comments below 👍🏼.
Thankful to have such a lovely friend in my life 💛. Had so much fun this weekend. @adlibbeauty taught me some big girl makeup techniques (apparently not all makeup should be applied with fingers 😜🤷🏻‍♀️) and I taught her about the best $5 underwear on the planet (*edit: linked these in my IG story). We got pedicures, went wine tasting, drank lots of black tea and found a new appreciation for Lady Gaga (thanks Netflix 🙌🏼). Feeling refreshed and ready for a new week of momming ✨.
This guy right here deserves the MVP award for this weekend 🏆. Killed it dadding solo for the whole weekend so I could go retreat by myself (he's actually the one who suggested I go in the first place 🙌🏼). He cooked a ton of delicious meals for them, taught Fern how to ride her bike without training wheels, did a bunch of laundry and left zero dishes in the sink upon my return. The best part though is that when I thanked him for taking such good care of everyone/everything while I was away his response was basically that he hadn't done anything special...just being a dad and doing his job 😍. Love him 💛.
If you don't post a pumpkin patch photo to IG, then did October even really happen? 🤔🎃🍁🍂
I'm so excited for a little staycation/self retreat this weekend at my in-laws cute A-Frame. They're on vacation, so they said I could come have a little retreat at their place. It's adorable and quiet and in the woods and while I do have some friend time planned, I'll also have some solo time and I'll be introverting so hard (🎵ain't no party like an introvert party cause an introvert party don't start 🎵). Maybe I'll even read a book 😍🙌🏼. // Where my fellow introverts at? 🙋🏻😂
I got to take over @babble's Instagram story today and share a peek into what a day in our life with three kids looks like 👧🏻👦🏼👧🏻 along with some tips and tricks for making it go a bit more smoothly 🙌🏼. (Tip #7: this cruiser 👆🏼to tote your kids around in - @veergear 😘. //Swipe to see more pics and then head over to @babble to watch our story!
🎉GIVEAWAY CLOSED - Congrats @sarahhanns 🎉...A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to tour the new @americangirlbrand store @washingtonsq and it was basically Fern's own personal version of heaven. They were kind enough to gift us their newest doll: Nanea and Fern is completely obsessed with her (she has such a cool story that you can read more about over on the blog). Better yet though, they gave us an extra Nanea doll to give away to one of you lovelies 💛. // Steps to enter: 1) Be sure you're following me, @washingtonsq and @americangirlbrand. 2) Like this photo and leave a comment with your favorite AG memory...the doll you wished for or had as a kid (mine was Samantha for sure) or your own little one's favorite. 3) Tag 3 friends who might like this giveaway in separate comments. That's it! I'll draw a winner on Friday (10/13/17). // Giveaway only open to U.S. residents. Per Instagram rules, I must mention this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's term of use. // #Joy2EveryGirl #WashingtonSquareMall #AmericanGirlPDX #AmericanGirl
It is my greatest hope that my children will be friends throughout their whole lives. I very intentionally remind them at every turn that they are truly each other's very best friends. I speak it out loud at every opportunity with the hope that this truth will burrow itself deep into their souls. I provide ways for them to serve each other and to brighten one another's days. Whether it's helping them choose a small gift for a sibling when we are out or encouraging them to do something to actively serve one other - helping clean up a mess, sharing a snack, drawing a special picture. These are the small things that I hope will stick and bond them together over the years. It's so sweet watching them become little buddies 💛.
Despite the fact that he is constantly pestering her and she is constantly taking/destroying his things or hitting/kicking/biting him in self-defense they really are obsessed with each other. 💛
Happy launch day @londonlittles 🎉! So proud of my friend Janssen and her newest endeavor: super adorable, tiny rain boots ☔️😍. Living in Oregon we are sort of rain boot connoisseurs and these are super great and completely adorable. My kids are obsessed and Alice may have cried when it was time to take them off 😂. // Go check out their IG and see the rest of the collection - all styles launch at 10 AM PST so keep your eyes peeled! 👀
🎉*GIVEAWAY CLOSED* 🎉Now that the chillier weather is upon us, I thought it would be fun to team up with @yaladesigns to give away my favorite cozy sweatshirt. I love that Yala focuses on quality fabrics and sustainability + they are local too! I'll be giving away this Kerri sweatshirt I'm wearing (also comes in black, a pretty pink and white) for you to cozy up in. // To enter, just like this photo and be sure you're following me and @yaladesigns then comment below with your favorite thing to do in fall 👍🏼. Tag your friends for extra entries! A winner will be announced Thursday. Good luck! #ad // Per Instagram rules, I must mention this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's term of use.
I'm pretty certain that when God was knitting this one together in my womb He gave her an extra measure of cute to balance out all her wild. It's like he knew that I might ship her off to the circus if she wasn't so dang cute some days and He wanted to put preventative measures in place. 😜 🎪🐵.
This girl is growing up before my very eyes and it is absolutely precious and heart wrenching in equal measure 😍💔😭. Recently she decided that she was "too big" for bath toys and requested a book, because "big girls can read in the bath you know". // Those little old grannies man...they know what they're talking about. It really does happen in a blink. #fernisms
The upside to the gloomy weather is that it's brought back afternoon tea time.