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  Posted: Feb 9, 2013 10:00 PM FEED
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🥂to a weekend in paradise with the best wedding dates a gal could ask for #mehramedina
hopping onto my yacht like ✌🏼
when you can't stop smiling and your face starts to hurt ⚓️✨happy happy in amalfi
positano: the land of perfect pastel sunsets and hundreds of colorful little homes tucked into the mountainside to match.
approx 127 bottles of wine, 112 servings of gelato and 74 plates of pasta consumed. approx 157 consecutive hours danced, 5 sea caves conquered, 3 cliffs jumped, and 248 times the italian language was butchered. all of that packed into 7 days, in a dreamland with an epic group of friends: priceless.
48 hours in roma 🇮🇹⏱
adventure prep ✈️ nyc to rome to positano to milano
places i'd rather be ⛵️🌊
friday shred-day 🏄🏻‍♀️
why wouldn't the clam share his treasure? ...because he was a little shellfish
another trip around the sun with this one 🍾🎉 best weekend celebrating my best bb @megandority
happy happy birthday to my sweet bb @karakearns. here's to hoping we can achieve the same state of intoxicated bliss this weekend as we experienced during this photo sesh 🍍🍾
when you're excited about getting out of the office while it's still light out and then you step outside and see this 😍
happy fiveish year friendversary to two of my bests. thank you for helping make newport my home all that time ago. love you both as much as olivia loves phytoplankton.