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Remember that one day it rained in Southern California? #itwasenough

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I don’t post so much anymore. Instagram is different. It’s not a feed of my favourite people anymore. But I’m here making these memories and I need a place to stream my life, for myself. From November the 18th, 2016 everything kind of changed for me. And I can’t quiet go back. I pulled away from a lot of things. But I’m here, running my kids school fundraisers with some newer and amazing friends which couldn’t have come at a better time. My kids aren’t little anymore and they have a voice. They don’t love photos. They understand ‘sharing’ them. So.... 1 year later (Nearly)...... here I am with my 2 amazing chairs of a giant event we just put on. Because that’s who I am right now.
When we found out a few months ago, we surprised @rickremender out of the airport dressed as his characters from Deadly Class. Super cool to dress your kids as assassins.
Sorry, braggybpost post. But so proud of my husband @rickremender , @wescraigcomics and @milesorion1 see you in Vancouver 🇨🇦 !
spent all my sunday watching old videos. "It's not easy being geen" 😪
What could go wrong? 🤷🏼‍♀️
I lasted 3 minutes outside ☀️ 🔥