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I have read a few news reports of the progress of my case, and trust me- many things are incorrect. But this is the Internet, and of course things are half-baked anyway. Keep in mind that translation is difficult, and many things can be lost, for Czech is a VERY DIFFICULT language. So wait and see, as I am. It is all I can do, except be honest & fight for my freedom in my own way. I also have heard of some people (not on here) talking smack about the Czech Republic, saying "Fuck the Czech Republic", etc. This not how it should be. This is a very sad case, not something to rage at people you do not know over. I am not angry with the Czechs at all. A fan of my band is dead- what do I have to be angry about? I am an INNOCENT man, but I am also a very sad man right now. To not be sad in this instance would be inhuman. But mad at the Czech people? Why would I be mad at them? Here, look at this picture- a mother watches her baby. The child reaches out for something new, laughing and chasing a pretty picture in the air. It is the same here as everywhere else. Do you see?!?!? Life is beautiful. I hope to see y'all soon.
  • colink187 245w ago

    Best wishes.... We'll see you very soon

  • One of the realist cats in the game right here. Stand strong homie.

  • Much respect Randy, come home soon so u can do the next installment of The Crucible. #findtruejustice #freerandy

  • darlin', i have looked up to and admired you for years - but never more than in this moment right now. you have handled this situation with grace, honor, and humility. not every person would be able to handle this as such. you have such a great head on your shoulders, and i've been blown away by the amount of strength you've shown. and i'm so happy to see that you're putting such good vibes into the universe...positivity will always endure, and what you put out comes back to you. proven FACT. please don't take this the wrong way - but i love you - and i am sending my thoughts, prayers, and love to the czech republic. you will come out of this a stronger, more intelligent individual (shit, you already have...), and all the better for it. i'd wish you the best of luck, but ya don't need it. godspeed, randy. @drandallblythe

  • adampiper 245w ago

    Hang in there Randy. The truth will set you free!

  • @drandallblythe your positivity is so beautiful and your outlook on life is amazing. To be faced with the charges that are being pressed against you and be able to say "life is beautiful" is nothing short of amazing. It inspires me to carry on through whatever hardships I may face in my life. I send good thoughts your way, and hope the very best for you. Thank you for the music you have made and thank you for sharing such amazing things with the rest of us. You are an inspiration. Best wishes.

  • good luck good man

  • What a dude! Good luck, man!

  • tnrenee76 245w ago

    All of the best. You are a class act, Randy...not that we didn't know that already.

  • Good luck Randy.

  • Good luck from RVA. Thinking of you.

  • Oh, ur words r juz amazing....

  • Love you randy !!!

  • mz_exodus 245w ago

    Rise above

  • Good luck , love ya brother , awesome words as always , positive thoughts your way !

  • jed.pool 245w ago

    Thank u for personally shedding light on this issue. Hope it turns out ok

  • sbvmedia 245w ago

    We have your back Randy!! \m/

  • Again we will rise... Waiting for u to get back home safe

  • Great message...going to keep shooting prayers and positive vibes your way Randy.

  • TRULY an amazing man. With that heart & genuine mindset, you will come out of this sad situation just fine. My thoughts & prayers are with you, your friends & family & the family of the young man as well. ❤❤❤

  • Wise words Randy! It's a very sad situation. Keep strong!

  • Our support from México as well, keep strong

  • rucharita 245w ago

    TOTAL support Randall. You're gonna get through!

  • @drandallblythe. We are on your side. \m/

  • viva_360 245w ago

    Wishing you well Randy!

  • spmaestro 245w ago

    Much support! Stay strong!

  • mc1vor 245w ago

    You will be skating soon!!

  • Wise words my friend, stay true to yourself and continue to preach empowerment to those who do not understand yet. I will not be surprised if you never read this but the thought is no less there.

  • We believe in u buddy!

  • We often spew that karma will bring vengeance, in your case karma will bring sweet relief. Good Luck Randy, we are all pulling for you in our own way.

  • Randy you are a total inspiration

  • motorjeff 245w ago

    Admittedly, i did post "fuck the Czech Republic" on metal injection, however, I don't feel that expressing that is out of line, simply for the fact that you would have to be understanding of our anger. I'm not saying fuck the people of the Czech Republic. We as metal fans are an honest and yes, sometimes angry bunch, but will defend each other in any way we can. Having said that, I understand your position on not wanting it to be about that type of sentiment. We are all sure you will come out on top.

  • Way to keep positive @drandallblythe, & I wish u all da positive vibes in da world!!!!! Best of luck in ur trial brother

  • We are all waiting and rooting for you, my friend. Your innocence will be proved soon.

  • jeffsrsic 245w ago


  • God Bless & Godspeed

  • ry_omega 245w ago

    You're a good dude, and I can tell by the way you've handled this entire thing. We're all pulling for you, man.

  • mist_erie 245w ago

    Praying for you brother...

  • I believe in you your the one music figure I look up to ,And I will continue to . I will pray for in. Hopes in the near future I can attend log show #10 . Your my idol stay strong brotha .

  • Miss ya buddy. Much love from Minneapolis. - Charlie.

  • Keep your head up brother. The Lamb Of God Army loves you man. @drandallblythe

  • We all back you 110%, you and all of Lamb of God have helped me through a very tough time in my life and now im repaying the favor by supporting you as much as i can. You are in my thoughts and prayers Randy!

  • derdiegus 245w ago

    Beautiful words man!! I'm sure that wherever Daniel is, he wants justice. After the storm, the sun always rises!!

  • bj604 245w ago

    Good luck man!!!

  • Omg you warmed my heart. Really. You are an amazing photographer and front man and human being. Lots of good energy from Venezuela. You'll get out of rhis one @drandallblythe

  • esmid1981 245w ago

    Chin up! It's always darkest before the dawn

  • m4633 245w ago

    Strenght beyond strength \m/ greetings from Costa Rica brother! @drandallblythe, Pura Vida!

  • Precisely why I admire you so much, such an inspiration! You're an amazing man, a strong man! You will prevail! Sending much love!

  • Even with so much going on, you're photos are still amazing and your words are still inspiring. Everything is going to work out! I forgot to tell you, my birthday is the day before yours! Hurry on home amigo and let's celebrate with a birthday cookout at Mark's! Haha! See you soon homie, and Thank You for the continued inspiration with your photos and words!

  • jreidzz 245w ago

    You have honor and compassion. Stay strong.

  • Beautiful picture. Hang in there <3

  • All the best Mr. blythe. You are a huge inspiration. \m/

  • ohnolenio 245w ago

    Can't wait til you come home!!

  • mjsmsg 245w ago

    Be strong Randy, I hope everything goes well, best wishes to you and your family.

  • @drandallblythe hope things work out! Look forward to seeing you again!

  • th0r31 245w ago

    Love and prayers for you!

  • Well Said ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Strength brotha. Sending good vibes your way.

  • This is a Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing it 😌 @drandallblythe

  • iamtommo 245w ago

    Measured and balanced. I find myself liking you even more, Mr Blythe.

  • shadyfar 245w ago

    @drandallblythe everything Gunna be ok

  • So intense

  • Immensely well said good sir

  • A lot of encourage from Spain Mr Randy. We trust in you @drandallblythe

  • arestus 245w ago

    Right on, Right on!

  • LA loves you!!!

  • Respect, dude. I'm from a country that seriously needs that spirit and integrity to be healed.

  • Keep your head up. Justice will prevail.

  • loosha84 245w ago

    You are incredible Randy - much love from Australia 👏

  • This brought a tear to my eye...your words are always so beautiful! I hope all goes well and I hope they do realise that you're innocent.

  • @drandallblythe you're a man, everybody should read this!! My thoughts are with you, good luck and greetings from south bohemia, czech

  • @drandallblythe your words are always pure, you are a very wise man, wish you all the luck and my thoughts are with you

  • w12ecked 245w ago

    @drandallblythe Beautiful! Good luck Mr Blythe, from the UK! ❤

  • samidawn 245w ago

    In such awe of your ability to retain perspective and be so calm during this whole thing. You're one amazing human being Randy. x

  • strifex17 245w ago

    I really admire you @drandallblythe never surrender!!

  • zumbice 245w ago

    Hi, I`am from Czech republic and I must say a lot of our people wishes best of luck to you Mr.Blythe. So as I.

  • joe_666 245w ago

    You're my hero mate. Thanks for being such an articulate voice in the metal community. We're all pulling for you...

  • Randy, Best wishes from #Chile!!! When this is over, you must come again to play in #Santiago!!!

  • higgo20 245w ago

    Very well said Randy. Wish you all the best.

  • @drandallblythe I Have nothing but GREAT RESPCT and LOVE for you Sir!!!

  • jamdahll 245w ago

    Good man

  • Respect ! Wishing you all the best from Berlin ! You will survive that for sure.

  • _sarooj 245w ago

    True Respect !!! Wish u luck from #Nepal \,,/

  • Such refreshing positivity. Great respect to you @drandallblythe. Wishing you all the best from the UK.

  • gojirax87 245w ago

    Randy, you are my idol & I am hoping & praying that you'll beat this. The entire metal community is behind you brother. Stay strong!

  • dswartz13 245w ago

    Amazing shot! Can you post a close up on the kid and bubble? Would like to see what's hiding in the reflection…

  • Strength!!! Fuerza Randy!!!

  • joshs1291 245w ago

    @drandallblythe i am indeed guilty reference one of the tags in my photo. I understand what you mean about your fan but i feel the czech republic have not handled this as well as they could have. I hope your trial is going well (as well as one could go) and i hope its all over soon so you can get back home to family and friends.

  • georon93 245w ago

    All the best and God bless!!

  • Best of luck've got a lot of people backing you up on this.

  • bigdwills 245w ago

    Sending posative vibes your way each and every day @drandallblythe

  • @drandallblythe you are a great Man. #Respect

  • You're in our thoughts. Hopefully the right decision will be made. Cheers Randy!

  • good luck, hope you have much success in your case

  • Hope all goes well with you

  • dshell72 245w ago

    Keep your head up Randy. We are in your corner.

  • joey_518 245w ago

    Did ya read this one @lionstigersnkimmyomy ??

  • limbs__ 245w ago

    Just did! :)

  • My thoughts are with you my brother!

  • Good luck from Richmond!!

  • Hope on a good outcome! Keep us updated if you can! Best of luck.

  • Best of luck Randy. Keeping positive that all will work in yer favor

  • Free Randy

  • Love will guide you. Patience will grant you freedom. Much love brother.

  • asivino 245w ago

    don't know if you'll read this @drandallblythe hope you get a fair trial and you can keep living life as a free man!!! best of luck to you... it's an honor to read, listen and look your pictures...

  • We are all behind you Randy. May love win out the day.

  • Best of luck, brother! We are all pulling for you!!!

  • Free randy! We need more LOG

  • Amazing pictures Randy, and your conduct and words you express are that of a very good man!

  • Wonderful attitude and perspective.

  • Hope everything goes in your favor Randy. You are a good and innocent man. Best wishes to you.

  • ghinkle74 244w ago

    Well said.. You are a class act..

  • You, sir, are an inspiration on so many levels. You have handled everything that has transpired with such grace and respect. You inspire me to be a better person. For that, "Thank you". @drandallblythe

  • @drandallblythe my thoughts are with ya my friend. May the creator stay by you. Much respect

  • xstal_ 244w ago

    @drandallblythe I don't know if it'll get lost in all of your notifications on here, but tagged you in something I thought you'd like to read on my page. Safe travels!

  • sinnersix 244w ago

    Yo bro this all sux big time. you are not alone in this.Lot of hearts are with you bro Im just sad that you will have to walk this line by yourself.Always in our hearts, stay strong

  • maggette 244w ago

    Been thinking about you and the trial all week. Sending very positive thoughts your way. We all love you. You will get through this.

  • djredworm 244w ago

    Good luck man. Hoping all comes out in your favour!

  • This whole situation makes my heart hurt. Stay strong.

  • Hit em where it hurts randy.. LOG

  • Stay strong randy, our thoughts are with you.

  • Your strength and compassion is a true inspiration! This world would be a much better place if more people saw things through open eyes!!

  • You're an inspiring man, Randy!

  • I really like your pics. Ceep up the good work and good luck with everything! \m/

  • I love that even thought all the badness that is happening you're still you and are able to appreciate the beauty of that country. My thoughts and prayers are with you throughout all of this. The truth will prevail!

  • I hope all is well Randy.

  • Your a humbled man at least you haven't list your humanity

  • n8ngrovr 244w ago

    Wow!! You have really inspired me my friend! There is a lot of beauty in this world and it all start with children. They teach us how to live!! I have not ever realized how shallow I was when I younger! Well I hope it all turns out in your favor and you get home soon

  • @drandallblythe I am a mental health therapist. I work in a facility for troubled adolescent girls. I have shared your story, and your choice in how you frame the entire situation. You have 54 new fans, whom admire your strength. Although you may never know them, they know you. They are also not control of the things their future brings, so they relate so well. They are trying to see the beauty in their situation. Thank you for giving me a tool to teach with. These pictures are beautiful and inspiring!

  • @laynekent83 Thanks so much for sharing that! It means a lot to me! Tell the girls I said to keep their chins up- these troubles shall pass.

  • @drandallblythe I will let them know you send your warmest regards. They ask everyday how you are. You will never know how you are inspiring them!

  • From the bottom of my heart, thank you! My girls were so excited to hear from you! Some I haven't seen smile in a long while! Thank you for making their day!

  • @laynekent83 AWESOME! They made MY day when I read your comment, so tell 'em that.

  • @drandallblythe it was a total girly squeal moment! It was great!

  • I imagined I could make a difference for these girls, yet they have changed my world. Funny how that happened.

  • @drandallblythe the girls were so excited. :) they are so happy for you.

  • mattsterr 241w ago

    well done

  • romankaz 116w ago

    God I had to scroll down so damn far to find this pic just because you referenced this post in your book

  • @romankaz I just did the same thing. Youre a good man Randy.

  • odin.6 55w ago

    Same here lol @romankaz

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This is my friend Nikki. I took this picture in Wetzlar, Germany, earlier this year when @leicacamerausa flew us out to Leica HQ to play with the new M10 the day it was released- boy, did we have a blast! (no, they didn’t give us one.) We were at an after party, & as both of us are sober guys, we stuck pretty tight together. We were sitting at a table with a lady who couldn’t really grasp why we were drinking coffee, not booze. “Oh, I couldn’t live without my wine,” she said. “Lady,” I replied, “I literally couldn’t live WITH anymore alcohol- I drank more than enough in my day. In fact, I have drank more booze and done more drugs, BY FAR, than everyone else in this freaking room combined... oh yeah, except THAT guy- he’s definitely got me beat,” & pointed at Nikki (cut me some slack here- he WAS in Motley Crüe & all... IN THE EIGHTIES. They were kinda legendary for excess, ya know?) So here is Nikki, trying his best to explain to this woman the sheer insanity of what it’s like to be an alcoholic/junkie. The look on his face says it all- I love this photo, hahaha! Nikki’s been clean & sober 16 years now, & tonight at @leicagalleryLA is the opening of the very first gallery exhibition of his photography, “Conversations with Angels” (it will be up until Nov. 5, so if you’re in LA stop by!) I’m so very proud of you, buddy! Much love & have fun tonight, @nikkisixxpixx - you earned it! #Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaM #LeicaMonochrom #Monochrom #Summilux #Summilux50mm #🔴📷 #MyLeicaJourney #MKexplore #blackandwhite #bnw_planet #bnw_life #pocket_bnw #bnw_captures #noir_shots #RatsEyesPhotography #HoneTheAesthetic #nikkisixx #conversationswithangels
Yesterday my wife & I went to the beach to surf. As we left, I saw a tiny, perfectly intact whelk shell in a tidal pool. I picked it up & turned it over- it looked empty. “Cool,” I thought, & stuck it in the pocket of my trunks. We loaded our boards up, I put the shell on my dashboard to dry out, & we went to grab lunch. After, we started the long trip home. As I was driving, I picked up the shell & noticed a tiny crab inside, trying to crawl out- crap! “Oh honey, can we put him back?” my wife asked. “Of course,” I said, turned around, & drove back to the beach. I was hoping & praying he wasn’t too dehydrated, but I didn’t lollygag around either- he’d been outta the water for a while. I made it to the beach as fast as I could & yelled “Live long & prosper!” as I tossed him into the water- he was still alive, & I hope he stays that way. Traffic was picking up, & it wasn’t convenient for me, but I had to reverse direction & do my best to make sure he made it- I was the one who had removed him from his home, I hadn’t looked at his shell closely enough, & I had brought him to this point, so I could at least ATTEMPT do SOMETHING about it. He was just a little crab, but I respected his right to life. I didn’t cuss out the crab & ask him WHY he hid in his shell when I picked him up, I didn’t argue with my wife about wasting time & money on gas, & I sure as hell didn’t shrug & say “We’re headed home now & that’s the way it is- sorry buddy, sucks to be you,” & let him die on my dashboard. I turned the car around & fixed the fucking problem, IMMEDIATELY. We have a PROBLEM, folks- time to cut the bullshit, WAKE UP, & DEMAND that ALL the folks driving us TURN THE GODDAMNED CAR AROUND so that WE can fix it, TOGETHER. Like RIGHT NOW. Just like most, I hope & pray things will get better, but the evidence is PLAINLY IN FRONT OF US that WE have allowed OUR car to head in a VERY DANGEROUS direction for a long while now. Hoping & praying ain’t cutting it- OBVIOUSLY “the way things are” ISN’T WORKING & the next time? It might be YOUR ass hung out to dry on the dashboard. Sadly, there WILL be a next time. Think about it. May you ALL live long & prosper... #Leica
IN JUST TWO HOURS, (3 pm Eastern Standard Time, 12 Noon Pacific) my bro @jesse_d_leach of @killswitchengage will be the guest on episode #2 (AKA the “Two Creaky Old Punk Rock Dudes Stuck In Metal Bands” episode) of my @gimmeradio show, THE POWER REMAINS. We had some laughs, played some tunes, & talked about the music we both love so much (on my tour bus in Philly in a lightning storm right before I went on stage- SKETCHY-BO-BETCHY.) If you wanna hear this (& who wouldn’t?), go to WWW.GIMMERADIO.COM, sign up for a FREE account, & tune in. NOTES FOR THE CURIOUS/CONFUSED: #1. Yes, there will be an app- it’s in development, so for now you can only stream this from the website- patience, patience #2. No, this is not a podcast- it’s a RADIO SHOW where I play & say whatever I want- I’m rocking tunes & talking about what they mean to me #3. Yes, the episode will replay throughout the week- check the calendar at WWW.GIMMERADIO.COM #4. Who else has shows on @gimmeradio? David Catching from Eagles of Death Metal. The Crusher (you might know her from Orange is the New Black.) Frank Godla from Metal Injection. Not one but two dudes from The Dictators (& a former member of Manowar.) Too many other awesome people to list here, with more to come- aaaaaaand we just announced a show coming from Johan Hegg of @AmonAmarth (Viking radio anyone?) We are building a diverse roster of DJ’s from across the underground. #5. WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THIS? DON’T YOU ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH GOING ON BETWEEN YOUR BAND, PHOTOGRAPHY, WRITING, & SURFING?!?!? ARE YOU CRAZY? Yes, I am crazy- freaking NUTS, in fact. But in today’s soulless, faceless digital world, there is a distinct lack of human touch in the way people discover & hear music- it DIDN’T used to be that way. We of @gimmeradio want to throw a spark of that human element into the digital void- these songs aren’t just a collection of binary code in cyberspace, they are THE VERY SOUNDTRACK TO OUR LIVES, & as such deserve to be handled with respect- BY HUMANS, not a freaking algorithm or sales chart- what do those things know about life? NOTHING. So tune in & reconnect to life’s blood y’all! ENJOY/DESTROY! #gimmeradio #randyblythe
Latest episode of my good friend @jameyjasta's podcast is up now for free on iTunes, SoundCloud, all that stuff- we had a really fun talk in St. Louis. Enjoy!