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scottip 245w ago
Let that mind fuck ya for a minute

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Day #3 I'm sending it. Taking off from Ohio look for me over sleepy hollow.
He chases bitches... I chase goals.
Multitasking like a mothafucker
These women love me. 1 down 1 to go.
That Saturday night date night. I know right.. What a fuckin babe #thebees
scottip 10w ago
Ya boys gonna send it... hopefully just not into your house.
scottip 11w ago
Domino and his selfie game is on point. #hehappy#juggalo
scottip 14w ago
Silence is the best reaction when dealing with fools. Even if videos or pictures show a fool in action. They know they lying haha ..... 😉 #wine#meds#whitegirls