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Hit me up if you want to get tattooed today. Had a couple cancellations. #humblebeginningstattoo #stayrooted #cukui #polynesiantattoo
All hand painted signage by @sharperthanany #humblebeginningstattoo 982 The Alameda San Jose Ca 95126 @hbtat2
Inspection day! Gotta pass Health inspection and we a GO! 🙏🏽982 The Alameda San Jose Ca 95126 #humblebeginningstattoo
🙏🏽Tattoo I did a while ago on my Paré PJ, this post is for all my fams, friends, and people that lost their lives. In these crazy times, Napa Fires, Vegas, Puerto Rico, Texas Floods, and all that. Prayers going up. #prayfornapa #prayforvegas #prayforpuertorico #prayfortheworld #prayforflorida #humblebeginningstattoo #seventhsontattoo @hbtat2
Thinking about you big bro. Still can't believe your not with us. It's still surreal, I think about projects to work on and you always pop up in my mind. Mr Handyman, mr Hookup. Love u big bro. See you soon enough #gregperez #killcancer
Happy 2nd birthday to my EzzyBear, cutest little girl ever! Never let's us sleep, hates when mommy and daddy kiss, only eats rice and noodles. Loves her brothers Hot wheels and loves her Trolls. Love u forever my baby girl, happy 2nd!!
2003 pic at the first Humble Beginnings tattoo. 944 E Santa Clara Stu across Roosevelt Park. @bong_tatau visiting from Hawaii. Finding this pic is relieving for me, I thought I lost it. It was summer of 2003 and it was super hot in there. No AC just chillin with swamp balls. Miss my big bro Greg. What a character and what a crazy, funny guy. Memories pop up in my mind that I thought I forgot about. Like beating him in Go Carting, he was so pissed! And I rubbed that in his face for at least a week until he wanted to beat me up lol. Arguing with him was always intense and I knew he was pissed when that Vein on his Temple popped out haha. And the constant Pleasanton car shows we would go to and he would just tell me, don't buy it not worth it. Miss that guy, love u big bro. Rest In Peace my bro. Rest till we meet again #gregperez #humblebeginningstattoo #bongtattoo @hbtat2