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Go to a cemetery ✔️
See a headless horseman ✔️
Eat my weight in BBQ ✔️
Purrfect treats 😻
I led a partnership between @geniuskitchen and @pusheen (also took the photos 😉). Check out the adorable recipes meow.
To the sock thief that also stole my heart, hbd! It's @choppertheshiba's 4th birthday, so here are some of my favorite photos of that little nugget. 🐕💕
Life goal: Become a crazy cactus lady 🌵
Googled "pineapple quotes" and found nothing worth posting. 🍍🍍🍍
Friendly reminder to eat more tacos. That is all. 🌮🌮🌮
When a picture is worth a thousand words (and then some).
May your day be filled with ripe mangoes and chamoy 💫
PSA: I'm taking over @travelchannel's Instagram today to show you around 🇲🇽! Check it out to see more of Mexico City.
Mexico City To-Do List:
• Eat tacos
• Eat tacos
• Eat tacos
• Eat tacos