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smile :)
  • Love you @andersongeraldjr take care always (:

  • atecc 246w ago

    @andersongeraldjr n jalal- 😊

  • Gerald!

  • Things may change so as the feelings., i just can't help it but i really like your love story with #SarahGeronimo no matter what happen., your a perfect combination @andersongeraldjr .,

  • piagcx 246w ago

    Lakas maka-smile ni Jalal :) ingat kayo both :) love you bunso :) @andersongeraldjr

  • -->SG<-- + TIME+

  • Nice to see you smile. I missed you! 😊 @andersongeraldjr

  • I know how humble Gerald is...

  • I know how humble Gerald is...


  • renebit 246w ago

    Sa recent post, coincident ba? Coincidence na mag kamuka Na kayo? Joke.... Just read between the lines lang. Sometimes don't know what to think. @andersongeraldjr

  • renebit 246w ago

    @andersongeraldjr hope to still see you in ASAP .

  • Hello Gerald! :) how are you po? :) give me a shout out plss! Xxx

  • @andersongeraldjr minsan confused ako if ig account mo to or kay JALAL??? hahaha!!!

  • Hi ge Kamusta. Are u going to still be in ASAP or not!!!!

  • Wow! Ang gwapo ni Jalal! hehe! GCX Canada misses you Kuya Ge! We love you & we'll never leave your side! That is Geraldnaticxs' promise to you! PEXMAN! @andersongeraldjr

  • Ingat pauwi love :) sarap ng yakap mo! See you tomoro! -Jana

  • topietops 246w ago

    @andersongeraldjr kung maka ismayl naman si jalal!hehe infairness di siya tulog ngayon ha!hehe take care Ge!

  • love u ge...keep strong...

  • Yay!! Tama yan smile always😊 Love u forever 💙👍😁😘💋

  • r_niee 246w ago

    Ang tagal ni TIME...kaya SMile muna nah. Godbless. Hope to see u in person.

  • joyespina 246w ago

    peace begins with smile @andersongeraldjr ✌😃😍😘

  • "Smile though ur heart is aching, smile even though its breaking when there are clouds in the sky you'll get by if you smile through your fear and sorrow🎶."-Charlie Chaplin😀

  • Yeah!!!!!we love you! @andersongeraldjr 💗💗💗tkecre&godbless u!🙏🙏🙏mwuahhh...💋💋💋

  • Good Morning Gerald...!!! Happy to see the word SMILE. Tama, smile lang tayo,ok?! Take care... @andersongeraldjr

  • I love u Ge @andersongeraldjr, remain humble & grateful-from Mommy Malou of London!

  • You make us smile :)

  • jrcute23 246w ago

    Hi @andersongeraldjr im so happy to c u again at IG sobrng namis q mga post mu idol @andersongeraldjr sobrng sya q na po kung mapansn mu po coment q sau idol @andersongeraldjr ur the best for me ge. Hope to see u soon!

  • Mahal ka namin Ge tandaan mo yan.. Di ka namin iiwan sa anumang labanan sa buhay..😊

  • ai_suzara 246w ago

    funny gege! 😘

  • ajieco 246w ago

    The sunshine wouldn't be as bright and sunny without a bit of rain. 🔆🌷🙏😊

  • gud morning @andersongeraldnjr😊have a blessed sunday🙏🙏🙏missu😘😘😘

  • Hi Ge!

  • Good morning our Gerald! The whole GERALDnaticx family is behind you all the way. We love you and we will continue to support you. You will always be in our prayers. @andersongeraldjr

  • june1979 246w ago

    @andersongeraldjr -the best ka talaga jalal...walang kupas!!!!

  • Good Morning to our handsome prince! Just keep on smiling, it lightens the heart of those who love you...

  • @andersongeraldjr love u ge...

  • keep on posting @andersongeraldjr don't mind the haters sana mkita k uli nmin s ASAP boring pg wala k dun..we love u ge God bless you more! ingat k palagi..

  • Wala na ba xa sa asap...sayang naman d na kasi ako updated ehh

  • spam04 246w ago

    wLa n cya tinaggal nya sarili nya sana kc inisip nya career nya kesa ky majarot.

  • What happen to the one who makes you smile?

  • _jadego 246w ago

    I love u gerald!!

  • Disappointed wid you..:c

  • netfc17 246w ago

    Kumakalat na g

  • Disentangle my ass lol jk

  • malenerss 246w ago

    @andersongeraldjr 👍❤👏

  • allesh06 246w ago

    Keep smilin ge! and jalal too @andersongeraldjr. Miss u in tv

  • Musta kayo ni maja

  • Ilang inch ang Baba ng katabi mo gerald hahaha joke:))))))

  • rlene01 246w ago

    may sayad na to, malala na tsk tsk :))

  • azyledeux 246w ago

    iloveyou gege

  • esorzuba 246w ago

    U are an.... Ass.

  • ulikboy 246w ago

    Douche bag

  • Where r u at? In caloocan??

  • ssgreg26 246w ago

    Ipagdadasal Ko na Lang yung mga taong galit sa yo gege .. Kasi Siguro MAS kylangan nila , may The Lord keep you safe and god bless you always.

  • lucellekg 246w ago

    Hi Kuyaloves, Hi KuyaJalal.. Naks!! Tamaaa yan.. Smile Always!! LOVEYOUSOMUCH MGA KUYA!!! ❤❤❤

  • Tama always smile for we love you so much:-)

  • Keep on smiling Gerald!D worl has still so much 2 offer u..I miss u!😘😘😘😘

  • renebit 246w ago

    No mas, no mas

  • Stay positive and always give your best in your craft! Looking forward with your upcoming tv show.😉

  • rlene01 246w ago

    hoy @megachiq tigilan mo nga kalokohan mo d2!! Puro ka hingi ng respeto manahimik ka nga! ang respect ini-earn ndi dinidemand!!

  • @andersongeraldjr he should have his own account na, l0l!!

  • mrjgdflr 246w ago

    I agree with @kinipela22 ... jalal needs his own ig, since mas madami siyang pics kesa sayo Ge :p LOL.

  • lam u hindi ganun ka tanga mga artista na to or pinanganak kahapon para d nila.malaman ang freedom to xpress n lahat yan ready sila lahat ng mababsa nega man or hindi. In some ways magnda dn may.mga nega kc challenge s knila yan. Kya word Respect should apply to all...wlang pakialamanan ng trip ng POV..d b @andersongeraldjr

  • Sad lang Ge you value so much your friends that you even consider them your family, but you forgot to value other people's friendship. You contradicted your belief. :(

  • iekaj 246w ago

    Ang gwapo ni jalal idol!!!

  • renebit 246w ago

    Pov: there are so many truth, half truths and lies. Somebody is mixing it all in a boiling pot. Right Abs-CBN, @andersongeraldjr @chinitaprincess ? All I can say is that 2011, 2012 is not 3 years ago. So many pictures and side stories not reported. The word "shhhh is in order". Its cliche but "actions speak louder that words"! As for me, I will not go skydiving with my supposed ex, and if I was forced to go, I will bring a scissor with me and snip away at someone's cord while free falling ! Lol hahaha! @andersongeraldjr

  • renebit 246w ago


  • quazi816 246w ago

    I'm a bit puzzled! 😒😯😏Why is abs showing Kimerald jn cinema 1 knowing how fans feel about them? Just curious....❓❓❓

  • shaine34 246w ago

    Kaloka mga fantards! Maawa naman kayo Kay @chinitaprincess ilang beses na sinasaksak patalikod at ginamit ni @andersongeraldjr. Kahit puro duguan na pilit pa rin sinasaksak Ayos lang sa inyo. Maging happy na lang kayo sa majarald. USO Ang move on sa mga tards.

  • Gerald wag nmn kc ligw ng ligw_pti tuloy best friends nag aawy_be contented sna pra wla ng mdmy

  • 🔥👅👎💩

  • 💩💩💩

  • 😖👎

  • Ang kapal mo ge at pati na c majarot

  • 😏💩💩

  • @rlene01 Yes naman ang respect bow!!!

  • @andersongeraldjr To Mr. Gerald Anderson: "If you are not a man of your own words, don't expect either for the people to believe in you."

  • @andersongeraldjr That guy who cheated on you? It's okay, that doesn't make less of you and more of others. Goodluck to him, he might get cheated as well.

  • @andersongeraldjr Don't play the game if you can't handle the consequences.

  • @andersongeraldjr "If you cant afford to love her, just at least don't attempt to make her fall."

  • 🔥💩👅😝👎😜😡😏

  • Budoy ka tlga!

  • r_niee 245w ago

    Nasaktan daw c Babygirl sa concert in Isabela. Hope she's okay. Godbless

  • ughsam 245w ago

    Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

  • @megachiq but if you watch their interviews, it was really confusing. Kim said Maja asked permission to her if gerald can court her, then on the buzz, gerald said "he would want to court her if Maja allows it". Like what the hell? Maja asked kim when gerald is not even courting her? They have different stories. I would have believed them, if both parties have said the same thing. I agree that we cant choose who we love or what, but if its really genuine, why cant they just admit the truth instead of withholding facts coz either way, people will judge them. Might as well have dignity and stand for the truth. And omission facts Might as well be a lie. And is it really even love? Coz with what he said, "he would want to court her if she allows it", doesn't really mean love right away. And i think in Kim's position, she agrees with what you said, theres nothing wrong with, but maybe it just hurt her when it was her bff whom she cried to was the one having it with her ex. So, she has the right to get hurt as well as how gerald and maja deserves to be happy. And you're right a lot of things had happened to them and girls to gerald. LOL. Bad humour. Hahaha oh well.. Theres nothing wrong with it anyways unless you doing them at the same time... 😉😙😙

  • Boys will be boys... Just stop all you people leaving hurtful comments here. Leave the guy alone, its his life,not yours.

  • @andersongeraldjr dude, WTF. LOL, this is what you get when you're a celebrity. but if you're normal, man, no one would even care. LOL

  • majakate3 tingnan m nga sarili mas pokpok ka pa ata kay s kay maja ah kapal ng muks

  • you smile too! lol loveu kuya!

  • leahgaton 243w ago

    Nawalan n xa ng gana sa asap wala na kc sa asap c sasa diba @andersongeraldjr

  • Bf ba ni jalal si @andersongeraldjr ?

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