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  Posted: Nov 28, 2011 11:39 PM FEED
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prblog 1h ago
More Marina City: Turns out our hotel was only a couple of blocks away from my Jetson-ic obsession. \\ This one may be my fave as it was taken from a cab and somehow caught light. \\ Several other perspectives forthcoming as I get her out of my system. #architecture
prblog 2d ago
Taylor Swift? No. Marilyn Monroe? No. Rosemary Clooney? Yes! - #blinkcincinnati #artworks #mural #streetart
prblog 3d ago
Sugar Squares: Love seeing how iconic brands like @hersheycompany play with their visual identity to own a temporary space. #candy #nacsshow #logo #weareconvenience
prblog 5d ago
Mod Meets Italianate: #OTR is seeing brand new builds like this one now that it’s the hot spot. #architecture #lookup
prblog 1w ago
Systematic Error: This is a shot of Sean Van Praag's projection mapping of Memorial Hall during #blinkcincinnati this weekend. "Van Praag's animations will trick you into believing what you’re seeing is real." #art #streetart #blink
prblog 1w ago
Blink: So. Many. Layers to #BlinkCincinnati - Giving artists space to show off their talents and our city. 👍❤️👏👏👏
// The way they integrated the #murals is most appreciated and made it even richer in details. Hoping this #streetart is permanent. #blink
prblog 1w ago
"There beneath the blue, suburban skies." One of the things I like about where our HQ is located is how close it is to a metric ton of food and retail options. // Hence the above #Beatles reference as we're just North of the I-274 loop that helps define #Cincinnati - #sing_me_a_picture
prblog 2w ago
Box-3R: This is at least the third time I've captured these modular components at Riverview East. // This may be because all of the school buildings I frequented from grade school through college were probably built from the late 40s through the late 60s. // #cincitecture #architecture #modern
prblog 2w ago
In Flood We Trust: In addition to an amazing view of the #Ohio #River, St Rose church also hides this indicator of record floods in the #Cincinnati area since the 1800s. 1937 wins the prize at the top - 80 ft above sea level. #lookup
prblog 2w ago
The Shocking Monkey: "(Monkey) Wheels keep turning // (Monkey) Something's burning // (Monkey) Don't like it but I guess I'm learning -- #venthaven #ventriloquist #dummy #monkey #sing_me_a_picture
prblog 2w ago
Sea Oats: As we are full on Fall (finally), #vacation pics take on a more wistful tone. #beachgrass #sanddunes #goldenhour
prblog 3w ago
Lean Into It: GTD at dock 3 off Pete Rose Way. #concrete #bnw
prblog 3w ago
Track Suit: Leftover structures behind the Riverside Water Works pique my curiosity. #railroadtrack #end_of_track #rustlord_texturaunique
Posted: Sep 29, 2017 10:13 AM
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prblog 3w ago
Scenario #3694: Reading/listening to a lot of sci-fi lately and I can tell you odd numbers tend to play a big role in helping tell a story in this genre. // Case in point, how else would I imagine a giant post-apocalyptic facility filled with numbered shipping containers. Survivors open up certain containers based on their current status/turn of events. // You assume the goal is to help them survive. Then you realize the containers aren't from earth.
// #shippingcontainer #3694 #sciencefiction #magichour
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 10:22 AM
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prblog 3w ago
Super Logo: As this trailer sits behind a Kohl's and the middle of this logo was obscured, I thought maybe SuperValu was no longer around. // Google kicks so much butt, I can't even begin to unpack how wrong I was. But I will note the company's roots go back to 1870, and was known as B.S. Bull and Company. Can you imagine that name in today's world?! // Indirectly related: H.E.B. stores (Here Everything's Better) was named after the founder, H.E. Butts. #truestory #typewithtexture #logo