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Nah baby, my ears broke, Imma need you to show me.
Because Actions Always Speak Louder Than Words. #KélaVie
Channeling #RosalindBrewer for a little midday pick me up to help power through this slow day.
Y’all, I’m still relishing in this win for us. No I'm not a soror but she’s a sister no less and as the first AA women to hold the position of President and COO of @Starbucks she’s raising the bar for women world wide. If that ain’t monumental inspiration and motivation, IDK what is #KélaVie. Combine that with the fact that today’s lip color is the new “HBIC” gloss from @thelipbar )
(really, that’s the name) and I should be able to win the rest of my day. Every little bit helps. #KélaVie
#BlackGirlMagic #BlackWomanMagic #Starbucks #blackwomenrock #FindYourMuse
Fall decided to come hard this week but IDC, I’m still going bold and crop topping.
I packed away most of summer clothes with the exception of a few pieces here and there, like crop tops. These @spanx #armtights by @sarablakely make it easy to get away with the look while also adding a great pop of color. 💙
Grab a pair at If you’ve tried them I’d love to hear your thoughts. Holla.
#ArmYourWardrobe #ad
I don’t really have a dope caption. I just love how my marble nails blend in with this marble table top + I loved that lil flower and the lighting was 👌🏾so 📷. We always take advantage of good lighting.
Anybody else still trying to hold on to Sunday 🙋🏽? I weekend’d so hard yesterday and today. 🙌🏾. It feels like it was just Friday a few minutes ago. 😫 I’m so not ready to Monday yet. Sunday, can you please not go?
Stop asking for permission to something you already have access to. #KélaVie

At #CultureCon someone asked me about the imposter syndrome which I’d never heard of or at least never knew there was a name for. Apparently it is the inability to internalize your accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud”. I’mma tell you like I told her, know that any place you are invited to, whether it’s professional or personal, you belong there. It doesn’t matter how successful & qualified everyone else in the room is. If you’re in the room, you’re just as successful and qualified. The conference featured leading entrepreneurs and dope AF creatives like @officialspikelee , @laurenmaillian, @bereolaesque & @thenotoriouskia to name a few. I could have easily shriveled in insecurity but nah, I was invited to be there. I’m worthy. And so are you. Know that. OWN THAT. Ain’t no imposter syndrome around here.
No one can ever make you feel inferior without your consent. #liketkit
#CultureCon was beyond amazing today, connecting with so many like minded creative individuals & entrepreneurs. Huge thank you to @theccnyc for having me a part of their Genius Talk. It was dope AF. I can’t believe this was their first time doing the event. It was so good y’all!! There was so much insight and encouragement to be your best creative self. One that really resonated with me: ”make the choices that will lead you to the life you want to live” 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Duly NOTED!!
Love this welcome to #CultureCon @theccnyc. The energy and vibe here is so creative and dope AF. I got to interact with some pretty dope folks during the Genius Talk surrounding Women @ Work. Currently waiting to hear Spike Lee’s keynote.
When you roll out of bed and roll straight into spin class. Ain’t no hair, ain’t no makeup. That’s how you know it’s for real and not for show. #KélaVie
Would love for you all to roll out and workout with me this Tuesday, to raise funds for Puerto Rico and kick off the new fall edition of @s.l.a.y.forlife. Any takers? Link in bio.
You can’t take no L’s off me.
I say that in the most humble way but best believe when I win, the whole team is winning too. Ain’t no loss around here.
PC @sass4eva
Fit: @meowandbarksboutique
Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Let’s break that habit and talk about our joys and simple pleasures in life. #KélaVie
May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me #KélaVie
I’m not just talking fitness, I’m talking life, whether it be career, relationships, tackling that to-do list ... Hell, LIFE in general. Your health is at the foundation of all that. You can’t accomplish a damn thing if your wellness ain’t in place. I consistently pray for motivation to do better and be the best I can possibly be, not just for me but for those around me. That’s what it really means to Slay.
Follow the @s.l.a.y.forlife Instagram and follow on Facebook at Slay4Life_. There are new classes starting up next week. Don’t wait til 2018. Visit the website for more info or link in bio.
PC: @amymorsephotography
Guess who’s a part of the #CultureCon with Spike Lee. Guess!! Okay, I’ll tell you.... ME!!! Can you believe that? I cannot. I’m not worthy but apparently I am because the good folks at @theccnyc asked me to be a part of this year’s event and I’ll be damn if I’d say no. ( actually I said yes long before I even knew Spike Lee was this year’s keynote speaker but this is ice cream on top of the icing on the cake)🤗🤗
I cannot wait for this Saturday! Join me along with a stellar lineup of speaker and panels at @837nyc where I'll be on the Creative Genius Talk: Women At Work discussion. This is going to be GOOD! GREAT, even.
Get Tix & more info available at @theccnyc #GodIsMyAgent
Carolina Women Unite!! I got to experience my first #microneedling facial with renown aesthetician Rachel Roff, Melanin Expert & Founder of @urbanskinrx. Normally she works from her NC home base but she made a special trip to NYC & I’m pretty ecstatic that I finally got to experience her service. The microneedling treatment is suppose to rejuvenate the skin and helps skincare products penetrate better. Did I mention there were 9 needles puncturing my face at any given moment. Yeah. THAT PART. Peep my InstaStory for the whole truth and nothing but the truth during the experience.
We snapped this pict post facial so it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Rachel treats everyone from Fantasia and Tasha Cobb to Teyana Taylor so I knew I was in good hand. My skin is about to be #MelaninPopping365
You been talking about it long enough, now what you gone do about it?
Join @robertbrace and I as we sweat for a cause, raising funds to aid in the relief of Puerto Rico. [slide 👈🏾for more details]
100% of the proceeds will be donated to @unitedforpuertorico so the more you give, the more you help.
This fundraiser is also the kick off to the the Fall edition of #SlayForLife @s.l.a.y.forlife, a new series of classes. Don’t wait til next year to start caring about your health and wellness. GET A JUMPSTART ON 2018 NOW.
Sign up and learn more at the link in bio
#WorkoutWednesday #WellnessWednesday
Even when those “likes” don’t hit, know that you’re still the shyt. #KélaVie
That’s why I like my own damn pictures 😜
On the hunt for a new lid to add to my collection. Note: This is not my collection but any one of them would make a great addition. My last acquisition was custom made at
@flamekeepershatclub. I typically like to go for men’s hats, that’s my trick for finding one to fit my dome + they always have the better brims.
You’d have to understand how accessible I’m NOT, to really appreciate how accessible I am to you. Everyone’s access isn’t granted. #KélaVie
That joy you feel when you get that extra day between Saturday and Sunday because Monday has been canceled. #ColumbusDay Even though the only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace.