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  Posted: Jan 21, 2013 11:57 AM
96 Amaro
  • Oh yeah!

  • I forgot

  • i_bite 4y ago

    Fourth comment!!!!!

  • Fifth!

  • Omg I'm the 7th comment!😱

  • kimlib 4y ago

    Ann I miss you!!

  • The ninth comment omg omg omg:D

  • 12th comment :)

  •  yeah!!!

  • Lucky 13 comment

  • Maybe he can get it right this time #sad #day

  • 😊😊

  • 🇺🇸😊 Happy MLK Day!

  • ckh611 4y ago


  • Nice

  • I almost went to the Inauguration with tickets but I didn't

  • Sad day 😢

  • 🎉🎈😄

  • Definitely not a sad's a great day!! 🎊🎊🎈🎈😃

  • Agree sad day

  • ^ amen

  • No one cares

  • I didn't like Bush or any Republicans nowadays but I refrain from being disrespectful. If you don't like him, move along!

  • I seriously love the fact that there's so many negative comments about him. He's a coward who's driving our nation into the ground. May God be with him.

  • what time will it air? on the west coast?? @todayshow

  • We should be grateful we actually have a president

  • Our prez is a babe!

  • @lydcantrell because negative people do not have anything better to do!! I can't wait to watch! VERY excited about Obama's second term!! He has a good heart and will do all he can for all of us.

  • You guys are so mean

  • I think it is ridiculous to spend so much money to inaugurate a sitting president. They should just so it in the White House and continue on. He had his parties 4 years ago and our country doesn't have the money to be spending it on parties, etc. If he or anyone else is so worried about the economy than he should have been wise enough on his own to skip all this extravagant celebrating. And on a side note God bless our country and may the next door years pass quickly!!!!

  • Obama, I am sorry. He is the worst thing that had happened to this country. He needs to go away, his healthcare crap is going to hurt a lot of people. just wait, those of you who adore the FRUITCAKE will eventually realize your wrong about him .

  • That has. Sorry, typo.

  • My family has actually benefited from the health care act. So thankful my mom can get health care for her MS.

  • It's not Obama being a sitting duck it's those republicans being rude selfish and inconsiderate! So by your negative comments we can see that u fit in that category! Bush didn't do anything for our country but screw us up for 8 yrs!!!! But I bet he had a party for both terms! I'm sick of ignorant people and their comments about Obama! Get over it people he's here for the next 4 years and guess what u might as well like it! God bless

  • Hey @cutemedgirl what about the improper spelling of "your"? It should be you're. I guess that is a typo and not a display of ignorance like the rest of your post.

  • I miss Ann Curry. She would have been great at this.

  • @instaarnold I agree! I miss Ann Curry too!

  • obama sucks

  • OMG people! He's your president! Show some respect! I absolutely loathe Bush politics, but I still had respect for him as out president!

  • And to the person who called Obama a 'coward', why don't you say what you posted on here to his face instead of utilizing Instagram to act so tough. I'm sure he'd love to here what you have to say.

  • HATE ON HATERS... Get over it already... He is in as PRESIDENT.. If you don't like it you always have a CHOICE.. May GOD continue to BLESS OUR FIRST FAMILY & KEEP THEM PROTECTED/SAFE IN >> JESUS<< NAME I PRAY.. AMEN..

  • #TeamObama I'm happy he gets to run this country another 4 years regardless of what some ignorant people have to say about him.

  • You guys should use Instagram as a platform for voicing your political standpoints for sure.

  • #TeamObama If you haters don't like him so much, why didn't you vote against him? Oh that right, because half of you idiots were to LAZY to, and the rest thought the white man would win. It's called being ignorant. Get with it idiots.

  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I didn't vote for him but would never wish harm to him or his family.

  • @maraec1 👍 agreed!

  • @bonavita4 👍agreed!

  • Sad day for America. I don't vote for him. Pray for our country. I don't know if the USA will last four more years under him.

  • @kizzle321 yes, very sad.

  • What's sad is that our country is in the shape it's in because of negative people, who need to be united not divided. Whether you elected our president or not, it is your job to stand behind him. "We must be united" said by the great Bob Marley.

  • Fuck all u bitches that's mad cause he in office, go kill yourself. Y'all go 4 mores years. Lol and your mad so stay mad. Loving my PRESIDENT Obama all the way.

  • @schrell22 No reason to be so angry. Telling people to go kill themselves? That's horrible. Have a heart. Respect that people are different and can have different opinions. Try smiling.

  • @cbidwell well some people just need to keep things to themselves white people mad why cause he black??

  • @schrell22 I would hope that no one hates based on color. It's 2013. People need to grow up. I think a lot of people are angry at how the country is. Why do you feel a need to base it on color? He could purple or orange. And if you think only "white" people are angry. Then you are wrong. You must educate yourself before you speak. And also think before you speak.

  • @schrell22 Really? We're gonna pull out the race card? I don't recall ever hearing anyone say anything about him being black as the reason they don't like him. It's 2013, we're passed that shit. You should be too!

  • @cbidwell he is doing a great job he got to clean up the shit bush and his dad did, what else are y'all made for?? Huh

  • @ash_taffy what your reason??? Hello

  • @schrell22 I feel for you! I hope you get the help you need with your racism. It's 2013. Bing different colors makes everyone beautiful!

  • Not voting for obama doesn't make us ignorant. My intelligence and education are the reasons I don't agree with his policies and did not vote for him. His is the most wasteful presidency in history. We need a lover of our country - a patriot!

  • @cbidwell no reason to feel for me, I'm good. Thanks anyways :) good day

  • @schrell22 I do feel for you. Stop your hate. Stop your racism and stop your discrimination.

  • @cbidwell well thanks love hope u have a great day.

  • @schrell22 what's my reason?? He's an incredible liar for one! Like telling everyone he won't raise taxes anymore. HA!! My paychecks as of this year will disagree with that. He wants to help the little people, yet he's going to tax the shit out of us so we can barely afford to live. Yeah makes perfect sensel

  • But thank you for being racist yourself and assuming I don't like him because you THINK I'm white so the only reason I must hate him is because he's black.

  • @instaarnold Excuse me? Why would I leave. I'm an American. Please don't tell me that you hate people based on color too? I don't like ignorant people.

  • @ash_taffy I agree with you. So many uneducated people out there who hate.

  • @instaarnold You have issues. Race has nothing to do with it. His lack of experience before the presidency. The lies. Our country is broken. I'm sure you're living off the government so you could care less but for people like myself who have to support you, we care. You're an idiot and a racist. Sad sad.

  • @cbidwell who's uneducated bitch, I'm very well educated just as well as others. So keep shit to yourself once again. Y'all made cause there's a black sexy man in office with a beautiful wife and two kids.

  • Mad

  • Get a life people smh

  • @schrell22 you're a damn idiot! Shut up with the stupid it's cuz he's black crap already. Seriously it's pathetic! You have no counter argument so all you have to keep reverting back to is making it a racist issue. Which it's not so get a life!

  • Ok people you all need to stop this... Our taxes have been raised only because the republicans are trying to stop OUR president on every hand. They won't except any of his offers. If you all watch all the news conferences the last one a republican stood up and said the head of the republicans sent out a email stating " no matter what he ( president Obama) purpose we ( the republicans) will shoot it down... And the sad part about it is he purposes a cut for them... So please stop all this, it's not the president it's our government as a whole.. You can't blame it all on one person when EVERYTHING has to be voted on!!!!!

  • Now it's a historical day PLEASE let's respect it for what it is...

  • @ash_taffy idiot never that, fuck u,that's all it is y'all didn't want him in office u want the white man, which his state didn't even vote for him, go get another job and close your fucking mouth. And I have a life do u?? Your mad over there where laughing at white people Like u.

  • @schrell22 bitch I'm not even white. So where's your argument??

  • @ash_taffy bitch u look white. Anyway I'm done fuss with yourself. Let me make this money. Good day god bless u and your kids. Kisses

  • Wow!!!! This can't be real!!!! On a day like this... I really don't think MLK walked for this, or Rosa sat for this, and I know Obama didn't run for this!!!! RESPECT the day ladies!!!!!

  • @t_s_graham THANK you! Lol

  • America!!! The land of the free. The place when where loyal subjects from other countries come to be free and (most importantly) LIVE!!! If you dont like your current situation DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! This is not country that control its citizens. We roam free and for the most part DO WHAT WE WANT TO DO!! If you dont like your president and think he is "ruining the country or your life" MOVE, duh! THATS WHAT FREEDOM IS ABOUT!! we dont want to here ab how much you hate Obama, those are your feelings. We havent the least control of YOUR FEELINGS... ijs for future "hate" comments...

  • Love Al shouting "Mr President". He never disappoints.

  • Score another one for Al. Shook hands with VP Bidon

  • Al was awesome! !

  • I love AL ROKER that was awesome.....!!!!! When he dropped the mic and walked away.... To funny!!!!! Loved it....

  • Haha

  • Al you are my hero!!!

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