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🌈✨Thanks to my amazing friends and family, I am free to be myself ✨🌈
Fall in Singapore feels like summer in California 🍃✨
Exploring Thailand's beauty 🇹🇭 ✨
If anyone knows me really well they know this was one of my favorites moments ever 💙✨
Spent the day hanging out with Baymax, my personal healthcare robot 💕✨
✨ Greetings from Dinoland USA with my two best friends ✨
Had an amazing time at my first Outside Lands ✨ Even though it was foggy and freezing, the artists didn't disappoint!
Watching Hamilton was a once in a life time opportunity. ✨
Happy Birthday to my roommate and one of my closest friends Sara 💖 I love her so much and I am so happy to have her a part of my life ✨
No matter how many years go by we will always be close. I love them so much 💖💖💖💖
Congrats to these two newlyweds 🤵🏻🤵🏽💕 I'm so happy for you both and so blessed I was able to be there on your special day ✨
✨ I always find new ways to fall in love with this city ✨