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  Posted: Jan 9, 2013 8:34 PM FEED
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FADER TV with The Babies at @grandstbakery @kmorbs

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“There’s this tension between economic development and a green/clean environment because Singapore wants to have both.” Read more about Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay at
📸 @alexthebez
Singapore’s extensive network of otherworldly gardens is built using a mix of high-tech and sustainable methods with the goal of “greening” the city. Hit the bio link to learn more. 📸 @alexthebez for The FADER
Paradise lost— and found? A visit to the engineered utopia of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. Link in bio.
📸 @alexthebez for The FADER
Julien Baker is a reminder that while music itself won’t save the world, it can provide a space to practice the kind of human connections that might. Visit the bio link to read her #GENF interview. 📸 @_lyndonfrench_ for The FADER
On her new album Turn Out The Lights, @julienrbaker wrestles with a deep-seated conviction that she’s the sole ruiner of her own world. Hit the bio link to read her #GENF interview.
📸 @_lyndonfrench_ for The FADER
As a queer Christian musician having grown up equally in churches as punk shows, @julienrbaker is particularly sensitive to the ways music can move and save people. Link in bio. 📸 @_lyndonfrench_ for The FADER
wishing everyone a very cozy sunday ✨✨
happy 25th birthday to @21savage ⚔️
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kendrick lamar gave us good kid, m.a.a.d. city 5 years ago today 🙏 what’s your favorite track?
“I’m talking about a love that will put someone else’s needs before their own... That’s the kind of love that the community survived on, and continues to survive on.” Hit the bio link to read the inspiring words of the Londoners working to make sure Grenfell Towers isn’t forgotten. 📸 @warriorprintess for The FADER
Local residents and volunteers explain how their community has strengthened after the Grenfell Towers tragedy, and why they’ve made a documentary about it. Link in bio. 📸 @warriorprintess for The FADER
These young Londoners are fighting to make sure you don’t forget about Grenfell Tower. Link in bio.
📸 @warriorprintess for The FADER
mood for tonight vs mood tomorrow morning
Posted: Oct 21, 2017 11:06 PM
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@sza confirms she’s working on an album with @tame__impala and @iammarkronson ❤️❤️ Read about it on
In the water, the women of @browngirlsurf feel invincible. It’s the escape they need when they surf and helps them find happiness. Link in bio. 📸 @mancygant for The FADER
“I’m way more fearful of being a female of color on land in America than I am out there in the middle of the shark triangle.” —Natasha Brown, surf teacher volunteer at @browngirlsurf. Link in bio. 📸 @mancygant for The FADER
Introducing @browngirlsurf, a nonprofit created to amplify the visibility of brown women who surf. Link in bio. 📸 @mancygant for The FADER
here’s to being carefree on this Saturday ✌️✌️
Posted: Oct 21, 2017 4:18 PM
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@justineskye took a knee while singing the national anthem at the @brooklynnets game last night. Read about it on
“I was waiting to become myself,” — @niluferyanyaaaaaa. It wasn’t until she was 18 that she found the confidence to perform on her own. 📸: @francesca_allen_ for The FADER