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reggs 5w ago
Working with squirrels feeding the wildlife
reggs 11w ago
7/27/2007 #10yearanniversarydinner it's was yesterday, hey better late then never. I had work.
reggs 11w ago
Before the night ends just wanna say Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife 10 years Strong. Best decision I've ever made my better Half. Sorry hunnie I had to work. I'll make it up to you forever 7/27/2007
reggs 13w ago
There almost like Piroshky. Not sure but it's some kind of #authenticfood #russiangrub
reggs 22w ago
Happy Mother Day to my everyday Mom's I would be nothing without you guy's. for all that you guy's do and many more etc. #happymothersday #mamas #allaroundtheworld