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#favoritemomentsof2012 seeing the many hairstyles of Andrew Bynum

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Go cop that new dame d.o.l.l.a. Album #confirmed
Happy 103rd birthday to my lovely and energetic great grandma!!!! So blessed to see still have her around and living it up! #GoCubs
S/o to @complex for the dope write up on @madisonusa! But I have to give the biggest s/o to @jarreltolbert for the vision and effort he put into innovating something that will be bigger than all of us!! @jelanifloyd @itsonlycam @itsohcay @tahirajalees for EVERYTHING
And major love to the rest of the dream team!!!
First day of training camp, blessed to be able to reach my 8th season living out childhood dream. And just to think that all this started from dribbling that orange basketball all night in my alley back on Cermak and Pulaski. #letsgetit
Bumped into my youngin @thedompenn yesterday @theschott on his unofficial visit for the Buckeyes. Been watching the little homie grow up and glad to see he's turned into a baller and a even better kid. Do me a favor and go follow the legend @scooniep12's heir to the throne
Tokyo, Japan was dope! Probably my favorite city (besides Chicago). So blessed to be able to see the world and experience different cultures!
Tweeted this after @bleacherreport posted whatever. Please stay tf off my page wit non sense about my tweet, I don't like my phone lighting up over fu shit! BR should also tag me in the photo lol at least let me get my followers up!
Major s/o to @lining.official for putting on a wonderful Chinese tour and experience for me this past week or so. I loved every minute of it and I'm excited for the future of the brand! #makethechange #anythingispossible
Redick and Diebler my only role models...
10+ years of friendship and I've never had to question their loyalty...that's a blessing #transformationTuesday
Y'all do me a favor and go check out my bro's @louwillville official Collab with @ethika! I'm Coppin 10 pair at least!
A blessing to help see my boy off on his big day! He's the first one from the quad to get married and I want to wish him the best! #thequad #10+years
Mood headed to @mrwalkoff4 bachelor party this wknd in Vegas #EvBigavel
#tbt to Halloween 09 when we decided to dress up as the characters from the "run this town" video and head down to Ohio university for the festivities 😂 "we ain't gone do nothin but fight krishauna and her friends.."
Peace and love to the homie, GOOD LUCK!