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  Posted: Dec 22, 2012 7:22 AM FEED
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Message from my #Art director. She's on point. However, we'll see what's up. I still like messages like this though. #NYC #Astoria #Dietrying #Ireallydontcare
  • No doubt!! I'd still make a good security/confidant/holder/what-ever type a shit you need type of guy. URBAN TOMCRUISE in da building!!

  • I believe it! Your art is incredible.

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I was messing around with some test footage when my super talented buddy @jkejake came over and gave me a quick tutorial in #adobeaftereffects whilst we drank #beer. I love you NY. #escapefromnewyork #drone
When a hobby that you started two years ago turns into a skill that lets you help super talented friends in #music and #film. #livingthedream #dronelife
I've held onto to these original #robots for some time now. They've been in numerous shows, traveled around with me, but tonight they're in a silent auction for an event I hold dear. You see a friend of mine was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and he's got to head back to the UK to get treatment. So tonight at the @thebonniebar they're having an event to raise money for @studiablo to get him set up while he gets better. It's only fitting I throw my best two UK robots at it to get some dough raised. Let's do this! #stuball
My nephews came to visit me. We went #applepicking. They introduced me to this song and now I can't get it out of my head. #applepineapplepen #upstateny @alysongilles #drone #GH4
Yesterday morning in Grand Central, with my camera, like a fucking #tourist. But that light tho. #GH4 #daytripper
Happy Birthday to the woman that changed my life forever. You're a force of nature at five feet high and I don't know what I'd do without you. I'm the luckiest man to be loved by you. Please keep setting my heart on fire. Happy Birthday @celinegiseletextiles. #Godsavethequeen
This weekend @celinegiseletextiles and I left the city so we could hear nothing but the trees. We stayed in a #yurt. Along the way we stumbled upon #thegarlicfestival2017. Needless to say, like always, we had a great time. #wemakeourownfun #comeonbabymakeityurtsogood #upstateNY #dronestagram #drone #gopro #i❤️ny
Posted: Oct 2, 2017 3:18 PM
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#repost @theonion Sadly, we'll ban country music before assault rifles. #homemeansnevada
When your homie texts you and asks if want to go see #chancetherapper tonight, always say yes! Thanks @iamlampman. I needed that. #muchneeded #wedontdothesamedrugsnomore
Very rarely do I fill this shit out. However, today, #Amazon, you caught me in a rare mood. #truth #shitmypresidentsays #weneedaleadernotacreepytweeter
It's been a rough couple of weeks. So we decided to #hike our angst out. I even got to test some new equipment. It was a rad weekend with my #rideordie @celinegiseletextiles #upstateny #dronelife #djiphantom4pro @dronecrates @polarpro