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Why is it that breast cancer awareness PSAs are always degrading, pink, and sexist? This nice PSA in a DC area mall for colorectal cancer screenings isn't condescending or infantilizing like that. There's no "save the poopies." So why is breast cancer "save the boobies?" #deepthoughts
  • chris23 252w ago

    hmm... you might have a winner with "save the poopies"

  • I agree! Especially since MEN GET BREAST CANCER TOO! Come on America, grow up!

  • mrskellit 252w ago

    "Save the poopshoot" doesn't have the same ring to it.

  • emfitz5 252w ago

    I don't know, I kind of like "save the poopshoot."

  • "If my poop turns that color green, I'm going to get screened."

  • Catchy works for short term

  • Because marketing is about what works, not what's tasteful. Honestly I would walk past that PSA without a glance.

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