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Posted: Oct 14, 2017 1:46 PM
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#Repost @swamp_squadron (@get_repost)
#Repost @swamp_squadron
Oh look it's payday! Time to grab your shirts and make donations. Grab your K9s For Warriors shirt using the link in our bio. Enter in for our gifts by making a donation. $5 gets you 1 chance, $10 gets you 3, and $20 gets you 5. Make donations to via PayPal using friends and family. Please include your IG name.
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Posted: Sep 24, 2017 8:38 PM
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@Regranned from @zombie_storm_trooper - #Repost @arctic_assault
Only 1 week left to grab a shirt to help a great cause!!! Also, STICKERS!!! Grabbing a t-shirt? Grab yourself a sticker, too! All proceeds go directly to the #TerryFoxFoundation to its ongoing work to fund innovative and progressive cancer research programs!

#ArcticAssaultSupportsTheTerryFoxFoundation #blackdeathcrew #ArcticAssault #bDC - #regrann #2017bdc187
Had a nice little vaction last week. Visited My parents in CT, spent time with family And took day trips to Mystic, CT And Providence n Newport RI.
Posted: Jul 16, 2017 1:43 PM
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#Repost @rexsruffians (@get_repost)
Every day roughly 1200 children enter foster care. These kids go in with nothing more than a trash bag to haul all their personal belongings. @togetherwerise is a southern California organization that specializes in helping foster kids through different avenues. Two of these avenues the Ruffians are sponsoring are their sweet cases and teen bags; a personalized duffle bag loaded with a Teddy bear,  blanket, hygiene kit and much more. TWR also hosts an annual trip to Disneyland for large numbers of the children which we are also looking to sponsor as our second goal.

We will be selling limited edition single run shirts throughout the month of July with the amazing design pictured above on a black, Gravel (dark gray) or White T-shirt, the best part is that they are available in children's sizes as well!

Kids sizes xs-xl $25.00

Adult sizes s-xl $25.00

Xxl $27.00

Xxxl $28.00

4x&5x $29.00

All shirts will include a matching sticker! This is a PRE ORDER with shipping included
CON U.S. only, if you want international shipping there will be additional shipping charge TBD.

Send paypal as Friends and Family to with:
IG name

We also have LIMITED EDITION patches available that came out absolutely beautiful and %100 of the proceeds from the patch sales will go towards TWR to provide loaded duffle bags for foster kids. They are available from @whereitsatat_designs
@nickpuma will be doing TWR bear and penguin logo tattoos for the month of July and ALL of the proceeds from those will go to TWR.
Also check out @darth_punisher for a chance to win an awesome bucket
And take a look at the sweet patches offered by @blastersnroses
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Posted: Jul 1, 2017 11:14 PM
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Did a little field op last night with the help of agent Queenarr0w and got my Onyx Illuminator . 34 fields  1,751,690  mu. #ingress #resistance #smurfpower #nycresistance #field #fieldop #seaofblue
#Repost @wampawarriors (@get_repost)
We're in the home stretch guys! Just under one week left! We are still taking direct donations benefiting #RescueRidge, an no kill animal shelter in Howell, NJ that is 100% donation driven. Your donation can be made via paypal to as friends and family. Your donation will also get you a shot at one of our 6 awesome thank you gifts! $5 gets you 3 entries, $10 gets you 7, and $20 gets you 15! Drawing will be held on July 10th! Please help give the animals at rescue ridge a new hope!
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Posted: Jun 20, 2017 2:20 PM
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#Repost @wampawarriors (@get_repost)
Have you seen the amazing Wampa Squadron pin that @aftermathpins is selling to benefit #RescueRidge? This is a one-time limited run, never to be sold again, and 100% of the proceeds are going toward an awesome charity. Head over to @aftermathpins or and get yours before they're gone!! While you're here, checkout the other things the @wampawarriors have going on this month to raise funds for Rescue Ridge. We have a killer t-shirt designed by Jeffrey Wortham available through and we have some fantastic thank you gifts that will go to four lucky folks who make direct donations. Help give the animals at Rescue Ridge a new hope!
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#Repost @wampawarriors (@get_repost)
A closer look at our thank you gifts that we will be giving away to four lucky donors who give to our June campaign for #RescueRidge! There's a #blackseries Stormtrooper bucket coupled with a beautiful print by @joshbodwell . A trio of #starwars black series figures featuring the celebration exclusive X-Wing Luke, Darth Revan, and the Hover Tank Pilot. A set of exclusive pops including Thrawn, Mace Windu, and General Grievous. A second set of exclusive pops featuring hooded Luke, Thrawn, and Imperial Chopper. $5 gets 3 entries, $10 gets 7 entries, and $20 gets 15 entries! Send all donations via paypal to as friends and family, and don't forget to include your instagram name. Drawing will be held on July 10. Thank you for support in giving the animals at rescue ridge a new hope! #wampastotherescue #wampawarriors #blackdeathcrew #2017BDC187
Posted: Jun 11, 2017 10:23 AM
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#Repost @wampawarriors (@get_repost)
The help raise funds for #RescueRidge, the @WampaWarriors are offering this limited edition t-shirt (or hoodie!), available through June 30th! The gammorean bulldog concept was meant to merge #starwars with our love for dogs and animals in general. We want to thank the awesomely talented @jeffreywortham for making our concept a reality by coming up with this killer design! To buy one for your self, check or just click the link in our bio! Remember, we are taking direct donations as well, paypal as friends and family, and check our feed for the great thank you gifts you could win! #wampastotherescue #wampawarriors #blackdeathcrew #2017BDC187
#Repost @wampawarriors (@get_repost)
June is upon us, and the Wampa Warriors are excited to spend this month fundraising for Rescue Ridge. This initiative is very close to many of our members hearts. Rescue Ridge is a non profit, no kill shelter located at the Jersey Shore that provides re training, socializing, housing, transportation to veterinary appointments, and a myriad of other services for all kinds of animals. The Wampas visited Rescue Ridge this April and got to see first hand the spectacular operation that Rescue Ridge works so hard to maintain. All of their services are volunteer driven, and all of their funding is courtesy of donations and fundraising efforts. Every dollar they receive is an incredible impact on the lives and futures for these animals. Check out to learn more. Keep an eye on this space for a tee shirt designed by fellow bDC member @jeffreywortham and the Wampas have donated some awesome thank you prizes to be given away to some of our lucky donors. We hope you help us in our efforts this month to provide these beautiful souls with better lives, and to give them A New Hope.
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Posted: May 10, 2017 12:58 PM
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#Repost @banthawranglers with @repostapp
We are raising money this month in support of individuals with disabilities (specifically, amputees, quadriplegics, and paraplegics). The funds raised will provide either a disabled veteran or disabled teen, the experience of Adaptive Scuba Diving with the help of
The BanthaWranglers would like to thank our supporters for helping us to achieve this goal and the best way that we thought we could do this was by randomly thanking 3 of our donators. These are not prizes. They are a thank you from us and our cause to our supporters. No donation is too small but the more you donate, the more opportunity you are giving us to thank you back. For every $5 you get 3 chances, for $10 you get 7 and for every $20 you get 15. Your name will be placed in a Kylo Ren bucket to be drawn on June 11th!!! Please send all donations to via Pay Pal friends and family. Please include your IG name.
A name will be drawn 1st for the Kotobukiya Star Wars Celebration Exclusive 0-0-0 & BT-1 , then for Hasbro Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Luke Skywalker: X-Wing Pilot, then for Disney's Droid Factory C1-10P "Chopper"
#banthawranglers #bdc #blackdeathcrew #banthas4DisabledDivers #b4dd #2017BDC187