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Well now.
  • A predictable course of events, given Facebook history...

  • zzazazz 251w ago

    I rdiscovered the Flickr app for my Droid and it's good.

  • Too late. They tipped their hand.

  • ekimtiki 251w ago

    @zzazazz I don't like the idea that I need a yahoo account to log into Flickr.

  • "They trust me — dumb fucks." - Mark Zuckerberg. Never forget.

  • horibenny 251w ago

    @glenn_gould this. Apparently they are backing down but they'll sneak it back in I'm sure.

  • Privacy Creep: Act first. Apologize later.

  • tbeckett 251w ago

    Too late.

  • The "we don't intend to…" is slimy lawyer talk for "trust us." Which I don't.

  • "Don't worry, poor, confused people: we have your best interests at heart."

  • gilduran 251w ago

    Try this: put up an all-black photo to protest the policy. Apply some hashtags. See how long it takes for them to DISAPPEAR.

  • cicronin 251w ago

    too late, community is dispersing already. I'm liking new Flickr app. @ekimtiki, you don't need Yahoo account, can use your Google login.

  • ninavizz 251w ago

    The new Flickr app is BOSS! The MBA circle-jerkery of disconnected "Disruptive Innovation!" has pushed IG into the ever-douchey "smart advertising that unites users and brands!", which Facebook is wholly committed to as THE ONE way to build a profitable, sustainable company. It's not. It's marginally exploitative, which to users is more insultingly nefarious than outright throwing our interests over a barrel. IG and FB are Communities, first and foremost... and the Khaki MBA army and hoodie-cloaked Dev army, are all failing to grok that.

  • Nina, A. The policy was no different than facebooks - B. I am not agreeing with the policy or disagreeing - but privacy is an illusion - once you shared it - it's no longer yours - it belongs to the Internet

  • agentfin 251w ago

    @josecaballer there is a difference between "belonging to the Internet" and "to be sold with no compensation" by a service provider. Privacy and data. That's one thing. This however brings to question copyright law for artists, ones that are already being disputed due to the appropriation of designs by Urban Outfitters and others... rarely with any legal ramifications. As to the issue of photos of children? Well, that's something I don't have to worry about yet (;

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