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  Posted: Dec 17, 2012 4:08 PM
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Updated frontside fling photo courtesy of @msk8blake. She is learning to skate on her own, so we might not be doing this much longer.
  • I have a skateboard from when my dad was little boy and it is your 1 that you gave my daf

  • Dad

  • ,

  • @tonyhawk I know your an amazing skater so there's no doubt you would never drop.your child. People are.just idiots

  • Go 2 my name tony as nd look at your old board

  • Nice . Now please do one holding her feet so everybody will freak out. Haha I love instagram @tonyhawk

  • @maxpolischuk i think hes got it pretty packed down enough on skatebording to be able to do this.but thanks for the concern bud lol

  • @bigg_oscar ur ridiculous. Find ur place please cause its deffinetly not here, u dont know the first thing about tonyhawks crazy skateboarding skills.

  • This is freaking awesome! Wish my dad did this kind of stuff with da man! 💪👏💪👏 👍👍

  • Wish my dad did that must b nice 2 have a pro skater as a dad

  • I just saw the discussion about this photo on fb. And hell are others pissed off! Haha @tonyhawk i'm pretty sure you know what you're doing.. There's no difference between this and throwing your child up in the air while you hear them giggle. And i'm sure you skate like that with you daughter because you're confident and she's happy.Oh well. Society is just unbelievable. Do what you do best! Go @tonyhawk :)

  • He is the best skateboarder in the universe he probably knows what he is doing

  • @tonyhawk those that criticize probably don't even know how to ride a dam skateboard...if I had a half pipe in my backyard I would drop in with my 3yr old on ma shoulders haha...your an awesome dad!👍👍👍👍👍

  • Tony keep your kids happy screw people that wanna trash talk. You are a professional and know the risk. I doubt you were trying to pull off a 900 or superman while skating with your kid she looks like she's enjoying her time with her dad.

  • Tony hawk, homes don't sweat the small stuff... Your the greatest and always have been brotha

  • Best photo

  • It's Tony Hawk. Nobody should worry about the safety of his daughter. Plus, it's only a picture. We don't know if he was going fast, or if it was just a quick jaunt. It's not like he's doing kickflips and ollies with her in his arms...

  • This is FANTASTIC!

  • Coolest dad ever!


  • Love it!!!

  • You know what, he is the father, its his decision.

  • Cool dad, sweet kid!

  • vaav12 4y ago

    @tonyhawk people will always find an excuse or reason to criticize one another. What I see here is a wonderful father that actually takes time to teach and have fun with his daughter. When we were little we all wanted to learn some things that only with the support of your parents you could do, and people who do not have parents like tony who take the time to teach their kids are just kids that are missing out on these things. Mind your own business if you don't like it and if you don't agree with it then don't teach it to your kids, but that's his kid and it is his decision how to raise her. The kid is his responsibility, not yours.

  • GNARLY PHOTO TONY HAWK!! You are a professional&i would totally trust you with my kiddos if did you this with them. YOUR FABULOUS! 👍👍👍👍☺😉

  • That's a great pic!!! Can I send my kids to you for an amazing experience and to meet a Legend?

  • @tonyhawk I think you should ignore what everyone is saying, you're a big boy and you can raise your own child without anybody else's input. If she's havin fun and you're cool with it, I don't see the problem especially since you're a professional... You should be aloud to make your own decisions without everybody putting their two-sense in.

  • It's bring your kid to work day. :) @tonyhawk

  • Awesome!

  • seankf 4y ago

    God I hate safety freaks. They have nothing better to do...

  • Great foto

  • Great pic Tony, It's awesome that not every parent is teaching their kids to be scared of their own shadow.

  • I'd be worried of this was anyone else. But you're Tony Hawk. Nuff said. Awesome pic! 👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • This is so cool will u be my daddy lol

  • I don't think any kid has or will have as much fun as she is right there. So. Freakin. Jealous.

  • I wish I could do this! :( I'm definitely going to teach my lil girl to shred one day @tonyhawk

  • That's such a good pic

  • People fail to realize that he's a PROFESSIONAL. He's been doing this his entire life. He's no amateur Fucking retards. Worry about your own kids, People always want to be in someone else's business it's sickening they want to try so hard just to bring someone else down what do you gain from that? Stay Gnar @tonyhawk

  • CC VA b

  • Awsome !!!

  • Weren't no helmets back in my days of BMX and boards... And I started around that age too! Rock on little doll!

  • Awesome pic

  • 1000 comment

  • To all the haters: put your heads back in the sand and go back to raising pussies for kids. Coddled/entitled children + hypersensitive parents = North American disaster. Get real people, it's Tony-effn-Hawk

  • Fuck helmets !! Too badass

  • Great Picture @tonyhawk !

  • Love it! Totally awesome!

  • Such an awesome picture

  • great pic

  • Love it

  • how cool! :D

  • He's safer skate boarding with her then any other person that would be stupid to try he knows he can doit

  • Amazing :) I love skating with my kids!

  • Tony awesome picture living legend the hawk. !

  • You inspierered me to skate board's

  • @samiam5150 well said! My kids don't have their dad around. At least he's being a father!

  • Tonyhawk your such a boss

  • My hero

  • What a boss.

  • I love this pic! Happy familiy :)

  • Muuuito style!! Coitada dela. Rss

  • LOVE THIS! :)

  • so cool! It does look dangerous, but he is a pro so no wories. i think i spelled that wrong...

  • Growing up I remember @tonyhawk for 1. Being the skater everyone wanted to be, and 2. Wearing headgear and pads - look at his video games and footage of his competitions. Because of him, thousands of kids didn't think it was uncool to put on a helmet. If he wants to let his hair down by messing about and having a skate with his kid, consider the fact that skating is second nature to him now, and he's probably saved countless kids from badly breaking bones or worse through his influence before you judge him.

  • This is precious. Absolutely adore this photograph

  • @shawn_b13 is so stupid, it's dangerous

  • 997xv 4y ago


  • I think that tony hawk is a great an responsible father who knows how to behave with his children. This is a great pic;)

  • kmc248 4y ago


  • Whoop whoop!

  • You r the man

  • I wouldn't try this with my kid but I am not a good skater like Tony Hawk. Haters need to chill!

  • Oh and awesome picture!

  • I think it's funny that people on instagram can comment yelling at him for bad parenting. Shouldn't you be watching your kids instead of being on Instagram? Hmmmmm now who's in the wrong

  • I'd let you do this with my kid!!!

  • Amazing picture! I'd trust the king of skateboarding with my kid doing this any day of the week! All the people complaining are just jealous of you being such a good parent and being shit on a board!

  • She is so cute!

  • @kenyonjohn I'd trust him

  • O_o super dad

  • Absolutely love this!! @tonyhawk

  • Absolutely love this!! @tonyhawk

  • This is badass, but as an overprotective parent I'd probably pee my pants seeing my baby up there lol! More power to you though, a photo like this is sure to be cherished for a life time. She has an awesome dad!

  • He is better on that board than most people are on two feet. He wouldn't have done if he thought she would have been in any danger FACT!! And you can't tell me it's not like any of the people who have said they have such a big problem with this have never swung there children when they were little. And if they say they never have they are lying or kept there children wrapped up in very tight bubble wrap

  • But nothing will stop my dream of skating g

  • Tony I'm a really big fan I just want u to no who I am I'm Hussain I come from a small island in then middleeast called Bahrain there are lots of problems there basically war

  • Tony I'm a really big fan I just want u to no who I am I'm Hussain I come from a small island in then middleeast called Bahrain there are lots of problems there basically war

  • Looks like fun : D

  • Respect you!

  • Awsome :D

  • Awesome pic

  • Wish u were my dad ;-)

  • how cool isnt that ! ha !

  • You are so cool.

  • Guys. It's tony hawk.

  • I don't care what those other people say, you're a professional, and you know what you're doing. :) ride on!


  • I love skating all because of u and the Bones Brigade!!

  • Very cool! Seems kind of dangerous though..

  • Very cool! Seems kind of dangerous though..

  • Dude, it's Tony hawk. Chill out. @hailleemarie lol

  • Dude, Im very chill. d: @poly_zeus

  • Тесак

  • Sickest cunt tony

  • 👍👏

  • Brilliant

  • Haha! I live this photo more now! Ride on hawk I still look at this picture with joy in my heart!❤never was I worried about you endangering your child!lol😄 silly I'm sure as much more than this comment that you could never read📚 1000 comments who could? Ride on! Reposting just cause people flipped!👌👏👍☝😄✌❤

  • Awesome !! Could she look any more relaxed.

  • Love your style mate! Keep it up

  • @melodyniki its very cool!!!

  • Awesome! I have 3 boys under 6 and they LOVE the skatepark.. This is a great pic of your fam having fun!

  • @tonyhawk, she is such a little sweetheart!

  • What a ledge

  • I skate with my kids, bro. Don't let em' bring you down. You're bringing her world so big. #skatelife#daddydoesit

  • Just wanna say props to the photographer, he/she captured the moment at the perfect time! 👍

  • jonkkk 4y ago

    @sk8rken for the kids :)

  • seo.ah 4y ago

    @armandorivers9 hay que hacer esto algun dia

  • Woow ! I need it !!

  • Такая же фигня. (

  • Kandice might take over the company's not rilley

  • Awesome!!!!

  • Tony your still the best!

  • Next best female skater

  • This is amazing!

  • Soo adorable

  • O_o!!!!

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