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  Posted: Dec 17, 2012 11:30 AM
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  • I wish hitler STILL alive!!

  • This whole feed is fucking pathetic.

  • noa_by 4y ago

    For all heartless, i am jewish and i am proud of it. Israel dont care what you think. Keep your opinions for yourself.

  • noa_by 4y ago

    I will not argue with you now...

  • @noa32198 👍👍👍

  • @nuniisa ur an absolute idiot and out of the entire feed ur stupid words are by far the most ignorant . Now I would like to know WHY IS it that u wish he was still alive

  • the ignorance in these comments is why the world still has war. get real and stop hating we are all human regardless of race creed or religion. c'mon people lets have some heart.

  • @nuniisa except for you i hope you get hung shot or stabbed.

  • @shannonsauce you right girl you soooo right!!

  • I love israel !

  • oh yea and @kinkiryusaki nice tatt yo

  • Just because kinkiryusaki drew it doesn't mean she's Jewish. Like I say to all the people who hate

  • If you don't like it, don't look at it. @bashayer_n

  • crom33 4y ago

    I love Palestina !!! Free Palestina!

  • Clean tat

  • @nuniisa well done girl :D don't care about these people oki :D

  • @marlfish ohhh really !! thx 4 the advice !

  • Israel foreverrrr!!!!❤💗👍

  • Fuck israel. Ilike hetlar

  • @bashayer_n who said I would care. Loool they are hateful people everyone hates them also they are weak!! Lool pathetic 

  • i love my beautiful state 👌👌👌👌❤❤❤❤

  • Ummm wtf don't be a hater what did Jews ever do you u?!!!!????

  • 我喜欢这个

  • Nc tatoo!!!

  • @2y00sh @bashayer_n hahahahahahahaha

  • @bashayer_n I never showed hate or disrespect towards you or anyone

  • Everyone just needs to shut the fuck up! If there is a god..why would he make us so different if he wanted us to be the same?? Fuck religion completely. There's good and bad in everyone. No matter what!!

  • @friskyostrich well look never mind !!! Forget about it ohh & u know what ! U one of the best here ! They are crazy ! And they make people feel mad cuz of they behaviour and language !

  • Chill people! It's just a tattoo! Try to accept ART and don't take it as a religious thing. We all shed the same color of blood! #worldpeace #antiracism

  • @sarahlim92 I no think so its about Justice, national and humanitarian Look more about Palestine will know Who they suffer injustice

  • @bohoor @nuniisa you do realize that hitler hated everyone that wasn't german right? That includes you and your people...he would have killed you too if he had the chance. Think before you write things, c'mon. You make no sense. Its people like that, and you, that make it so hard for progress to be made. People should just not care about anyone Elses religion. If you believe you're going to heaven, great. You are. No need yo kill and hate other people for not believing what you believe.

  • PROBLEM SOLVED THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO GOD. Religion is a fairy tale.

  • If you spent lest time worrying about wishing death upon jews, and more time shaving your unibrows and beards you'd probably get laid. Therefore you wouldn't have to kill yourself to only be disappointed when there is no virgins.

  • There are so many generalizations here.

  • love your work @kinkiryusaki. WTF are the rest of you on about....try twitter !!

  • @bohoor R u crazy or what dude? I've got no religion but your post is so poignant as you...bitch

  • Whoaaa..nice.

  • That's not Jewish people, that's a foot

  • @bashayer_n you keep writing on this post about respect and how people should learn more before they speak... But then you say something along lines of praising someone for wishing Hitler was still alive? You do know who Hitler was right? He didn't just want to kill Jews if given the chance he would of eliminated everyone who wasn't German. You talk about hating Jews, but how many do you know personally? Even if there were 10000 bad Jews, there are also 10000 good Jews, how can you judge everyone if you don't even know them?

  • Amazing !!!!!!!!!!😍😍

  • I feel sorry 4 u guys' i really do!! U r being so mean!!! Im not a jewish but i was born in israel! Nd believe it or not people are so lovely up there they have manners morals ,why u have 2 be so ugly from the inside! We are all humans! We shouldn't be judged by the color or the, culture we should be judged by our actions,nd u know what since ur cursing israel,i believe ur cursing the arabs in it 2! Which makes me really sad for knowing there are still people out there who can simply HATE 4 no reason!!

  • I love the Israeli and Jewish people the are so nice ! ❤

  • I heat the star ..

  • Ugly !

  • What do u use to glitter Ur pix @kinkiryusaki

  • I love it!! ❤❤❤🔯🔯🔯🔯

  • @wody_123 like your face

  • So cool

  • @dvorch not uglier than you whore !

  • Such stupid

  • Palestine should free themselves..oh wait no one wants them to including America.. who is the leader of the free world. you know why? because there all pieces of shit


  • @ashotb @ferah21 that's rude. I'm Jewish and proud. NO I SHOULDN'T BE TREATED LIKE AN ANIMAL

  • @ferah21 I'm sorry I don't know arabic

  • جعلها الكسر

  • @linaisback2 calm down you look like your 11. All I'm saying is if you guys were such great people America would back you, but they back Israel. So cry nerd.

  • I feel sorry for you guys .. know why? because some day Allah will burn you and the Jews all in hell .. haha good luck in hell assholes .. @waddupjanis @r_saltz15

  • @ferah21 nah were the chosen people pick up a book cunt

  • @beravengeance God created us nations and groups to MEET new people and LOVE each other...we were created with brains not as yes if you want to put lots of gaps; of course we will not be the same...also as you see here people insist on not using their brains and keep picking on stuff thats totally irrelative to what the post is about.

  • @marshmallowturtle23 "one thing they did wrong" u said .. Talkin like killing men, children , women , youths n ppl of Palestine isn't a thing -.-

  • @marshmallowturtle23 do u know wat hitler said about Jews ?? I don't think so .. We'll he said "I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was Annihilating them" nd after all I think !!oh wait!! I know* that he was right , I respect the man nd I have hz book "mein kampf" (my struggle) under ma bed , I read a chapter every night , u should 2 it'll help u to understand how he think n only then u can say if u like hm or not.. I don't agree wiv hm n everything he did .. But he was right about Jews !! So damn right!!

  • The most beutiful tatto ever!!

  • @chazz_km @affylaffytaffy religon is the biggest lie ever. Made up for mindcontrole and You ppl are mind fucked.

  • @orson_ I feel sorry 4 ppl like ya ...

  • @chazz_km right back at ya

  • @orson_ I prefer 2 blv n religion nd find out after dying that it doe't exist than not 2 blv nd then finding out that it's there .

  • @chazz_km yup go with the system thats wat they want You all say You want world peace.. but in the end You contribute to the wars.. get rid of religion and the problem is solved no more excuses.. or you will die finding out it doesn't exist and your whole life was wasted.. on nothing but killing your own species with for what they made you think is the right reason.

  • Wait a sec .. U don't get it "thats Wat they want you" ??? It's a personal blv .. World peace ? Who said I want word peace ?? I only want "peace" not word peace nd I have it litterly do .. Nd dude u should read some books , check websites nd stuff u can start wiv world war causes , none were religious , religion is one of the difference between us oh I mean "humans" and animals use the box ur holding between ur shoulders n thin wiv me who created all of this ?

  • U really don't know anything about Israel , don't hurry to judge us. The idf (Israel defense forces) doesn't kill people because they want to. It's only Because he need too!!! If we won't protect us Hamas will kill us JUST because we are Jews . Where are all the people who fight about racism ??? This is a real one.

  • לעקר את המוסלמים דחוף. רק אז יהיה שקט בעולמנו.

  • @neta4460 you cant fight fire with fire.

  • yonih 4y ago

    First of all a very beautiful tattoo Second Why bring politics everywhere. Just enjoy something beautiful

  • Amazing!

  • Love it!

  • zdhzm 4y ago

    @itrustmysky but still , all the jews are going to hell .

  • @zoushh that's an aggressive and wrong statement

  • Love it ! Love Israel

  • AMAZING! 😱

  • if want tattoo this how much ? @kinkiryusaki

  • Check out the dries cracks on the heel of the foot!!! Lmfao grosss

  • Dried*

  • @ashotb if Jews are animals, then you are bullshit 😉

  • צודק איש יקר, אפחד מהפקצות האלה לא מבין מה משמעות הסמל הזה עבורנו!!!! בהמות גזעניים.. סורי @vanzenten

  • @hanayossli FUCK YOU TOO

  • וואו!!

  • Fuck u too

  • Fuck israel !!!

  • @iou_tardis Israel kills thousands of Christians and Muslims in Palestine every single day harshly the don't consider that there are kids ,women , old people and not just that they killed thousands in Lebanon 💔

  • @neta4460 what !! Protect your self !! From what a child or a women ?? You kills kids so harshly and you take mothers from their children so happily you kill innocent people everyday you came to those people land and start killing them some times when I see these videos on YouTube I think that you Jews have no Heart

  • please all of you watch a song called ضمير العربي and you will see what Jews had and still doing to us .

  • Too funny

  • All this, just for a tattoo....

  • @geesuliman what about Hamas killing their own people? I think that's a bigger issue. Go YouTube videos that Palestinian people put up on Hamas.

  • Jeez people are so full of hate these days. How hard it must be people condemning you to death just for being you.

  • Jews people are bullshit WTF!!

  • I honest believe that many of these people have not heard of the phrase "If

  • You have a bunch of bananas. Eat them."

  • Seriously, some of you need to sthu! First of all there's a difference between being a Jew and being a disgusting Zionist! There are many Jews who refuse to acknowledge the murderous state of israHell ! For all you saying this and that will or will not go to Heaven.. sthu you're not God (astaghfurrul'Lah) to be eligable of determing/knowing that and learn your religion. Learn about that star. And for your information I'm Muslim myself and therefore will tell you this ; " Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve. (Qur'an 2:62)" !!!

  • 👍👍 fuck israel and go to hell

  • @abraheemabu agree with u

  • I ❤ Israel. Don't listen and believe to the lies about Israel killing thousands of people every day until you actually live her and see yourself how is the bad guy.

  • Bloody hell, all these bullshit comments just coz she tattood the star of david. Appreciate the talent and go preach your hatred somewhere else ya cunts

  • Cool

  • @battleknax5 Syria is another case, please don't relate it to Israel!!

  • @americanxradass If there is no God, then who made u fucking idiot!

  • @battleknax5 LOL!! I'm living the BEST life ever, all the Arabs r living the best life ❤ & if u feel jelousy of what we have 😍 u kid go fuck ur self at ur home and don't mention me till u get into the legal age! ✋

  • 👎

  • amitxb 4y ago

    Israel ❤️

  • עם ישראל חי! ♥♥♥

  • Israel is not real

  • Gosh ppl stop Shut the Fuck up we don't say something about your countries..

  • @toniboth say that to the 1948 declaration

  • @shmushtush No , I'm gonna say it for the families In palestinian who lost them children by the killers Israel

  • @toniboth you can say Palestinians had to sacrifice their children. Doesn't mean Israel doesn't exist. In fact, after British occupancy left Palestinian territory, Palestine wasn't a country. Still a territory. No Palestinians have a Palestinian citizenship. They received no such benefits from their country. My great grandfather was one of the last people with a Palestinian citizenship, and he was part of the palmach.

  • @shmushtush how much child are died by your grandfather !!? ،، so you say palmach !! This is pathetic .. No more to say

  • @toniboth the palmach was not responsible for any deaths. The palmach was responsible for breaking down British control. You should thank my grandfather. He saved your cousins as well as mine. I'm being civil. I'm not calling you pathetic. I'm showing you how your statements need revising. I never called Israel a saint. Everything has good and bad. But in you, I'm only seeing bad with how you're responding to me. You're filled with hatred towards me, I feel nothing towards you.

  • @shmushtush you dont even know me !

  • @toniboth you don't know me but you're calling me pathetic

  • לסתום את הפה אני אוהב את ישראל ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. If you don't no jewish people and have never been to Israel then why judge all you saying fuck Israel like hitler your all idiots cause the Jews hate hitter we don't kill people do you know what happened in the holocaust obvs not so shut your mouth I'm jewish and proud and ...... if you are gong to say that then you should go to hell and If you are going to say hitler spell it properly it's spelt HITLER not HITLAR #beautiful #tat

  • I love israel and go fuck your self stupid natiz. im sorry for all of you and im not even jewish.

  • fuck Israel and I'm a musilum and go to hell every one

  • Israel rock!what a beautiful tatoo

  • انا من شفتك وغاسله يدي منك ! طلعت كلبه مع اسرائيل ! تفو عليكم 😂

  • @jeremy.wong97 這個可以 😍😍

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