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To our creators, the mark-makers, the inspired doodlers waging war against blank pages: All Hallow's Eve is near, let's celebrate the costumes, the stories, and the spooky. Submit your most chilling work with #SharpieArt, we'll be watching... 📷: @styxanstones
Something creative this way comes...#fridaythe13th
To be creative, is to be brave. From inspiration to finished product, it's a scary process putting an idea out into this world. Yet, the urge to make something can overcome this fear.
At #Sharpie, creators, makers, artists, teachers - BRAVE people - are at our core. That’s why we're partnering with @el_juantastico & @adamvicarel to form the #SharpieSquad on a mission to make some marks on the world. Keep a heads up for their upcoming works and share your own with #SharpieArt!
School Year 2017: We've weathered some weeks haven't we? Get back on top of your #bujo game with these #Sharpie inspired banners and organizers. #sharpieartpens #clearview
The Florida sun and mesmerizing mandalas are an everyday part of life for Shantal from @ShantalArt - now, a pair of color-coated, strikingly patterned @Knockaround sunglasses are going to be shading her eyes from UV rays while bringing the #Sharpie spirit alive in the Florida heat. Swipe for more ➡️
Sam of @ChilversArt can be found out on the water or in her studio creating art, two life pursuits inspired by her wild spirit of adventure. And what is adventure without a pair of shades? Her @Knockaround sunglasses will be at the ready for each new escapade, now permanently emblazoned with inked spirit and washed with a wave of her #Sharpie creativity. Swipe for more ➡️
Drawing abstract characters with a #Sharpie and exploring the mountains are daily endeavours for @travis_clement_art, so it's no surprise his @Knockaround sunglasses ended up on top of a mountain with a coat of funky, abstract pop-art pattern. Now we all want a pair to wear hiking. Swipe for more ➡️
Cars may be @taylorhuckery's medium of choice for his #SharpieArt, but it turns out the perfect counterpart to a #Sharpie decorated car is a pair of Sharpie covered @Knockaround sunglasses. Swipe for more ➡️
Fueled by coffee and a #Sharpie, Nicole of @onlaneave has a knack for creating inspired illustrations. In her hands, a pair of @Knockaround sunglasses evolved from a blank white canvas to a high-contrast, patterned work of art, the envy of fashion eye-wear addicts everywhere. Swipe for more ➡️
@jexpo76 is the king of edgy Sharpie #handlettering. Even his pair of @Knockaround sunglasses weren't safe from his written #Sharpie words - and now we're seeing through his creative eyes. Swipe for more ➡️
Teamwork makes the dream work - especially when you dream of custom @knockaround sunglasses. These six creative mavens came together with us to make quite the spectacle(s). Follow us this week as we feature their creative process and eye-catching work! @taylorhuckery @jexpo76 @onlaneave @travis_clement_art @shantalart @chilversart
Get stuck between a rock and a kind place 🖤#MakeYourMark #kindnessrocks
Creativity crystallizes with a #Sharpie in hand.
📷: @skdesignslex
Each color brings a new dimension, each stroke creates a precise mark, and each thought becomes a new reality, all without bleed-through. WE WERE MADE to bring art to life with #SharpieArtPens.
Study boldy and deliberately with the spectrum of colors. #SharpieHighlighters
📷: @milkywaystudy
We’re making marks at #NYFW! Grab a Sharpie w/@jasonwu at #GREYOUT events all day at Cadillac House #NYC to make some bold statements of your own.
Coming up – the Moleskine Bar and Draw Like a Pro sessions w/@jo_can_draw and @justinteodoro. For details, visit #UncapthePossibilities #JasonWu #GREYJasonWu @GREYJasonWu (animation by @jo_can_draw @thecollectiveshift)
To-do lists, homework and projects may fill our heads, but we can take one permanent step to success by designing a plan and tackling our work head-on. We will CONQUER this school year and do it with style. #MakeYourMark #Bujo #SharpieArtPens #SharpieClearview