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@amandapouchot doing an interview over Skype!

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From today's interview crucial article "Ask a Hiring Expert: How Do I Convince a Potential Employer I'm the Right Person For the Job?"⠀

QUESTION: "I really want to make a good impression at my next job interview. This is a position I've dreamed about for some time. How can I convince my potential employer I'm the right hire?"⠀

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For #NationalBossesDay we're kicking off a new series called, The Boss of Me, a new series where we quiz our lady-bosses on everything we always wanted to know about their careers (but were afraid to ask). ⠀

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@LevoLeague is hosting a chat w/ licensed psychologist Dr. Lauren Hazzouri (@dr__lauren) from 1-2PM EST on Twitter about the effects of sexual harassment & how to support anyone that is affected by this. None of us are safe until all of us are. Please join us.⠀

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via This week's hot jobs post "Ask a Hiring Expert: How Should I Handle the Hardest Job Interview Question?"⠀

A candidate’s questions should always focus on how they can⠀
make an immediate impact on the organization. ⠀

This demonstrates interest and a desire to quickly contribute to the company. A few possible questions or responses might include:⠀

✔️1. What are your goals, and how does this position contribute⠀
to the strategy and exceeding the targets?⠀

✔️2. I am interested in hearing your view on the critical items⠀
that must be achieved in the first 90 days in this role.⠀

✔️3. In your opinion, what does success look like for this role?⠀

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⭐️Today, October 11th, marks Day of the Girl, a global campaign to empower, protect and celebrate the lives of girls.⭐️⠀

"You can’t forget your life is a part of something bigger, that you are only a piece of the puzzle, that the fight for equality has to be equality for all." - Mary Sauer author of our latest story, "A Letter To My Two Young Daughters on the Day of the Girl". Read the rest by clicking the link in our bio.⠀

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Anytime a thought starts with " What if", label it an anxiety thought. What if I'm the only one...? What if I'm not prepared enough for...? What if he/she doesn't like me? Yep, What if. Here's the deal, we can only control what we say and do. Worry is attractive because it gives you an illusion of control. Worrying about something makes you feel like you're doing something about it when in fact you are not. Even more, the majority of things we worry about never happen. So, worry is never productive. It's a presence thief that keeps you from you, every time. ~ Dr. Lauren Hazzouri ( @dr__lauren ). #anxiety #worry #gad #letgo #thepractice #laurenhazzouri
The message is NOT " You're gonna be okay". The message is NOT " It's okay to not be okay". The message IS " You're already okay". Yep. This is what okay looks like. This is what okay feels like. Feeling okay and being okay are often two different things. You can be okay and not feel so hot all at the same time. That's not only okay but to be expected. Please hear me. It's not you that's off. It's your expectation of what it means to be human that's a lil messed up, but no biggie. That's learned, and what's learned can be unlearned. Thank Goodness. ~ Dr. Lauren Hazzouri ( @dr__lauren ). #yourealreadyokay #sohuman #expectations #oktosay #emotionalintelligence #emotionalwellbeing #heylauren #laurenhazzouri
You act like you get extra points for living in a constant state of high-performance, high-energy, and stress. And, if you do it hungry, tired, and anxious-- WOAH, double-points. Listen up--you're confused. No matter how many things you pack into one day, it comes and goes just the same. So, my suggestion--Ease up. I don't know what you're looking for, but if it's your value--that remains the same, too, so all of this is for naught. Self-destruction is never admirable.~ Dr. Lauren Hazzouri ( @dr__lauren ). #hustle #motivation #SoHuman #seeher #selfcare #womenwhowork #balance #grace #inspire #doer #work #stress #purpose #anxiety #thepractice #busyday #laurenhazzouri
Your true self and the version of you that meets all of the goals that you've been socialized to think are so important are not one in the same. Decrease the noise--both internal and external--to increase your power. Once you tap into your power, the effect you have on all around you makes the goals and to-do lists you've been hustling hard to achieve seem like child's play. It's not more organization and skills you're lacking. It's you that you're missing. That's why you try so damn hard and get no satisfaction. Our power is in our presence. Our duty is to #GetHere. ~ Dr. Lauren Hazzouri ( @dr__lauren ). #GetHere #Power #Women #Presence #Society #organize #todolist #resolutions #goals #goalsetting #hustle #nonsense #laurenhazzouri
You always seem to be taken aback, when you're in a funk. I don't know why you think there's a rule, stating that you have to feel like you can take on the world all day, every day, or you're messed up. It'd be messed up, if your mood didn't ebb and flow. Everyone's does. It's just that every time yours ebbs, you act like the sky is falling. Here's a lil nugget-- when it ebbs, do the same things you would do if it were flowing. Yea, you might have to just go through the motions, but staying on track behaviorally will help to regulate your mood back to even, sooner rather than later. And, we each have a mood pattern.--For example, mine is 2 week flow, couple day ebb, 1 week amazing flow, 5 days of spinning my wheels in a funk.-- Getting familiar with your own pattern is key to becoming more resilient to that whole " the sky is falling" thing that does nothing but add insult to injury. ~ Dr. Lauren Hazzouri ( @dr__lauren ) #mood #sohuman #ebbandflow #patterns #mentalhealth #onpoint #stayontop #onedayatatime #trackit #ownit #lifelessons #heylauren #thepractice
One of the reasons that it's hard for you to stay on track is that you make such a production out of everything. You don't need to stop your life to get present. It's unnecessary to take a break from the day to be mindful. Think about it this way- The goal is to have your head and your body in the same place at the same time-- no easy feat ( for now!). Start by using your senses--look at what's around you, take in the colors; smell the scents in the room; feel the fabric on the chair or that of your skirt; taste the watermelon in your mouth; listen to the bird outside the window. It'll take you a couple of minutes to truly be in your moment. With practice, it just kinda happens, but initially you need to practice it with intention. It's worth it, 'cause there's nothin' that keeps you from feeling good where you are, quite like being where you're not. ~ Dr. Lauren Hazzouri ( @dr__lauren ). #getthemost #mindfulness #presence #senses #thepractice #heylauren
“Consider the possibility that [a colleague] might have something going on: depression, anxiety, bipolar, a million things, and as best as you can, telegraph that it’s safe to talk to you. And you can always ask people how they are doing—just be prepared to listen if the answer is something other than ‘OK.’” ❤️⠀

👐🏽via our latest "It's Time To End the Stigma of Mental Illness In the Workplace" by @marageteby 👐🏼⠀

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To feel differently, we've got to think differently. Thoughts lead to feelings, and feelings lead to action. To get rid of unwanted feelings, go to your thoughts. We give our thoughts too much power! Thoughts only have power or value if we give it to them. Think about it: these shoes are horribly uncomfortable… kids believe in the tooth fairy… I suck. Each of these are thoughts with the same value—none! But much of the time, we get caught up in the ones that resonate with what we fear most and we’re off to the races. The goal is to practice what I call “thought watching.” Watch your thoughts in much the same way you watch the cars drive past you. There’s a red Buick, a black Cadillac, a grey Honda Accord. Watch them. There’s no need to jump into the passenger seat and go for a ride. The same goes for your thoughts. Watch them pass—no jumping in, no judgement.~ Dr. Lauren Hazzouri ( @dr__lauren ). #cognitivebehavioraltherapy #cbt #psychology #women #mentalhealth
Hey!!! I'm @dr__lauren, in house mental health expert here at @levoleague today ready to field your questions throughout the day, #worldmentalhealthday2017.
Here's the deal: Society is where we are not who we are. Knowing that is key. Only when we internalize social norms, do we toss aside integral pieces of self to fit in. The consequence of doing so is feeling discomfort, anxious, sad, disconnected. In reality, you've got nothing to lose but you. And letting go of you to be good at the games we play in this place is the equivalent of not playing at all. You are your purpose. You are your reason for being here. You can't feel your meaning here, when you haven't yet mustered the courage to get here. What to do--1) identify norms 2) hold symptoms steady 3) gain clarity 4) show up 5) feel your meaning. It can really be that simple. Any questions, ask in comments below & I will answer them in stories this evening! #society #mentalhealth #identity #self #selfesteem #managelife #feelgood #purpose #authentic #women #girls #heylauren #laurenhazzouri #thepractice #spiritualawakening #spiritual
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Morning All! Our in-house #mentalhealth expert @dr__lauren is on call today on Levo's sharing self-care tips with care via Instagram Stories. She's even fielding question! Follow along and tell a friend who needs it too ❤️⠀

"Shedding the impact of social norms takes much less efforting and much more challenging old-school, misogynistic core beliefs that we’ve unknowingly internalized."⠀

via today's latest story "Our Brains, Ourselves: A Feminist Primer on Mental Health and Self-Care" by @dr__lauren (Dr. Lauren Hazzouri) Click the link in our bio for the full story. ⠀

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Dealing with interview anxiety?😓 Look no further.🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏻🙏🏿🙏🙏🏽⠀

Welcome to #AskAHiringExpert an advice column where @adeccousa Staffing President Joyce Russell hosts Q & A's about landing the next job. ⠀

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QUESTION: "I have a job interview coming up and I want to prepare for, what I consider, the hardest question to answer: Do you have any questions for us? Aside from salary queries, what are the most important (and impressive) questions potential hires should ask during an interview?⠀

ANSWER: A candidate’s questions should always focus on how they can⠀
make an immediate impact on the organization"⠀

🚨Oh, but there is more!🚨⠀

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via our latest story #IndigenousPeoplesDay "One Day Is Not Enough" by Terese Marie Mailhot⠀

"On Monday, October 9th, four states, and several major cities are officially celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day in place of Columbus Day, in acknowledgment of the historical origins and contributions of Indigenous peoples in North America. Here, Terese Marie Mailhot shares her thoughts. 💪🏽👏🏽⠀

My family is unmoved by symbolic gestures. It goes back generations. I brought home a crane project in grade school, where we made one thousand cranes for veterans, and my mother refused to help.⠀

“They need money. They need homes,” she said."⠀

Dive into this informative and honest essay by clicking the link on our bio today #columbusday #indigenousrights #nativeamerican #mondaymotivation
Mansplaning is the worst 😡⠀
⠀ ⠀
"Since launching @Ellevest in 2016, @Sallie.Krawcheck has repeatedly been told by potential investors that women don't invest and that they are a "niche market." She had a meeting with one man who clearly had no idea of her extensive background in finance and started to explain to her what financial advisors do. Just to have it put to me in very simple language was very helpful because who knew he could capture that so simply," Krawcheck, who once ran Smith Barney Merrill Lynch U.S. Trust, said with more than a hint of sarcasm."⠀

Catch our this latest profile on #Levo via the link in our bio.⠀

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👏🏻YES! 👏🏾⠀

“That girl deserves the chance to rise as high as her talents are going to take her. The world deserves a chance to see what that girl can do.” -@melindafrenchgates

Read our latest inspiring story featuring #MelindaGates via the link in our bio 🔑⠀

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