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  Posted: Dec 13, 2012 5:15 PM FEED
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  • mdx5 4y ago

    Jesus was not crucified

  • Jesus wasn't crucified?!? Did you skills that part if the Bible? Lol!

  • *skip

  • Errm. What's MK Ulrtra

  • Umm.... How u figure Jesus wasn't crucified?!? @mdx5

  • mdx5 4y ago

    Because u r reading the opposite from the scriptures @_butter_pecan

  • @mdx5 just so I'm clear... Do u or do u not believe that he died on the cross for your sins? Just asking?

  • mdx5 4y ago

    Jesus was a mighty prophet and he did not deserve to be hanged on a cross @_butter_pecan

  • mdx5 4y ago

    He said the only sign that i'll give u is the sign of jonah and according to u he failed to fulfill that @_butter_pecan

  • Ohhhhhhh your Muslim..... No disrespect to you or you religion... But Jesus Christ is The Lord and savior...and he was crucified in the cross for your sins wether you choose to acknowledge his sacrifice or not... I'd like to respectfully back out of the conversation.... I can only tell you so much, you have to choose to accept it...

  • @mdx5 please refrain from tagging me further... I'd like to respect your beliefs and u respect mine... Don't put words in my mouth with your Muslim semantics...

  • mdx5 4y ago

    I appreciate ur respect and i dont have to i just accept it

  • What calendar is this? I would like to get one.

  • she sends out the most conflicting messages about herself. smh

  • Delete me

  • @sh3buji 👏👏👏yess

  • @muhannad_xd god was in control what kind of question Is that?

  • @sh3buji yeah yeah yeah you don't need to tell me about that. we're all just a little confused with the contradictions, that's all I'm pointing out


  • You should be lettin all these evil niggas know what's good with your wise ass

  • Atheism

  • I thought u was in the illuminati?!? So confusing

  • @shandaclarisa what's the illuminati? And how do you get in?

  • Look it up nd if yhur a dedicated christian you shuld not

  • @shandaclarisa you can't just get into the illuminati, like wtf is the point if anyone can join? Don't you know what it is and what they do?

  • Of course i know wat it is why wuld i write it if i didnt know wat it was nd im not in it im anti-illuminati

  • Thank you for sharing. @badgalriri

  • @toddy_wobbler you are dumb I'm sorry but you are , Jesus God and the holy spirt are the same person it's called trinity I know I'm late and what not but you need to educate your self before speaking nonsense.

  • Ok since U Read the Bible, Read This: Revelations 3: 15-15/ 1st John 2 15-16/ Matthew 12: 30/ James 3: 10-12. Nobody on this earth is Perfect, but I hope these scripture help U!! GBU!! @badgalriri

  • @muhannad_xd yes Jesus did die but he was not god he was the son of god

  • He was dead but then he rose again on the third day. He's alive @muhannad_xd

  • @muhannad_xd John 3:16-18, Romans 1:3, if you have a bible handy take a look at that my friend the gospel clearly says for god loved the world so much he sent his only begotten son.

  • God the father .. he's always in Control @muhannad_xd

  • asaybe 4y ago

    @muhannad_xd u hav bn filled wit wrong knowledge

  • !

  • @muhannad_xd with the attitude you have and the way you're putting it out there, no ones gonna even want to read about Islam

  • I'm just as misguided and best believe I'm bout that

  • @chuckieboutdatlife stfu and speak for your own satanic cult

  • @chuckieboutdatlife ya lets do it where u want muski

  • I love how you post Christian things! BUT you smoke, have tattoos, and don't post very God pleasing pictures! I think if you were REALLY Christian, you'd make a few changes. Live it not just SAY it!


  • About GOD


  • U say your a Christian but u don't act like it at all

  • @nataliee10 Agreed. We all make mistakes that make us look Un-Christian but I don't see anything ok with posting about drugs AND scripture...

  • You are far from being religious.. LOL yep god loves drug, smoking, drinking, partying people..

  • Jesus loves you @badgalriri

  • Devil worshiper?

  • Lol that's all I can come to @elisabeth_lovee

  • @badgalriri THEN WHY R U ILLUMINATI? u should open youre eyes and see i myself am a sinner! rihanna i pray to god that you see this! JESUS died on the cross he took all the pain for us WHILE SATAN did nothing you may be succesful now and be living a good life now but if you die without christ you will rot in the lake of fire forever! nevermine what the press says rihanna!! u should get away from the people who are not christian! u should not mix with the bad yolk people! pls stop smoking weed to in jesus mighty name you will be changed!!

  • Wow. Religious shit causing arguments? No, really?!

  •  Can all of u let this girl live her life?! She dont care what yall say .

  • It's funny how Yhu guys have all this bad shit to say about her yet yhur following her on undrafted and liking her pictures... And Yhu know damn well when her song comes on Yhu start dancing...

  • Instagram

  • we love you riri <3 <3 <3

  • Yet in the Bible it say no man can be Judge for no man is with out sin. The fact that people can get on Instagram 😁 and try to judge someone for making Decisions in there own life is to funny to me. To the people that have something bad to say about this woman( you need to go get right with god and stop trying to Judge something you know nothing about)😀😏

  • Let me guess u must b anti-chris because yu sho put images up of the devil in ur videos...-_-

  • @imjustmikey 😀 you couldn't be more right

  • @imjustmikey secretly admire her No !stalkin ? HELL NO ! Yu got me all wrong first off my bestfriend tld me about this im nt even following rhianna ! I can say whatever the fuck i wana say&&what im saying is TRUE its nt my fault u brainwashed&&rhianna is a grown ass woman who knows better she dnt need yu to takein up for her ! I had to delete my last comment what said was too harsh&& im nt gon agrue wit u ovea instagrm bt DNT EVER TRY TO CUM AT ME AGAIN FUCK BOY !

  • Talm bout "yu dnt believe n god" well thea u go case close thea no more say lmaooo hope u sleep well cuz i am i dnt care what u say i said i had to&&ima still stand on what i believe ur just brainwashed like the rest goodnight @imjustmikey sooo blah blah fuck u &&thank u @zipciti :)

  • Get off her dick man !!!!! Written a full essay&&shit lmaoooo

  • I bet yo fingers hurt LOL...and yea its 1:02 in morning sooo yea im gonna go to sleep it seem like ur pretty up set soo have a nice nite&&GOD BLESS :)

  • Lmaooooooooooo ! Punk ass

  • There There now. People need to understand everyone will have there own Belief. But mostly that it is very small minded of you (I mean no disrespect)@thebeautifulone18 or any one at that Matter to say what someone else should do or how they should Express there Religion. No man is Perfect. And until you are you really shouldn't state what someone else is doing.

  • ira2an 4y ago

    Do you really love chris brown . If you really love him Do not give him is a person who does not make up

  • @badgalriri so much hate in the comments. Hopefully u filter thru the bs and let a girl know what book this is. I could really use somethin like this.

  • Thankyou

  • Thank you for posting these readings @badgalriri I recently stepped back into the light of The Lord and it seems all these passages apply to me. I also wouldn't mind knowing what book this is.

  • @iluckabalaz gangsta wannabe I guess :) lmfao she posting about god while she illuminati bich

  • ceskic 4y ago

    Stop kidding yourself, idiot. We all know ur going to hell @badgalriri

  • Y'all must gonna have a seat next to her I don't remember the last time God nor Jesus was judgemental nor hypocritical seems such decent folk wouldn't even comment

  • Lol gotta be lames sick because of her fame. Do better then you will be better.

  • @daphnedaly thank you! Finally someone with a brain in their skull

  • @daphnedaly you're nuts. @badgalriri don't let em put you down. Smoke all the weed you want, drink as much as you want, do what YOU want fuck these haters. Slave to drugs!? Haha that's the best one ever.

  • Rihanna is a fake, I would be ashamed of myself if I were her. Actually, I would despise myself if I were to ever be her period.

  • @bree_darling say that about Rihanna again I will kick u in ur face BITCH

  • Don't have time for a pathetic specimen as yourself

  • She is really crying out.

  • I love god and I smoke w

  • I love god answer I smoke weed and some people judge on a youngin for being different ain't no one got time for that Haha

  • @stereotypee cause I can bitch got a problem

  • Bitch you don't believe in god youz an Illuminati ass hoe that sucks satabs cock for fame

  • wow turovillarreal thts bout the realist shit ive hurd...none of the scriptures surprises me tho...even satan knows the word of God, remember he was a angel in heaven before he became jealous of Gods worship as do these artist and thts when God cast him to hell and named him years later Satan returns and uses artist like rihanna jayz and so on to continue his plan in taking all the Glory from our king Jesus Christ! for God i live for God i die!!!!!!

  • if you ask me its called Blaspheming!!!!!

  • Honestly lets be real you have the right to pick your religion but why Christianity. Don't you know your an ancestor of a raped native Taino women why would you upset your ancestor and forget their values and religion and adopt a religion that was build on destruction greed and hate. I am from Dominican Republic and we have the same origins white black and native but I am a TAINO and white men with african descent EMPHASIS ON TAINO and my mom is in strong contact with her native side and culture. and i will never practice my fathers religion because of the history there was never such thing of jesus christ thats their christians savior not ours beautiful and if you think my reason is vague idc what you think but really ask yourself a master beat your mom raped your mom and forced his religion on her will you call him daddy and practice his religion or will you be the last seed. This is where black and Spanish people get confused on religion and practice something that was meant to control Specifically them. I'm ashamed and here I thought you were a true Caribbean the natives blood runs deep in you and your features say it all from complexion to the button nose to the almond shaped eyes. I tear as we forget the true Americans and give light to the thief who stole our land and wiped out 2/3 of the natives. @badgalriri all I'm saying your smart explore all parts of your being not only Christianity but your African descent and your Taino descent you will be surprised the knowledge you will attain and I know this a grain of salt in your life but take a deep look your not only from Africa you are multicultural women and that's beautiful itself.

  • She's a big time hypocrite✌

  • @moha_x Will help you out

  • @moha_x that's why I said you should open the website and read everything there is on every page especially find the page "test a prophet" they compare everything between how jesus and Muhammad teaching and what that it said in bible and Quran. I hope you will find who God trully is and before you read it please do me a fever pray first and ask for a wisdom and knowledge to God may He speak to you to this page

  • Through*

  • @moha_x BLESS YOU I hope you really make the right decision to not find the truth behind what you believe

  • Amen!!

  • @moha_x u def shuldnt be a voice for Islam u shuld be a voice for those who want to do good and love da god above not down those who are misguided and taught falsely all written documents in dis world is tempered or mistaught but the ultimate is loving the ultimate higher being who put us here and accepting there's a right or wrong way I'm life

  • In*

  • May da lord be with all of us ... Confused misguided or in belief in a certain religion yes all religions treat right or wrong most people go by religion in family or country and know no better to which is da truth .. Accept the fact there's one god and good vs evil as long as there is an understanding in a god above and ways of good and evil then god will be over u so dnt tell anybody wat is right to believe god is happy if there is a belief period .. No I dnt knw history of it all and no I cnt ultimately say there isn't a right religion but I hope where yal see I'm coming from

  • @badgalriri yes ure a hypocrite to gods word but plz find da right path in life ure young talented and beautiful but plz dnt try to influence the world with holy quotes but yet ure da ultimate opposite at least ur spreading god word jus dnt ask for support if ure continuing on ure mainstream path tryna stay rich u culda been wealthy on ur own

  • Oh rih thank god you know the wisdom of god♥ those words can make us aliveeee

  • Seriously Rihanna? A lot of us know that your the "illuminati princess" if you want to live a good life in heaven, stop following satan! Sorry, but I used to look up to you and you're probably not going to read this, but you need to stop influencing the whole world to "hail satan" as it says in one of your songs. Please don't waste your talent on satan. He'll just throw you out like garbage when he's done. #illuminatineedstostop

  • Miss these.

  • I miss those posts rih

  • Amen!

  • Amen

  • 🔥🔥🔥 Dope

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