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  Posted: Dec 7, 2012 11:12 PM
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  • @amberthegreatest the lamest get your THICK ass of the clutch and go read a book for a change. Please don't attempt to next time argue over subject matter you're not educated on example the #illuminati your still in high school so take the time to learn something from people like me who try to inform the brainless zombie followers of who they are really following. Rhianna is yet another illuminati puppet and a satanic whore that's who you're looking up to. I suggest next time you do some research before opening your mouth.

  • @amberthegreatest for the life of you you would never be able to decipher this album cover you have no clue of what it's purpose and real meaning is.

  • IPERS I was also 1 of those blind people but I was listening to oneof Rihanna songs and she said I'll just blindly sale your soul in hypnotize the universe something like that I don't really remember but I read up on it in I found out about the Illuminati stuff and also had a weird dream about this thing called the "new world order" whats that? @alienbeauty

  • Srry auto correct D; @alienbeauty

  • Then I started to see the signs - the. Triangle & eyes pyramids, g signs. @alienbeauty

  • Fuck you i hope you die #illuminati my ass your fuckin stupid and you can say all you want bout me but you aint bout that life so go on with your life you dumb trashy hoe :) bye @alienbeauty get off my dick stop commenting back on my shit keep my beautiful name out your dumb ass mouth im not that dumb to know watt that means bye bye

  • @itsme_savvy the new world order is what the illuminati are planing to accomplish here on earth. It's a total control system one order one govt one banking system chips implanted in your body to completely control every part of your life it's basically hell on earth. This is these people's goal which they try to sell through their propaganda in music movies and all other forms.

  • @itsme_savvy once you notice their symbols like the triangle pyramid the all seeing eye inside the triangle the black and white checkered floor which represents the Masonic floor in the Masonic lodges they cover their left eye which you can notice most artists do mostly lady gaga Rhianna Beyonce jay z and others they are all illuminati puppets. Once you know how to recognize these signs which are there to program people subconsciously they won't work on you anymore. And then you'll notice them everywhere.

  • @itsme_savvy the programmed slaves once you question their beliefs start acting out like that sorry girl up top arguing over things she is not even able to debate they just argue for the sake of arguing making meaningless pointless comments and just yapping away. It's truly pathetic and I feel bad for them up to a certain point because its their own damn fault that they listen to songs but don't really hear what's being said they are so brainwashed and programmed by tv music and movies they live in lala land and worship these puppet celebrities.

  • @itsme_savvy when in reality these celebrities are monarch programmed slaves that's why you'll also notice them using a lot if butterfly symbology which represents monarch programming which most people in Hollywood are programmed by their lives are miserable it's all a big illusion that these brainless fans feed into and blindly support them and protect them meanwhile their brains or what's left of them are being sucked out.

  • @itsme_savvy it's pointless to even respond to such people because its just a waste of time. One day there will come a moment when they too will wake up but by then it will be too late for them and then they will recognize just how idiotic they were all along.

  • @itsme_savvy also the illuminati perform blood sacrifices to lucifer to gain more power they sacrifice people like Whitney Houston And Michael Jackson on specific days which if you do research you will notice are satanic holidays and usually fall on a specific date like the 25. Then it all becomes obvious people like K. West sacrificed their own mother to the devil for fame and money I feel so bad for that child Kim K is going to have its going to be born into this chaos and filth. Dig deep girl find out as much as you can you're still young so it's great you are up on this at an early age learn as much as you can. And try to spread the truth even if idiots like the one I had to deal with here yap their big mouths with nothing to say it comes with the territory for every 100 people that are asleep one will hear you and that's good enough. There's more and more awake every minute.

  • Thank today I. The morning (pray to god every day) I prayed if I shall stay in my place as a child and not learn about this or either or learn about this I asked for a sign I think you're my sign thank you very much and God bless you. @alienbeauty

  • This morning* sorry. @alienbeauty

  • How did you learn all this information. @alienbeauty

  • @itsme_savvy god always answers when you ask he will guide you like he has guided me. I have been studying all religions and esoteric material the occult since I was 13 I'm 28 now. God has guided me little by little it's like putting together pieces of a puzzle after a while you begin to see the clear picture. I would stumble upon subject matter and then see it everywhere I would do research which led me further and further as well as listening to my spiritual guides pointing me in the right direction. I also started really young I knew that the world was not what it seemed. It will take time but you are on a righteous path and God is with you and hears you he will take your hand and guide you towards the truth. Everything happens for a reason !

  • Thank very much ♥♥♥♥ @alienbeauty

  • 21st june 2013, dublin... cant wate woohoo.... :-D

  • 💖💖

  • Isis queeen of egypt

  • ♥♥♥♥

  • @monaabdulkadirx well they are on the top of the illuminati puppets the real illuminati is a small group of families that control the world and get their orders from other dimensional demonic beings. Rhianna and Jay Z are not in those families but are used by them as a tool to sell souls and acquire more souls for lucifer. They brainwash the masses through their music and videos. And every year there seems to be the new illuminati puppet princess last year was lady gaga but yes there is a higherarchey system of these illuminati puppets the best way to kind of tell is by seeing who makes the most money because the only way to be on top in the Hollywood entertainment business is to sell your soul to lucifer and give a blood sacrifice

  • @monaabdulkadirx it's a sad truth especially was for me someone who loved music being a singer and then finding out the horrible truth I how this world is really run and by whom. And there are these desperate fame whores who will do anything for money and fame even if it means sacrificing their own family members. These people are fucking sick fucks and will burn in hell for eternity don't worry about that. The most important thing is to be aware and awake to their tricks then you won't fall under their spell like so many already have ! And I feel bad for their fans because they are clueless as to what these artists are all about. Another thing is to even be allowed to take this blood oath and allowed into this knowledge and group of puppets you must be a satanic witch so all these fucking bitches are already witches every female and male bust be well educated in the occult. To be part of the real illuminati there's only one way you must be born into it. It's a bloodline they are called the bluebloods it's families like the Rothchilds the Rockefellers the Collins and you can do research to find out the rest. There are 13 illuminati bloodline families and they are hybrids of the demonic entities from other dimensions that's the only way these entities can have access to control this reality is through half human half reptilian hybrids like these families are. That's why no one can join the true illuminati the entertainers and politicians of the world an others on the highest places are just puppets that are controlled by their puppet masters from the shadows. They never like to expose themselves. And the illuminati always use symbols to speak to the public that's why you see their signs in these artists videos in commercials in movies they put them in plain sight to subconsciously brainwash you. But once you know how to identify them they will never work on you again.

  • Lmao.people will believe anything.

  • Do it Riri

  • #killuminati we are the resistance ! @monaabdulkadirx

  • Aaa fregna rara

  • Are you the real Rihanna

  • Россия от тебя в восторге!))))))))))

  • I'm pissy I can't come if I make ANTM. Yoooou haaaave to visit the house if you're in the area mid feb-march. I'm speaking it into existence excuse my vibe lol

  • This is so creative and badass! Can't wait for your tour @badgalriri 👍🚬💨💨💨and blow down on some chron

  • I saw this picture without all the writing. And it was amazing....

  • bought that song off itunes 15 min ago , listened to it 20times

  • can't wait to see you again in oslo @badgalriri loooove you <3

  • Asap Rocky = Bite off Aesop Rock. Fuck asap rocky

  • U are so slack rihanna

  • This album is on repeat!

  • oc119 4y ago

    @badgalriri. Pour it up, pour it up.... get em baby

  • Inappropriate pictures....

  • Omg😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Bitch

  • Loveeezzezeee

  • but the Italian dates of the tour?

  • im going in may

  • cant wait

  • venuct 4y ago

    Amo esa cadena y el tatuaje ! Ven a Venezuela 😔 we love u Riri !!

  • Absolutely love Get it Over With @badgalriri

  • @adashrod I like where her tattoo is

  • Tru indeed, were u trynna get something right there...

  • R u coming to singapore????

  • amenb 4y ago

    If Isis was around today I bet u she wud have a tattoo of Rihanna

  • Can I get a s/o

  • Lady gaga had a pic like this

  • Im going to one of your shows on your world tour, i cannot wait!! #cantwait

  • @skupnik to co ? Robimy :D ale w tym miejscu tez planuje

  • Bad azz tatt riri!

  • Ewe

  • Saggy boobs lol

  • Your a good singer

  • Diamonds.

  • I have my copy!!

  • Nice tato

  • @badgalriri can't wait til see you in concert in Philly, 🎶👏💋💎

  • @badgalriri 😚💨in AC miss. #tntrudebwoy

  • Sooo sexy

  • 777:)

  • sexy..

  • Diamonds World Tour in Brazil, there is a possibility? @badgalriri

  • hrzww 4y ago

    @alienbeauty the truth , I see it too.

  • I see your boy Chris is fuckin up again!! U should let me take u out!

  • @immanuel_yeti then you're a very perceptive person keep looking and opening your eyes wide the truth will come to you brother !

  • Bad ass

  • @badgalriri in love with your tattoo!

  • Yes you are going to be @revelresorts on 4/26 my birthday ! 💟💟💟

  • Bad bitch

  • @badgalriri i will come to ur concert in istanbul turkey 30 may i will be in diamondring heyy ım so excited

  • Your tattoo ☺☺

  • U are soo ugly when u post half naked pictures of u can't u put some damn cloths on

  • Hahahahahahha you look ugly as fuck!

  • If ya don't like it , don't look at it ,, haters

  • You're such an ugly insecure bitch! Hahahah unfollowing that dude becuase they post a beautiful drawing of karrueche! Hahaha wow jealous much? Insecure ugly bitch thats why your ugly wrinkly granny died haha

  • Your ugly granny deserved to die

  • Why cant u be next to do die? Ugly big forehead big manly feet pimple face hoeees

  • You have ugly pimples like your ugly dirty smelly granny lmfao

  • Herpes bitch

  • Tell ugly monkey #mforde11 to get a real job and quit following you like a lost puppy lmfao ugly crackhead hoes . Gorillas

  • @mforde11 you and rihoe just die alreadt! Ugly monkeys ! You guys look like crackhead cheap whores! Rihoes ugly grandma thank god she died hahaha you hoes should be next

  • Your ugly monkey face looks sweaty here ew hahahahaha

  • kaemics u should die!! Motherfucker bitch watch out what u talking! U r closer to a gorilla then her, take a look in the mirror!

  • Satanist.

  • @badgalriri I know your giving out concert tickets on FB and radio station be giving some out too but I have had no luck! How can I win some, I'm dying to go to one of your concerts!! 😔Staple center 😘 please let me know.!!

  • best concert ever. 😍😍

  • @kaemics Bitch Die In Your Sleep

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwww

  • See u in the CHI this Fri

  • Yuck yuck yuck

  • @badgalriri can't wait, Auckland NZ is waiting for you, crazy fanz here, got VIP tickets for me and Huby ! Both loooove you! Big fanz ! Diamond song is why we want to watch you Live, we finalise our baby's name two weeks before we lost him 'Dymond' #teamdymond #dymondcruise #dymondwear #dymondcouture #coming #soon...

  • Wats ur nu number

  • Why do u smoke?

  • @glamourgirlboudoir this one raps around her neck n body

  • We can either find it or make it @fashionslave86 it aint a problem 😉

  • Lol I hear that Glam girls @glamourgirlboudoir

  • I drew this image on my iPad for you @badgalriri I hope you like it, fucking love you.

  • Lol got ASAP over the titt..

  • Love you

  • When you're in Sydney I Wanna do that do on you xoxo

  • When you're in Sydney I Wanna do Tattoo on you xoxo

  • @serenaferreira__ @lowis_ I can't wait 😊

  • @atha__ i know :)

  • best album of 2012 and all your other albums of the other years lol

  • Can I have you

  • I have

  • Queen Rih! RatedR, Talk That Talk and Unapologetic are my best albums! You are a Queen! There's no other like you! King Robz

  • Freak ass have respect for your self u slut bitch @badgalriri

  • U need a fun sex?? U are symbolic of sexs

  • | | £ ГГ

  • @rheannonhickey why asap stop?

  • Unapologetic

  • I cant believe that you be in Israel and its over 😭😭😍😍

  • @cowalie regarde son tattoo ^^

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