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New arrival in #foruchizu this week! Pastel pink puffy sleeve top ☺ Go get before it runs out! (Comes in black too)

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【Life Hack!】For those who like using butter in cooking or for baking, don't you hate to wash the greasy knife (and sometimes fingers) after slicing a block butter?

By using an extra item you have in the kitchen, you can now cut your butter, completely grease-free!! I learnt this cooking hack from Japanese TV and I use it to cut butter every time. Watch to find out!

Let me know if you find this useful 😋
#LoveisintheAirFit! I was at MamyPoko's event at JEM earlier which was popularly welcomed by Singaporean mommies! I have talked to many mommies about their diaper concerns, and I realized that we all experience the same kinds of struggle, especially leakage and diaper rash. One mommy told me that she wanted to try MamyPoko Air Fit because the current diaper she is using keeps exploding! I told her that I had the same problem when Junya was a newborn. How we wished we knew better earlier. I hope that all the mommies who faced the same diaper issues as me can feel relaxed now that we have faith thanks to made in Japan MamyPoko and its long established reputation and popularity. For me I'm loving its super absorbency (we can go out a whole day long!) and superior air flow (no more nappy rash!). ^^
Today's #lazymamacookinghack is rice pot dish again! Takikomigohan angmoh style 😬 - Butter rice with Hokkaido corn and sausage. 7 types of vegetables: carrot, onion, corn, piman in rice, and cabbage, tomato, potato in soup.

1. Dice carrot, piman, onion, sausage, and Hokkaido corn (canned). Add to rice in rice pot.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of chicken stock (for every cup of rice) and a block of butter.
3. Press button.

That's all!

Side dish:
1. Minestrone soup from a pack - just pour out 😅. 2. Chicken Katsu tapao'ed from Teppei. Microwave and squeeze mayo on top.

3. 🍓. Share with me if you have any One Pot Wonder hack. We all need it for a busy day (or every day 😬). #cheesiemade
We had so much fun last weekend at @westgatesg's Westgate Wonderland Halloween Party! 🎃 👻 There were lots of thrilling activities for the kids including interactive game stations, felt bag decoration workshop, best dressed contest and many more! Find out from my latest blog post:!

Yesterday's #lazymamacookinghack - my favorite One Pot Wonder, 一锅熟Takikomigohan again, instant miso soup and 🍓. Only a quick fry and one button press - 7 types of vegetables (hijiki, carrot, bamboo shoot, broccoli, edamame in rice, eggplant and negi in miso soup) and 2 types of protein (pork and fried beancurd)in one meal!
1. Fry thin-sliced pork (I use fatty pork belly for super umami!) with sesame oil until half cooked.
2. Add hijiki (pre-soaked in water for 5mins), chopped carrot, bamboo shoot (packed), unused broccoli stem from previous meal and fry together. If you don't like eating the stem but throwing away is quite a waste, you can cook it this way!
3. Add shoyu, mirin, sake and salt or dashi powder if you prefer a more flavorful taste.
4. Pour ingredients on top of rice in rice cooker (don't mix).
5. Cook rice.
6. Serve and add edamame (from frozen).
7. Pour hot water over miso soup and serve.
I hardly check my private messages on IG, if you have any questions please leave a comment here instead of DMing me! 😊

What will I do without my Ergo? For the past 3 years until today, it has been my best friend who keeps my baby(ies) close to me, help them sleep, even bring them with me everywhere around the world! I can do anything #inmyergo! Tomorrow, there will be an event at Happikiddo @cittamall from 2:30-5pm. There will be expert tips from Malaysian babywearers, photo challenge and demo. There will also be RM200 worth of goodie bags for each participant (first come first served), and 20% discount of Ergobaby products, don't miss it out!! RSVP now! (Swipe for details)!
A short video of our experience at @balizoo! I was so touched to see the lioness caressing her little cubs despite them being constantly cheeky and annoying... it reminds me of myself and @cheesiepetit... Humans or animals, the maternal instinct is the same. 🦁After the zoo keeper sent over the lioness her snack (chicken thigh!), we thought she would just eat it all up herself, but apparently she chewed to break the tasty treat into small pieces for her babies to eat with ease. 😭😭😭. It's like us blending purée for our crawlers. Omg #pokemom ok!!! #sacrificeofamother
【Swipe for recipe】Today's #lazymamacookinghack: Garlic Butter Salmon Rice, Daikon Steak, Ebi Mayo Broccoli and Hokkaido Melon. 🍈
1.Garlic Butter Salmon Rice - mix a spoon of barley (optional), add water, 1 tablespoon of shoyu, sake, butter, and minced garlic (I use granules, super convenient), and sliced salmon to rice in rice cooker, cook as usual. It's ready in 1 hour! Garnish with Shiso leaves.
2. Daikon Steak - slice daikon, stab it all over with a fork, add a pinch of rice (important! It will bring out the sweetness of daikon), add water and microwave for 6 minutes in a heat-safe container . Pat it dry and coat it lightly with flour, and pan-fry in olive oil. Add Yakiniku sauce before turning the heat off. Super yummy!
3. Ebi Mayo Broccoli - simply fry shrimps and broccoli (microwaved for 40 seconds) with mayo or if you like, mentaiko mayo.
4. Hokkaido Melon - cut and enjoy hehehe.🍈
Salmon is a staple in our home but the kids didn't really like the chunky/dry texture of it so cooking it together with rice makes it super easy to eat!
Sakura and I.🐨 Today she turns 17 months old! New monthly update blog post up - Sakura adjusting to preschool life.🍼🎒 Read:

#balizoo #kangaroobaby #mamaandbaby
We survived the long weekend. 😷🤧🤕😵If there's anyone in this world who is really, REALLY looking forward to Monday - ME. ✋🏻
Tomorrow I'll have the school handle the mess. Thanks. 👋🏻 #thankgoodnessforschool #pokemomNo #yayweekday
PS: I can't believe there was only one other post with the hashtag #yayweekday, while #yayweekend has 14000. NO OTHER MOTHER FEELS THE SAME HERE?!
Lunch today is soymilk udon, a favorite repeat at home which I think is super simple and healthy.

1. Dice chicken fillet (optional: marinate overnight with 塩麹shiokoji), coat it lightly with corn starch.
2. Boil 300ml water in a pot with a pack of dashi (or you can use chicken stock) with chopped negi (leek). Add chicken slices.
3. Remove dashi pack once chicken is cooked and turn to low heat then add 300ml of soy milk without reaching boiling point (to keep the texture smooth and milky). Serve with udon, fresh negi, sesame seed and blanched beansprout. I add 辣油 (chili oil) for adult version.
#lazymamacookinghack #豆乳うどん
A day like this, just cheat as much as you can. Today's #lazymamacookinghack dinner: 6 types of vegetables in one meal!
1. Takikomigohan - just throw cut vegetables (broccoli, eringi mushroom, bamboo shoot) and diced chicken into the rice cooker and cook together with rice, dashi and shoyu. 45 minutes later you have a meal!!!
2. Simmered daikon ankake with asari- just cook daikon with clams (canned) with dashi, add corn starch and green peas at the end.
3. Hijiki and soy bean side dish: from an instant pack I got from Meidiya for $2 (nearing expiry date).
In case you are wondering if Sakura can finish that much food, that's for her oniichan hehe.
When your husband is out of the country, and it's a school's off day so you are alone with two young kids at home, and you are down with flu... 😷. Days like this I really think that I need to feel more thankful. At least we are not homeless. At least I'm the one who is sick not the kids. At least we will all soon be better. And at least today, I still have my bionic helpers - Shimajiro and snacks. 🐯🍿 #pokemomdown #whenmommyissick
My #pokeSon hahaha.
Just when I thought I am finally out of this parenthood jail, the past few days had been really challenging, having the danna out of the country then having Sakura adjust to her new schedule and Junya sobbing quietly in class because he saw me over in Sakura's class and wondering why I couldn't go to his 😭😭😭.
Housework also piled up like mad. Today he helped me with folding simple laundry. ^^ I'm really really thankful😭😭😭... #momoftwo #parentinglife
Tomorrow I'll be sending both @cheesiepetit to school. I can't say that I haven't been excitedly waiting for this day to come. 8 hours of uninterrupted freedom, 5 days a week, it sounds like a dream after 3 whole years of being surrounded by incessantly demanding koala(s). First, I'll call in for a luxurious massage.

#虫出浆糊 #WormOutGlue
Love this picture so much that it's gone into my blog slider. ☕️ #teaser #tokyometroXCheeserland #cheesieintokyo
New blog post: daily make up VS glam make up in the simplest steps ever!! (I know how having 5 mins to even touch your own face is already a luxury for busy mommies!) The make up products I used are all from @three_singapore!

Read: (link in bio)
Look at the both of them!! Same pose 😂✌🏻👆🏻
One last work project then I'm back with writing about our summer trip to Nagasaki, Aomori and Hakodate!! ^^ #ilovejapan #travelwithcheesiepetit #47prefecturemission
I'm calling all my cult members to join my #47PrefectureMission. 🗾Who's in?✋🏻 .
I've done 28 now (Aichi, Aomori, Chiba, Ehime, Fukuoka, Fukushima, Gunma, Hiroshima, Hokkaido, Hyogo, Ibaraki, Iwate, Kagoshima, Kanagawa, Kumamoto, Kyoto, Mie, Miyagi, Nagano, Nagasaki, Nara, Niigata, Okinawa, Osaka, Saga, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Tokyo). How about you?

#ilovejapan #cheesieinjapan