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  Posted: Nov 9, 2010 6:48 PM FEED
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nlw 3M ago
Farm girl, farm girl. What will you wish for on that full moon?
nlw 8M ago
Late afternoon light finds a perfect beauty of a target at the close of our Partnered offsite in Gualala!
nlw 10M ago
That is one beautiful Christmas joy. And the tree's pretty nice too.
nlw 11M ago
When a dog reveals its true soul....because there is uneaten roast beef on the table. #donniedarko #pitbullsofWEDIETONIGHT
nlw 1y ago
If you've ever wondered how we crush the holidays so hard....its practice. #firstTurkeyDinner
nlw 1y ago
Step 1: recruit supermodel to trade down and spend her life with you. Step 2: give her La Croix with a shot of cherry vodka and take her to a remote private beach in Mendocino County. Step 3: profit/have the best life. 3 years since our first date and the world just keeps getting brighter. Love you @jessiepray
nlw 1y ago
Could not be happier to be home with these nuggets after too many work days in Hotlanta
nlw 1y ago
This is the face of the most remarkable woman I've ever met. Tonight, a week before her actually birthday...dozens of people met just to make sure she knew how unique special amazing she was. I can't believe I have the chance to give her all the love forever. @jessiepray I love you, and I am the luckiest.
Ps @parkerthelabradoodle we love you
nlw 1y ago
Crazy good days at Partnered got us all like...
nlw 1y ago
Rainbow over the Mission and a cute view in the window.
nlw 1y ago
Jus another Friday watchin this babe close deals and take names.