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This year's Advent is the Main Event.

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I'm so thrilled on such a personal, sisterhood level to announce that @brenebrown will be the closing Keynote at @mom2summit TEN next May in California. Brené spoke at the very first Mom 2.0 Summit and has been there for me even longer, for so many celebrations and struggles and life events that I can no longer count. Her new book just debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List, and it is my favorite so far for so many reasons... it's personal, practical, exceptional. I'm excited to celebrate with her and honored to call her my friend. Go Brené! (Also read her new book, #BravingtheWilderness. For real.)
Today's #instaphoto challenge is #community. The prize? GIANT! ... Your hotel stay at @langhampasadena. So this challenge is for those who are planning to attend Mom 2.018. Show us your community pics, and tag them #community #mom2summit so we can find you. Good luck!
It's Wednesday, so naturally the Mom 2.0 TEN Insta challenge theme is #womancrushwednesday! Just looking back through my photos over last summer, I feel really lucky to have all these cool, smart, outstanding women in my life...and thankful for how many great experiences and memories they create. This whole 10 year celebration is fueled by them. And I'm so grateful. #wcw #mom2summit
Mom 2.0 TEN Insta Challenge, Day 5. The theme: Connection, because that's one of our favorite things, and one of the main goals of @mom2summit. Today's prize: a ticket to Mom 2.018! Tag your #connection photos #mom2summit so we can find you.
This is STILL what the closest Target to me looks like on aisles that normally carry toiletries, pillows, diapers and other needed items. Because people are beautiful. Thank you @mom2summit community for giving so generously and directly to those who need it most. ❤️ #service #mom2summit If you want to give and help today you can do that directly here: (Link is also in profile).
Im totally stressed about Florida so I'm organizing everything today. Including music. Related: #weekendvibes is the theme for today's Mom 2 TEN #instaphoto challenge. Tag your weekend photos with #mom2summit so we can find them. Today's prize is an amazing @crosleyradio turntable! We can't wait to see what your weekend looks (and sounds) like. 🎼🎤🎼
Pokémon party. Pokémon has been big in our house since this 6th grader was in Kindergarten. I keep thinking it's going to go away, but it just keeps coming back stronger. #social #party #mom2summit
Thank you @mom2summit Army for donating to the Giving Hub in Houston which matches needs and delivers directly to those in just hours, sometimes minutes! This incredible Hub was created by two friends, awesome women, both moms, who wanted to make a difference. Hats off to @aimeewoodall & @valencarla. Link in profile to give and help today. This is a marathon. #harvey2017 #community #mom2summit
We've been working all week with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to sort & deliver needed supplies across Texas. Link in profile to give and help today. This is a marathon. #community #mom2summit
The worst is over for us in Austin and we're starting to clean up. But Houston is still in the thick of it. If you want to help from near or far, here's how:
Woke up in the middle of the night last night to 3 backyard trees being ripped up by the roots. Hurricane winds are not playing around. #hurricaneharvey #harvey
Two of the trees did fall on the house (the roof) but we are thinking (hoping) the damage is minimal. The roof is not leaking yet!