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Tree trimming in the dark is more fun.

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Our little lady was born a little over a month ago and we are crazy about her. ♥️Say hello to London Sibella!
Incredibly grateful to be raising these 2 and soon to be 3 girls! Thankful for my mom and all the amazing women full of incredible strength surrounding me to show me the way.
Farmer's Market leftovers... the rest has already been devoured, made into freezer jam or put into a smoothie! What should I do with that zucchini?
We are starting our search for the best local tacos. This new place is going to be hard to beat! So good.
Favorite library picks! What are you reading this summer?
Trying something new to us and making freezie smoothie pops!
Exquisite floor patterns at Vatican Museum - major highlight! #Rome #ihavethisthingwithfloors
Biking through Tuscan countryside ✨