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Helping me make a cuppa. Good Lord I am a sad case.

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I need another dog. What breed do you suggest?
What movie is this?
"Florals for Spring. Groundbreaking"
Today on the blog! Link in the bio and why Channel 9 has kicked their own goal xx
Whoever originally built our house had a fetish for crazy paving.
This months colour is called Old Menstral Discharge #freshnails
Isobel Barbara spent the afternoon with her best friend Miley, a dingo cross. And now she is DONE! #dogsofinstagram
Episode 6 of @thehotflush is live! Listening to it will make you feel so much better about yourself.
Son tidied his room. That is all.
Dining with the human hoovers.
Talking parenting on the blog today. Link in the bio xx
Isobel Barbara turns 2 this month. She was named after a reader turned mate @barbfisher and her daughter Isobel. Every day (apart from that first night) has been a joy.
Saving for canine braces and cattitude anger management classes. Oh who am I kidding! I love you both. Just the way you are.
No beer and skittles on the blog today. We are talking about sexual harassment. Link in the bio.
Today on the blog we are talking about negative self talk and what you can do about it. Link in the bio xx
Hey @allconsuming Look what I found at Dog Shit Corner! #reddygo