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  Posted: Nov 24, 2012 1:16 AM FEED
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Little five year old. You already seem sooo much older than 4. Must you grow my baby? I love the way you embrace the world, talk to everyone - like literally absolutely everyone - how curious you are and how much you love to learn. You are a scavenger and have a sweet tooth - you always find mammas chocolate stash (which I secretly always intend to share with you). You're the sweetest sister and a mammas best friend. Stay young little one, even as you grow. And always always dance. 💃 | favorite Bonjour Diary birthday shirt from @littlefrenchheartstore (i'm dying to go here in person next time I'm in Paris!)
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 10:21 PM
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We brought out Milla's mermaid birthday puppets to entertain the kids today during fall break. I've been working on the party pack for these but with so much to juggle I haven't finished it all yet. But soon! (if you can't wait for me to officially release with all the pretty pictures just DM me and I can get it to you sooner). We're going to decorate some of these with leaves just like our nature fairies - can't wait! #merillustration #mersmermaids
Autumn light 🍂is my favorite
It's fun to be clever with Halloween costumes but I find that I'm also always a fan of the simple and classic kids costumes such as a clown and a witch. Add a super tall hat to make it a bit unexpected and the look feels fresh. Really there are so many ways to do a clown and witchy! I would have fun doing a new version every year! (DIY in last years @betterhomesandgardens Halloween edition). #mermaghalloween
GIVEAWAY CLOSED: congrats! @yourfriendsarahg

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I'm going through all our past Halloween photos and am working with @chatbooks to put together themed books for each year. This llama costume made from cardboard is still a fond favorite of ours. Do you have a favorite #mermaghalloween costume or craft?
Can't wait to share how the books turn out! We also have a few new costumes to share with you this season soon. #mermagcardboard
Have you seen the dolls I designed exclusively for @thelandofnod?!! So exciting. This princess crown doll, Elodie, is a favorite. Seeing each one in person for the first time is such a treat! See more in stories. 💙#mermagdolls
Felt like one of the last warm days of the season today. Trying to transition this one into sweaters and tights is proving to be a challenge. 😱 🤔 barefoot and breezy dresses is about all she'll go for. Can't say I blame her. #thebanisterhouse (blog story on the diy boats up on btw)
Posted: Sep 29, 2017 9:51 PM
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Happy Friday friends! This little one has a birthday this weekend. 😱 She tells me what she's going to do with her OWN house when she grows up all the time. If you need a fun and simple craft for your budding interior designer this weekend check out our doll house books made with @astrobrights paper. So much fun to fill up. Link in profile. #mermaghouses
Cozy fall/winter doll designs coming soon. And one of my new favorite friends, Freja, that I can't wait to introduce you to! #mermagdolls
Posted: Sep 27, 2017 8:11 PM
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She's been Amelia Jane 'Goodall' all morning thanks to @bravery_mag. (Her full name is Amelia Jane Liddiard - we call her Milla for short if you're wondering 😉). She's loved every bit of this new kids magazine which spotlights amazing brave women in each issue. We've been making chimp calls, exploring our backyard and drawing our findings. She now has Jane Goodall on the list of preferred Halloween costumes. See more in stories as well today. #thebanisterhouse
Posted: Sep 26, 2017 4:21 AM
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"It wasn't that she hated Monday's entirely, it was just better to get the start of things back behind her. It was Tuesday mornings momentum that she preferred and breathed in fully - propelling her paths in the week ahead." #littlebitsbymer #merillustration
Posted: Sep 25, 2017 2:45 AM
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Going through old photos trying to make a few photo journals (which I've never done before! So many unprinted photos 😬. About time I got started eh? Who do you guys like to use?). Anyway this babe is turning 5 next week. My baby is turning 5!!! How is time so careless? | photo from when we made floral foam stamps. #mermagstamps
Posted: Sep 19, 2017 5:14 PM
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Enjoying a rainy and moody morning today at #thebanisterhouse. #mermagwings
We recently made house notebooks from @astrobrights pretty papers (loving their blues 💙) and donned our interior decorating hats by adding magazine furniture cutouts inside. Milla loved styling her rooms and adding her own extra touches with pen. See how to make your own on the blog today. Link in profile #mermagpapercrafts #mermaghouses
I always find that September is a great time to go back over my New Years goals and see where I'm at, assess and then most likely create new ones depending on how things are going. Seems to fit with the spirit of learning with kids going back to school. I've been doing a lot of reading and am taking a biz class of sorts and something that stood out to me was that successful biz owners Think Big but Start Small. Sounds simple enough right? But it can be tricky, putting some of those BIG ideas on the back burner. (It's so hard for me!) I think this principle applies to all aspects of our lives -not just biz. I'm finding it helpful with parenting, creativity, general health goals and everything really. I feel like sometimes I have so many branches of growth sprouting up in my life and growing at different speeds - it can def be hard to attend to all of them, giving them the care that they need. But I'm trying to step back and assess the essentials and choose what needs most care. (Which can be hard to decipher some times!). Have you read Essentialism by Greg McKeoen? I so appreciate the advice to start early and small on your big ideas. Finding minimal ways to work on bigs goals right now and each day. I have such big goals I can feel overwhelmed at times. Goals for my house, my family, my marriage, my career, my health etc. To beat burnout I'm learning I can do something small for each of these each day. What about you? Do you find this to be true? How do you "create a routine that enshrines the essential?" As McKeoen suggests. Any experiences you can share? (print up in my shop for those interested) #merillustration
Kit, the Kitty Cat Girl loves autumn, dress up, full moons and apple cider. She will paw and purrr her way into your heat (miss Milla is insisting that I make her one for her birthday oct. 1) and is great and playing hide and seek - especially at dusk.
Kit is 18" tall (smaller than life size doll friends), has a kitty tail and removable black mask and ruffle collar sourced in Paris. Her body is made of black linen and her hair and ears from soft faux suede. She is hand sewn with a hand painted face. Available now in @merrileeliddiardshop
New shoes and knee socks for a new preschooler. We love these @mrugala. She asked me every day if it's time to go to school. She can't get enough!
Posted: Sep 9, 2017 2:35 AM
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I'm wanting to take our little sail boats out again this weekend to enjoy this warm Sept. weather before things get chilly. | boat DIY a few posts back. #mermag
Your little star might just be starting school but raise your hand if you've been mulling over ideas for their Halloween costume since March? 🙋🏻 OK it's probably no surprise that Halloween is a pretty big deal in our house. But like you we don't have a lot of time to devote to elaborate costume making so we usually end up doing things last minute. Which is why we keep it simple and also why I am so excited to start working on this year's Halloween costume ideas now. To give you some great easy ideas to pull from using what you most likely have lying around the house. What are some costume ideas your little ones have requested or that you've got bouncing around in your head? Maybe we can help you out! Milla has already requested a mermaid, Ella the elephant, and a cowgirl. #mermaghalloween | ⭐️ star costume I made last year from cardboard, glitter and led twinkle lights for the @betterhomesandgardens Halloween issue. Photo by @nicolegerulat