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When friends go to Ireland and bring you back the good stuff.
I hosted a Neighborhood Soup Exchange tonight, which is exactly the motivation I needed to finally paint the kitchen. I was up until 2 am doing it, but it was so worth it. ❤️😴
There is nothing about rainbow mozzarella sticks that doesn't scream "good times are happening here." 😍
Happy Friday! Be the reason someone smiles today.
So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. Jorge Luis Borges
When there is a choice of an upper or lower level of a bridge, always go with upper. Always. (No vehicles were moving during the taking of this photo).
Glazed Apple Bars. Pretty much one of the best reasons to go apple picking. 🍎
There is something quite magical about seeing your kid do something they love. For Madeline, it's cheer. This summer, we waded into the world of competition cheer, while still doing town cheer. And that means a minimum of three practices a week with a fourth day for a game or competition. From July until March. I told her we would try it for a year and it would either be too much and do us in, or she would love it so much, it wouldn't matter. Guess what the answer is? 🏈
Donuts don't fix everything, but they sure help.
I don't know why it took me so long to discover the VNA Rummage Sale when it's been going on, for like, forever, but thank god I finally did! We were seriously sweating buckets by the time we left, but so many great finds today, it was totally worth it.
If I wasn't a mom, most of my meals would consist of "picky food," or finger food like this. Which is kind of my favorite.
Made up holidays are my favorite. So are eighty-nine cent tacos when I'm rushing to Back to School Night. Happy National Taco Day!
Beef Bulgogi. On the table in thirty minutes (hello sports night!), and kid-approved. 🍴
An old friend, Kishori, taught me the deliciousness of salted radishes on a lightly buttered biscuit. You know what's better than that? Salted radishes on a lightly buttered biscuit with New York Vintage Cheddar. Sometimes when the world feels so lost, and scary, and broken, you can find a moment of comfort in something you know ... and feeding others is my go-to. Comfort from within.
There are some definite perks to volunteering at a food truck festival. This is one of them (tater tots covered with melted white Cheddar and crispy bacon bits).
This afternoon we got to visit the Aging Cave at Valley Shepherd Creamery, which is pretty much like getting to see a unicorn. Their Melter Skelter is worth the visit alone.
Recognize this fella? I haven't had a bite of Carvel's #FudgietheWhale since grade school 😱- I need to change that! Did you know that September has the most amount of birthdays as compared to all the other months? Both my ex-husband and Dad celebrate in this month! And did you also know that 50% of your co-workers just go to office birthday parties for the food? Well if it's a @carvelicecream cake, can you blame them? Sadly 25% of employees have their birthdays forgotten by co-workers. 😰I am ALWAYS up for celebrating someone's birthday, especially if it includes Fudgie the Whale or another cake with that crispy cookie center. I mean, really, this is a statistic we can easily fix. More Carvel cakes for everyone!
Celebrating #NationalCoffeeDay with a free drink. Because the more caffeine, the better.
Fall is for Apple Cider donuts and apple picking with friends. 🍎