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megacooke 310w ago
Today I made a birthday card for my flatmate out of muesli... everything I know to @siancooke

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🌋MT BATUR🌋 Got up at 1:30 this morning to trek up a Volcano. After trekking through jungle in complete darkness for 30 minutes and being convinced I was going to be killed by a snake, being accompanied by 3 dogs all the way to the top whom I presumed were probably rabid, and being able to see Mt Agung (the volcano expected to erupt soon), we finally got to the top to see some pretty spectacular views.
Played the classic tourist and released some baby turtles into the ocean yesterday. Was feeling pretty good about life until the Instructor shouted "how many baby turtles survive out of 1000" and we had to shout back "ONE" several times. "That's nature" he replied...our turtles, Dwayne & Terry, raced straight for the ocean so I think they'll be okay. I'm not surprised though; they've got praying parents and a strong friendship. You can't do life alone 🤷‍♀️
Visited a Coffee plantation yesterday. There is a type of coffee in this world where the coffee bean is eaten by a Mongoose, comes out the other end of a Mongoose, is cleaned and then used to make coffee which costs £22/bag. We passed, but I saw about 6 hipsters also walking around the plantation who are likely to have bought it. 🤷‍♀️
Lovely time with this lot today. Reminded of how Dad inspired a desire in me to go to South-East Asia when I was very young and I finally get to go tomorrow ❤️
What a gorgeous day at the Petts' Wedding yesterday! So proud of @sampettslad & @fionahay88. And real glad we brought our matching his 'n hers fuffy party hats.
It's still technically caramel week so these are still appropriate. Malteser Millionaire's Shortbread with a malted milk base using @marthacollison recipe.
Happy 4yrs to my favourite human in the world. You make my life infinitely better. It only feels like last week I was wishing you a happy 2 years so we'd better keep living life to the full before we're 80 yrs old and keep forgetting each other's names 👵🏻👴🏼
Tonight we said farewell to beautiful @bronwynwbutler. She has made a genuine difference to the lives of people in our campus and has been an amazing friend to @joshaaroncooke and I. NYC is getting an absolute gem - she's got grit, fire & determination coupled with a beautiful personality that's going to continue to impact those she comes into contact with. I will miss the early morning breakfasts at 200 degrees but am confident that at some point in the future we will be having coffee and poring over the amazing things God has done (whichever city that's in!). Love you, Bron!
Crazy Aunt Post: Waiting for the ferry and reflecting on the best few days with this little champ and his amazing parents. I think Ziah is the best person I know and @sianvermaut and @gvermaut are bossing parenthood like no other. I'm so grateful for family who are also best friends. It's pretty cool to be having life-giving, vision-fuelled conversations one minute and eating pastries and napping the next (missed you @karincooke1 @chriscooke1 @ffioncooke). Can't wait for Christmas. Now excuse me whilst I take up permanent residence in the gym to undo some waffle/pastry/speculoos-induced damage.
Having the best time with these guys. Ziah's 3 weeks old today so naturally we ate waffles and cake in his honour. Heart full ❤️
Don't interrupt me my life is perfect right now ❤️
I am real proud of these champs. They just keep going, keep overcoming and keep getting better. (And yes, the street light coming into our apartment really is that bright)
Still thinking about those Salted Pretzel & Chocolate Chunk cookies 🙊