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  Posted: Nov 7, 2011 10:23 AM
53 Earlybird
Bunja demonstrating one of his classic attention seeking behaviours. While I tutor students, he will often get onto the table from my lap and sit or lay right on the student's book. I bet this behaviour would not be as charming if he wasn't only 2kg!
  • @krisbsix aww. Good night

  • 😳That's hilarious😌 hahaha cute funny adorable 👋😘 Bunja

  • wt100 6y ago

    분자야~~ 공부하고싶어??😍😍😍

  • Cutie

  • Bunja is super duper cute!! Seriously adorable

  • #dogsly moment!

  • Super so cute 

  • Super so cute 

  • wwys 6y ago

    bunja is so tiny

  • Haha! All attention on me mummy!!

  • Cute 🐶🐶🐶🐶

  • Awww sweet

  • Awwwwwwwww

  • UBER CUTE!!  check out my doggy pic(:

  • Of course Bunja is so much more important than books and academics! 😜

  • I bet your students adore him!!

  • Hey ppl need some cool followers:) its my First Day here and the Community is awesome:D

  • Actually, most were terrified of him at first. They must've had no experience with dogs, or maybe their parents told them dogs will bite. Anyway, he's slowly but surely melted all their hearts by doing things like this. They let him sit on their laps now and tell him he's the cutest and he LOVES it. @seoulmama

  • oolac 6y ago

    I want one

  • @krisbsix who wouldn't love that little face?

  • Cute! ^___^

  • So cute!!

  • Cute little Bunja!

  • So cute.... 

  • Yes!! Don't study books, study ME! @gkim1126 @poppysausage

  • Yeh, he thinks he's pretty special. My eyes nearly got stuck in the back of my head from rolling them so much during our walk tonight. 2 school girls were patting him and squealing and he LOVED it. I had to drag him away @sweetsugar37

  • Oh, charger! Oh well at least you know he's loyal to you! I think Bunja is unusually friendly for a small dog. He does hate older, loud Korean men tho and usually they r the ones I'm nervous around too. @sweetsugar37

  • Haha I've seen cats do that but never a dog. That's too cute!!!

  • You are so adorable Bunja! No wonder you have many fans!

  • Oh that little cutie! I like the attention tactics!! 😊 Rocky was unusually friendly until about 2 years old. Now he barks at everyone.

  • Haha really?! That's too cute!😍😍😘

  • Oh I wonder why he changed? Bunja barks at drunk people  @stephivore

  • @krisbsix - when my mom got a dog, I thought her dog would follow MY dogs good behavior while i was at work... Binstead my dog picked up her dogs bad behavior & started barking at every one & everything. He only barks, he turns in to a marshmallow if anything comes near him.

  • Aha! I see. Hanging out with the wrong crowd  @stephivore

  • My Maltese does the same thing!! She will even go as far as trying to steal my pencil from me.

  • Lol aww he just wants to keep up on his reading!

  • 31ja 6y ago

    Lol, my miniature schnauzer used to do this when he was younger...he weighed like 10lbs though! I had to keep moving him!

  • My two cats do that. When I'm doing paperwork or writing out important stuff they always seem to know and either take the pen out of my hand or sprawl out on top of the paper.

  • @krisbsix sooo cute! My little ones do this too! How do you prenounce his name? Is it like bunha where the j is prenounced like an h? Or is it actually prenounce bunJa

  • My yorkie used to do that while I was studying!!! they are so funny!!

  • Cutest dog ever 

  • katev7 6y ago

    I never knew bunja had a passion for drawing

  • Bunja is so cute:)

  • I love how he is smaller than the note book!

  • It's a normal "jay" sound  his name is Korean taken from bokbunja which is a kind of blackberry here. They make it into wine which I'm particularly fond of  @leesabella28

  • They certainly know the right way to get your attention! @jesslynn01

  • Ooooown ! I want !

  • She/he is 4 yrs old?? But so tiny!! I have a maltese myself too:)shes only 9 monthss

  • I  Bunja! He's 2 cute I saw him in Viddy lol

  • So cute! :p

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Winter Sunday! Fresh air, beautiful sunshine, no -20 degrees, no crowds. I could never have appreciated certain things in this life as much if I hadn't experienced a totally different one!
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