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Taking a break from filling out high school (!!!) applications to go on his first c25k run. :) #rfr5k
  • ((Hugs)) I know the feeling love.

  • So handsome.

  • Not exactly what you want to hear, but he looks old enough to be filing out college applications!!! I know this.. I have 17 AND 13 year old daughters. They grow up too fast. 😕

  • @thehappilyeverafter {{sobs}} waaaaay too fast. ❤

  • Hello handsome!! Keep an eye on him @bridget350 with that look and smile AND a Mom that bakes...

  • Isn't it insane? It blows my mind every time I think that my son will be learning to drive in 6 months!!

  • Sooo much paperwork, but what a dude! :-)

  • He's getting waaaaaay too big

  • Whoa. Wait a second. When did he decide to grow up? Holy cow.

  • Ohmygosh... This growing up kid thing is freaking me out

  • nobiggie 259w ago

    What a cutie!! HS?! Wow!

  • Oh my goodness!! Already!? I'm sure he will enjoy it though. He seems like such a nice person (like momma), and I'm sure his good looks will go over well with the young ladies. (Sorry momma!)

  • Haha @sweetopia_ I love your comment!

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