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You tell us... who won? #debate #vote #election2012
  • Romney for sure..

  • @laceandpearls sadly, that is not true. This election is crucial for both sides of the isle. Presidents have the power to place supreme court justices, who serve for their entire lives and make insanely important rulings (Roe v. Wade). I believe local elections are hugely important, but please do not underestimate the power or the highest office. You will be sorry.

  • Obama 💙

  • Romney! And, I like you, @laurenlightvoet !

  • Blame bush for dragging his dirty work on Obama... Obama has accomplished and come these next 4 years there with be a better change in growth

  • miss_june 260w ago


  • anaiisba 260w ago

    Bravo @micolina_!! I'm seriously afraid for this country. This Mitt character is phony, ridiculous, and the biggest flip flopper I have ever been exposed to. Nobody is perfect, Pres. Obama isn't perfect, but at least I know my rights aren't going to e jeopardized because of ones personal religious beliefs. If you want to be an elected official you leave those beliefs at home and your place of worship. You base your decisions on the common good of the country not just a select few.

  • pinklola_ 260w ago


  • @laurenlightvoet sorry babe number three is entirely wrong. All of his money is overseas to avoid being taxed. He's a greedy piece of shit. I'm middle class and probably paid more taxes than him last year due to the fact he scams our system. Don't respond cause I won't be - just had to set that record straight. It was too ridiculous not to

  • amieeconn 260w ago

    #Obama2012 ❤❤❤👍

  • micolina_ 260w ago

    @chelsgoesgreen 👍👍

  • @chelsgoesgreen hell yes thank you. Her comments couldn't have been more off... Sad that people voting have no idea what is even going on..

  • miss_june 260w ago

    they're blatant murderers, especially after tonight's "debate." seriously, when will people stop buying into the two party system? It's insanity to do same thing over and over again and expect different results. These war hawks make me sick.

  • @lukewooden you think Obama is telling the truth? He's saying exactly what he needs to say to get re-elected. Same as 2008.

  • mvelaskko 260w ago

    Lol either way we are all screwed. #leaveittoGod

  • rayprins 260w ago


  • @laurenlightvoet It nice to have educated commentary regardless of party affiliation! #RomneyRyan2012

  • @refinery29 me. Because I chose not to publicly express my opinions on either candidate because America still believes in private voting. Nobody should have the audacity to tell someone how wrong they are, if they want to vote a certain way, then let them. Live your life and change the world by your actions not by fighting or trying to "influence" others by calling them ignorant. I appreciate that Refinery29 has done a great job in staying in the middle ground and not expressing personal opinions through a company outlet.

  • mvelaskko 260w ago

    @refinery29 has started a war

  • @ohaijo As an avid viewer of both MSNBC and Fox, I have a very balanced influence (in case you didn't know, MSNBC is biased towards Democrats and Fox towards Republicans.) In regards to oil, Obama has drastically cut permits for drilling on public land in the US. On another note, since elected president, Obama has not once visited Israel, our only ally in the Middle East. My list can go on and on in regards to the awful job he's done as president, in addition to the fact that he hasn't specified his economic plan for the next 4 years (FYI, our GDP growth rate is decreasing every year) but it seems you are ignorant to these facts and sounds more like YOU are the one who has been listening to your 'democratic mother telling you this crap.' @morgan_johnson9233 ... 23 million Americans unemployed. Unemployment and underemployment 14.7% ... #romneyforpresident

  • vanessa_a 260w ago

    @chelsgoesgreen 👏 Hurrah for educated voters like you!

  • Ha! Ridiculous! Did you forget about Bush?

  • #Romney2012 wake up people and stop relying on the media to think for you #saveourcountry #realchange

  • emmylouu 260w ago

    @laurenlightvoet was your top 10 list of reasons supposed to make me want to vote for Romney? Wouldn't put you (or any of the other Romney supporters in this thread, for that matter) as president of the Romney street team. Shouldn't surprise me that Romney's supporters area as one dimensional and lacking the capability of open minded thinking as he is.

  • emmylouu 260w ago

    @chelsgoesgreen @juliaperezzz I tip my hat to you well spoken ladies! 👏

  • I honestly respect everyone's opinion. I didn't mean to piss certain people off. Isn't this why we love America?! I'm entitled to my opinion and so are you. Xoxo let's not get mean✌❤🇺🇸

  • @djmos Just so you know, the federal government would never have the power to make abortion illegal, unless they made an amendment to the Constitution, which requires congressional approval. While Romney's personal beliefs are pro-life, his focus in this election is on the economy. Just so you know, when running in the primaries to win the Republican nomination, candidates have no choice but to staunchly be pro-life. Sadly, it is a matter of fact in the political world. The ONLY power Romney would have would be to turn the decision over to the individual states - and even that would require an overturn of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court.

  • @elizabethsutton what a refreshing post! You are a smart girl and I wish there were more brilliant minds like yours spreading there opinions. All the loud ones just cracking ignorant jokes about binders or anything else they can negatively spin regarding republicans is getting really tired really fast. Cheers to you! 👍👏👏#romneyforpresident

  • vanessa_a 260w ago

    @laurenlightvoet Ummm... "fake black preacher voice"? Way to dispel the racist Republican stereotype, smarty pants.

  • @jessicazeinstra exactly! He talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk.

  • Fuck the debate the sf giants are going to 2012 world series!!!!

  • ruffee 260w ago

    @emmylouu @laurenlightvoet you forgot to mention racist

  • @elizabethsutton YES. Well said. 👏


  • imlvh 260w ago

    @elizabethsutton 😄👍🙌👏🙏

  • I have several friends and family members who are democrats- I can understand that we think very differently. What I can't understand is how a democrat will vote for the current President in this election... From adding $6.5 trillion to the national debt in 4 years to taking $500 billion from Medicare for Obamacare... The spending has got to stop. On another note-- Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to receive a welfare check? Since I have to pass one to earn it for you!? #Romney2012

  • The GIANTS won

  • suump 260w ago

    Obama!!!! Obama !! Obama !!!

  • @tinystefania I couldn't agree more with you! @elizabethsutton you rock! My new instagram friend! #romneyforpresident

  • Obama!

  • Obama

  • @chelsgoesgreen @juliaperezzz you two are blowing my mind. I read through this entire strand of comments to see what @laurenlightvoet could have POSSIBLY said that was racist and there was nothing. Just because she aint votin for your man don't mean she a racist. That is absolutely absurd and horrible to say. You two hate fat people. Mmmk? Mmmk. #completefools

  • aeiting 260w ago

    Ok. You can't blame Bush for this recession. Blame the banks and for people thinking they can afford more than they actually could. Which, if we want to play the blame game, some could argue that Clinton lead these people to that mentality. But blaming does nothing for the future. Now. When someone (or the country) is in debt, should they continue to spend in hopes to rectify the situation?? Sounds to me like the the WRONG thing to do. I admire the presidents green initiatives, however his first plan of action should have been to balance the budget, allowing the people more jobs and therefore collecting more taxes from these employed citizens (instead of handing more funds out to the unemployed), and THEN spending federal funds on green initiatives. We FIRST have to make money to spend money. And green initiatives don't make money. I am so very proud that our country chose to elect an African-American president, and believe me, I was rooting for him to succeed and inspire the world. However, as sad as it is, I feel that this is not the case and I cannot continue to support his frivolous spending. Yes, he is "cool". But I truly believe he doesn't understand economics and how money works. That being said #Romney2012. ❤🇺🇸

  • 👉OOOOOOObama👈!!!!!! The Man 👍👏💪✌🌟😊

  • @smithcarleigh I am also pro #Romney. Just letting you know - Obama cut $716 billion from Medicare, but it is slightly being misrepresented - the monies that were cut eliminated the middlemen - benefits for elders will remain the same. Just thought I'd inform you. But I can go on and on as to why Obama has been an awful president. You should watch Obama 2016. It's actually frightening - the people who have influenced and shaped Obama's beliefs and thus his policies.

  • obama

  • @tinystefania @flohodolo @vintage_chic49 @lposts @melissalaurenla Thanks :) too many of these comments, both pro-Obama and pro-Romney wreak of the uneducated.

  • djmos 260w ago

    @elizabethsutton why does the Governor get a pass for everything he's said. Should we not take him for his word? None of my statements are gotcha statements. I'm speaking based on what he's telling people. It's all in print and beyond obvious.

  • baraka_ 260w ago

    Inshala Obama

  • @aeiting Like Biden said in the debate, bush put two huge wars on a credit card (and for no reason).

  • It's pretty astonishing that any non-wealthy woman would consider voting for Romney. Frightening, really. #obama

  • xodvf 260w ago

    @mittenpaws Or any vagina possessing woman for that matter. #TeamObama

  • @djmos He doesn't get a pass - neither of them get a pass. They both lie - its unfortunately the nature of politics and a sad truth. I am not criticizing your support for Obama - you are entitled to your beliefs. I am just informing you as to why Romney had to be staunchly pro-life in the primaries in order to win the Republican nomination. Historically, Romney's social ideologies have been more moderate than those he expressed throughout the primaries. But regardless, Romney has no power whatsoever to outlaw abortion. Like I said, it would require majority congressional approval. And unlike Obama who focused his attention on Obamacare for the first few years of his term, Romney will not be focusing his efforts on overturning Roe v Wade - he'll be working on fixing the US economy which is by far the most important issue this country is facing.


  • @court_iixiv yes I agree with you. I was just commenting back to someone who is voting for Romney and saying that Obama care is scary.

  • The SF Giants.

  • Obama!!!

  • nextfall 260w ago


  • lwass23 260w ago


  • ...obama...

  • #Obama all the way

  • Barry

  • tiffso 260w ago

    Thank you @mittenpaws

  • @elizabethsutton If elected, he would have the power to appoint justices to the supreme court who would oppose Roe v Wade so that isn't "no power whatsoever." Though he may just be saying it for the Republican nomination, he is still saying he wants it overturned and for states to decide and to me that's really scary.

  • #Obama ...please god..the world will end sooner than Dec 21st if Romney wins..

  • Romney

  • Oh god... Here we go again!

  • iamvul 260w ago

    #obama 100%

  • This is so sad in so many ways. It's sad to see individuals regarding their opinion as the "right" way for everyone to feel and subsequently undermining the thoughts and choices of others. Just because a person may like to think that they are more educated than another in the end doesn't make your vote worth more in the election of the president and does not give you the magical power to predict the actions of a given candidate in the future. I think the real winner here is unwarranted hatred and division of the American people.... It's a shame that our generation has still not learned how to cope with differences in such a diverse world and respect people for being imperfect, opinionated and complex. After each election we still remain part of one human race- try to remember that over anything else.

  • @kelli_noel_ Girl, you speak the truth straight up.

  • @kelli_noel_ beautifully put.

  • @elizabethsutton propaganda. You're influenced by a freakin "documentary" filmed by a conservative. Of course it's going to be biased. Try taking a political science course.

  • Wow. Seriously. Couldn't have said it better @kelli_noel_

  • Romney


  • #romney. Finally a public forum we can talk about issues respectfully!

  • haleybond 260w ago


  • hdgkdbrs 260w ago

    #romney 👍. obama sucks balls

  • mevets29 260w ago


  • No one! Neither one addressed the issues nor did they say what they actually plan to do... #fake

  • @biancapardini 👏👏👏

  • pnklotus 260w ago


  • The Persident waxed Mitt's tail for sure

  • @xodvf right on.

  • Obama,I hope!!

  • mahracuja 260w ago

    Im brazilian but I'll love barack like president again!

  • Obama!!!

  • emmajarn 260w ago


  • deathrays 260w ago

    Neither. I was watching Dumb and Dumber.

  • @christinalooo I spend all day watching MSNBC, a Democratically biased channel so I think my influence is very fairly balanced. Obama 2016 may be biased, but it doesn't negate the fact that its true. Don't bother responding. I already formed my opinion in regards to your intellect level. I respect your beliefs, learn to respect mine. Oh, and ps, not a single FACT that I wrote previously came from Obama 2016.

  • @ohhaijo I am actualy and Obama hasn't created any jobs he's only made people lose them he's so ridiculous, trying to bring "big bird" into it, it's a debate, not a tv show

  • @katielynnb Agreed.

  • @elizabethsutton finally, a smart person

  • @aparalleloflatitude Just so you know, I'm a social Democrat (though a fiscal Republican) and am 100% pro-choice. I may not agree with Romney's social ideologies but I do feel he is the candidate best fit to fix the US economy, what I feel to be the most imminent issue facing this country. Obama has no experience in the private sector, and his economic record in the past 4 years is less than stellar.

  • natalie 260w ago

    @elizabethsutton well said.

  • _barak 260w ago

    @elizabethsutton putting aside how the running KB toys out of business to make a buck or two is irrelevant for national economic growth, social issues matter on this one. For the first time in a long time - a candidate is running on a platform of changing the constitution to limit rights, a process that historically was used to promote greater equality and freedom. If that's what he'll say out loud, what has he been hiding?

  • rdonyc 260w ago

    #obama always!!!

  • konin11 260w ago

    Omgosh peeps. Do your part and vote but ultimately Jesus is king and God is in control. Have a little faith and stop fretting. Do right and give the consequences to God!

  • @_barak Romney is a venture capitalist and private equity guy - that is the nature of the business and he was simply doing his job. I don't know where you came up with the comment 'for the first time in a long time, a candidate is running on a platform of changing the constitution to limit rights' - Bush was obviously pro-life and if he was given the opportunity, he would have tried to do the same, he simply didn't have enough conservative Supreme Court judges. Don't get me wrong - I think Bush is an idiot and is largely the reason we are in this horrific economic mess. I am pro-life. But I don't find that to be the most pressing issue in this election. Obama hasn't done anything to fix this economy. His foreign policies have led to the most tumultuous times in the Middle East - he just lost Egypt to radical Islam, the same way Jimmy Carter to radical Islam. I pray Egypt doesn't turn into what Iran has turned into. Obama called for Mobarak's ousting immediately - a US ally! Instead he calls for a 'peaceful transition' for Assad. Egypt is the heart of the Arab world - 80 million people!!! On another more, if Obama was so concerned with making us completely energy independent, why would he shoot down the Keystone XL pipeline which would create a ton of jobs and put us on the road for energy independence. You know why? Because of the environmental issues. Going only green is not going to make us independent - it is only one ingredient, combined with oil and natural gas.

  • deathrays 260w ago

    @kelli_noel_ preach guuurrrl. True words.

  • *the same way Jimmy Carter lost Iran to radical Islam.

  • konin11 260w ago

    Oh but #Romney all the way.

  • nyra1024 260w ago


  • @elizabethsutton totally agree!! Couldn't have said things better myself

  • @annie_grits well apparently u can't read because I never said romneys is racist or anything about fat people..

  • #Romney all the way!

  • Romney

  • I vote for Pedro

  • Obama

  • .... It's too difficult to answer:(

  • Obama all the wayyyyy!!!!!

  • mhnss5 260w ago

    @elizabethsutton refreshing to know there is a true lady out there who knows her "stuff" and is respectful to others without being condescending towards others' beliefs :)

  • oh god @elizabethsutton 👎 some of these comments make me worried for the future of our country. Obama has done much in the past four years, you watch a lotta msnbc? you have already formulated your opinion in regards to other peoples intellect level?? I've done the same. "Don't bother responding." #obama2012

  • Obama!!

  • As long as people get out there and vote, is what matters.

  • Obama!!!!!!!!!!!🇺🇸

  • Obamaaaaaaa

  • #Romney, our next POTUS! 🇺🇸

  • aprilkli 260w ago

    <3 Romney

  • Obama, bitches

  • Obama

  • ddemarne 260w ago


  • Obama

  • Obama.

  • kilpat 259w ago


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