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  Posted: Oct 23, 2012 2:07 AM FEED
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the weird thing about the internet is you can discover people you may never have met & eventually know quite a lot about their them until you feel like you’re friends. you’re not because they know nothing about you, but today's conversation is one of the rare (yet becoming more frequent for me) occasions when an internet friend becomes a real friend live on the podcast.
@chrissstttiiine was ever bit as thoughtful, earnest, and wise as she comes off. we got into everything from a cultivating a career as a freelancer to creating community as adults, style (@jessekamm admiration), religion, family, travel, and more. I loved this meandering conversation which I think you will too. #letitoutpod #chrissstttiiine [link in bio]
she's so pretty & I love her. stinks when best friends live far, great when they visit, tough when they leave, and at least we have the internet...
forget & remember & forget again & remember again...
I think of this every time I feel like this (which is most of the time) #moreideasthantime #beforesunset
c o l o r 🍆🌶 h a r v e s t . taste the 🌈.
I love him & this fancy looking fruit that looks like a human heart. #pitaya #dragonfruit
actually did some intrepid hiking even though things look calm here... trust me or ask @nickhagenphoto who took a lot photos of me & told me the plot of 127 hours while we hiked down the mountain in the dark ⚡️which spooked me... #oahu
I met @iamtero for the first time in person this summer when we recorded this, but we’ve been friends on the internet since early 2013. Tero’s from Finland and founded the popular superfood mushroom brand @foursigmatic over five years ago. While I’ve loved their products ever since I was one of the first bloggers in America to try them, my knowledge on the fungi kingdom, foraging, and the benefits of utilizing mushrooms was limited until this conversation. We got into #adaptogens how to use powerful herbs, and 'mushroom hacks’ Beyond mushrooms we discussed entrepreneurship, inclusivity in the wellness industry, importance of family, his life growing up in Finland, moving to the States, his thoughts on NYC, and his reflection/gratitude practice. His new book Healing Mushrooms which you’ll hear a bit about in this episode is out now and it’s as great as he is. I loved recording this episode & I think you'll love listening. and it's #nationalmushroomday so it's festive to give it a listen. [link in bio] 🍄 #foursigmatic #reshi #chaga #cordeceps #letitoutpod #healingmushrooms #foursigmafoods
my new york style & lifestyle is rachel green meets felicity porter with a sprinkle of carrie bradshaw season 3 hair wise. i.e. wearing this outfit as we speak, @thendbrooklyn acts as my central perk, basically live inside nyu, and went to @deandeluca yesterday... ready for halloween...
my new friend Olivia made this zine. 👆🏽for the launch she invited me to sit on a panel with two of the most articulate mental health professionals + the former @nytimes health reporter moderated by @rebeccaleedouglas host of the GROUP podcast on #mentalhealthawarenessday it was magical, I learned so much. luckily we recorded it so you can learn too but in the meantime check out @sweatstainsco 's zine. #sweatstains #mentalhealthawareness #newwomenspace
I like being awake before everyone when the sky looks like this.
my favorite part of being in New York: the interesting, creative, talented people I serendipitously meet. some of them, like with today's guest Dr. Emily I know immediately I've made a life friend. we connected right off the bat over a million similar interests, mutual friends, and ideas for collaborations. her expertise of the human body and her feminine approach to #chiropractic are unmatched. we discuss ways fitness can be harmful to the body, reprogramming bad body patterns, the body working holistically, the importance of breathing and belly breathing, “tech neck”, bio hacks for everything from walking, sitting, and looking at our devices. she's not only highly skilled, she's warm, empathetic, and articulate the story of how she met her husband is an auditory romantic comedy. you'll love her, I sure do. Enjoy this episode and follow closely everything Dr. Emily & her clinic @urbanwellnessclinic do. [link in bio] #letitoutpod #urbanwellnessclinic
this is my favorite instagram follower. however, I like all. #notpaid
posting this so when it's 30 ❄️ in April I remember it was 80 ☀️in October once.
A H H H H. brb... ps. tell me your embarrassing aol screen-names. mine were embarrassing but what's more embarrassing is that I was such a slow typer I'd make my mom talk to middle school boys for me because I'd get stressed out I didn't type fast enough...