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Enjoying some straight #flame from @maplebudder_rosin This particular cultivar is #headbanger4 and produces some seriously #strong #Rosin Go give @maplebudder_rosin a follow especially if your in #Canada for mail order. Will be putting up a full review on my YouTube channel today
Ok in case your confused if your calling your #bubblehash #fullmelt but it’s not doing this when you heat or dab it. Then listen it’s not full let. #Fauxmelt at best. Half melt sizzle. On a side note a little bird told me some @bubblemanbrand 5 and 6 star drops next week #fullmeltcleardome #FMCD #clearly
Always such a pleasure to hit this piece of @flav421 . It isn’t an easy rip by any means you have to work at ripping this @buckglass @marcelglass collab. #anglerfish #airtrapped #art #oneofmyfavs but once your comfortable and can hold it confidently it gives such an old school can style rip. And today was the first time I dropped a quartz banger into her and dabbed some lovely #seedsmanhaze #Rosin we quickly pressed out of the #sasquashrosinpress
Give thanks for the many blessing that are bestowed upon us. With Mother nature expressing herself all around us sometimes it's nice to stop and take it all in. Tonight's sunset here in Bc was one of those moments and I wanted to share it with. All of you. Hope you have a wonderful evening and hope to see you all on my wake and bake tomorrow morning at 9am on my #YouTube channel #Bubblemansworld
Beautiful colour on these #medikush #trichomes grown by the one and only @420weedmaster Johnny B. We squished it on the #M1 #Sasquash press and it produced a 20% return. Puff Wednesday video will be up today on #Bubblemansworld
That #headbangerKush #Rosin and #SwissTsunami #Terpenes mixed into the new @bubblemanbrand #pen #Terpoil #terpsauce , if you slide thru the photos you will see one where THCA is crystallizing inside the cartridge 😉💧
It has been an incredible three years of sharing my Sunday mornings with all of you each weekend #HashChurch has pushed thru some incredible episodes and we look foreword to many many more. Going to try and invite everyone and anyone that has ever appeared on church. So tag them here if you want to see more of them this Sunday Also please feel to repost and get the word out for this Sunday's episode 156
#Repost @bubblemanbrand (@get_repost)
Thanks for hanging in there everyone! The website is now live and has a ton of information to explore. It has a photography gallery, in depth product descriptions, media links, ways to purchase gear, events, and a very information Blog section. In the Blog section, you will find Tips & Tricks for the Trinity units with instructional videos on how to operate, clean, maintenance, refill, and mix / fill at home. We still have a few photos to update in the product section, and one more video to upload showing how to refill the Trinity Tank with a new medical grade squeezable application that makes filling them up a snap. Special thanks to @verzura2 @sacredtrichome for going the extra mile to make this website happen! I know the team @advesa_wellness @blueriverterps @w9tech all have been working non stop for the launch in California @harborside_health_center this weekend! Really stoked to finally see this project come to life! #bubbleman #bubblebags #bubblehash #bubblemanbrand #solventless #bubblemansworld #hashchurch
Is it #drysift #99.99 or is it #rosin. Super trippy something I've never seen before in #oil. Leading me back to my question is oil hash ? Either way this is entry number 7 in the #karmacup @thekarmacup and was one of the coolest finds for unique macro photographs in the samples. I have photographed them all and I suspect you will see them showing up thru out my social media accounts #glandheadsinRosin #crystallization #strange #neverseenit. Swipe right to see all of the photos
#Repost @bubblemanbrand (@get_repost)
Who is ready for Labor Day Weekend? @verzura2 has a handful of flavors!!! (SBG Cream THCa, California Smoothie, Farmacy GSC, Lemon Remedy 3:1, Sunset CBN). Next week the long anticipated Strawberry Banana Goo Cream #htcc2016 🏆🏆 @rollinghillsca Trinity Kits will be available @harborside_health_center Each Trinity box will have QR Codes that will provide testing certifications, and Instructional Video links. The testing covers potency, Terpenes, and pesticides in the flowers, rosin, and vape. These are not normal throw away tanks, they are reusable, so please check out the videos to guide you to proper use. Thank you for supporting the brand, the farmers, and helping us improve our experiences. #bubbleman #bubblemanbrand #bubblehash #bubblebags #solventless #hashrosin #terps #cbnoil @blueriverterps @lemonremedy @farmacy_bros @advesa_wellness @sasquashrosinpress @el_zono_finale @thedankduchess @w9tech
#whereismybike grown by @maple_budder @karmagenetics pressed by @sasquashrosinpress with my new #M1 Super stoked on this squish more like squishing hash than bud. props to @lutanfyahmusic for the track #sweettrichomes. Video is up on Bubblemans world #youtube @bubblemanbrand #trinitycartridge
So this little #sweetskunklizard was trying to escape my Dabber but alas she was no match for my speed and dabbed she was #Rosin #sasquash @sasquashrosinpress @flav421 thanks again for the starting material @highintegrityglassart as always thanks for the hospitality bro 👊🏾👊🏻
#crushing it with the new #M1 #sasquashrosinpress #rosin #flowerrosin we got a 28.75% yield on a single press with this cultivar and man the taste is unreal. Cultivar is #Whereismybike @karmagenetics
So stoked to get this #M1 by #sasquashrosinpress going to be working this little unit hard in the next few days. Give thanks to @sasquashrosinpress and @soilgrown_solventless for all the support. Looking foreword to having you both on #hashchurch this Sunday along with @solventlessmind if he can make it. 👊🏻👊🏾
No Filter taken with a 70-200mm IS USM II telephoto lens. I have mostly ever taken snowboard/ski , mtn bike / dirt bike photos with this lens. but today I decided to photograph #thesun With the wildfires burning all around us and thru out the province of BC the smoke has descended upon us four days ago and has left us in a #haze. My thoughts are with all those who have been deeply affected by these fires. May the Phoenix rise from the ashes. #OrangeSun #Sun
Super stoked for this project to be finally seeing light. These pens are next level reusable pens. No insulation solder motherboard plastic rubber etc around the element @bubblemanbrand ・・・
Hash Church & the first tester of Lemon Remedy 3:1 Solventless Oil in the new Bubbleman Trinity Reusable Tanks!! #bubblemanbrand #bubblemantrinity @blueriverterps @bcbubbleman @verzura2 @el_zono_finale @lemonremedy @w9tech @advesa_wellness
@elboglass @bdankglass Collaboration. #Sharps is his name and he is a #Terpesaurus . Owned by @shneerhere and puffed on at least for today by ME. Love the shape and hit of this piece. One of my favourite Dino's I've hit. In fact I'm going in for another now 👊🏻👊🏾💥 #itsnotadragon #dinorips #elbo #bdank
#jamaica #cbd # #medicine #ganja always always always happy to be back in Jamaica and working hard at future manifestations #acre #lbs #trichomeforest
Join us for Hash Church Episode 147 this Sunday July 16th at 9:00 am Pacific Time for something different! :) Link to episode: — with Marcus Gary Richardson.