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enjoying my birthday gift from me over breakfast. #kinfolk

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Shameless poolside selfie following #barre3 w/ @barre3scottsdalepv at @wscottsdale | I needed & relished this bit of #selfcare (& #bodyacceptance) today.
Making {not}home a little more homey. 🌱🌱🌿
How weird would it be to start playing lawn games by myself? 🎲 Wish you were here, @dbfinch.
Exploring historic districts on foot...& getting a couple errands in this morning.
Missing our weekly spring water runs, @dbfinch, & the pitter-patter of eisley following me around.
As much as I love a good dash of urban in my life, I’m so drawn to small towns + small farms. #MortimerFest
Our lives are full of conveniences - & I certainly wouldn't give up many of them - then we spend a lot of time "exercising" movement back into our lives. How much healthier & able would we be if we made even a few daily activities a little less convenient? That's my experiment.
Hello up there, finally. @dbfinch, it's been awhile. 😘
Eked out some time to climb after work, but david tweaked his neck today (poor guy). At least there's plenty else to do in #flagstaff during #goldenhour.
The drive for them was long, but hope our brief #flagstaff weekend together was as worth it for them as it was for us. ❀️
Spent the weekend getting a sense of Tucson (& feeling out whether or not we'd enjoy living here); found ourselves drawn more so to experiencing the ecosystems of this place than the city culture of it.
As much as I don't want to live a life waiting for the weekend, that's just where I am right now. Feeling the grind of the (50-hr work) week; & these little planned escapes with @dbfinch are what I look forward to most, & rejuvenate me just enough to chug along the following week.
By the end of today, I felt like crying for no REAL reason. I thought I'd lose it in barre class. Instead, I must have let out whatever was pent up...sweat, music, movement, & love. I feel πŸ‘Œ now.
Love taking advantage of this little area over lunch break. So #Flagstaff.
Nearly gave up on our idea for an afternoon hike on a new trail after hitting multiple closed roads, "private property" closing access to state trust land, thunder, impending storm... but @dbfinch salvaged our afternoon and found an incredible area to explore after all.
Might pick up a new hobby. May as well take advantage of having a great instructor... πŸ‘‰@dbfinchπŸ‘ˆ