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sctnia 311w ago
The Four Loko stash! Original caffeinated formula for when you need to get stuff done... while drunk!

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sctnia 1w ago
Not a throwback pic. Bottled 12/04/15, Enjoy By 03/03/16. Might as well drink this while I still can't taste anything properly😒😷. #DrinkFresh
sctnia 3w ago
Let your conscience be free. @monkishbrewing Relax Your Mind cans topped off with a pour of Foggiest Window (Foggier Window DIPA but TRIPLE Dry Hopped!!! Citra, Nelson & Galaxy, 8.1% - no cans left tho😢). #NotAllHazeIsCreatedEqual
sctnia 4w ago
It's #NationalCheeseBurgerDay and I'm not having a cheeseburger so you'll have to gaze at this mouth watering double fried egg cheeseburger courtesy of @utetastic 😍😍😍 Follow @utetastic for more amazing #foodporn pics!!!
sctnia 6w ago
Sick day in Ventura today, all thanks to @skatehermit and him lining up the skate sesh, with his homies @mephistos_appendix and @hughbrisman (thanks for the stickers👌) at Anacapa (magical heelflip over the wall, some janky nollie flip variations and a NBD ss bigflip on flat!) before heading over to Ventura High. Worked to get a wallride before watching the local rippers @pachinks_ and @diegotoad get raw on the six stair (check @skatehermit 's page for the real edit of the ripping!) and then continue to kill it with their homie @goeffe_ at an amazing backyard concrete mini (thanks Julian for letting us skate and rad music in the edit!). Thanks also to @eddievilla for the tips and inspiration to try my first invert (as seen here😂) and hype me up to eventually make myself land it (even tho it was way below the coping) along with @nickynailswoodward 's fakie tre shove. And lastly #ThankYouSkateboarding 📱: @skatehermit #IfYouArentHavingFunYoureDoingItWrong
sctnia 6w ago
Gotta say I've been to a few breweries but this is the first one I've seen hosting a kid's birthday party. #TeeganIsHyped #InfantBirthdayGoals #WontThatInterfereWithTheCanRelease?!?!
sctnia 6w ago
@madewestbeer Hayibo (pronounced like Billy Blanks "Tae Bo") "NorthEast" IPA. 6.7% Abv. #NoLines
sctnia 7w ago
When you tell everyone you've cleared the gap and now it's time to prove it!!! #skatelife #countdown #footyoritdidnthappen #tarzan #kookofthejungle
sctnia 7w ago
Where are you getting a plate like this (this special taco was half al pastor/half tripas) for $1.50?!?! Hit up #YanellisTaco just outside the Lanark Park parking lot. #StreetTacos
sctnia 7w ago
When you get hyped on the lil' homies skating and it pushes you to throw out a heelflip down the longer three at Lanark. 📱: @nickynailswoodward #KeepOnPushing #OverTheGlowStick
sctnia 7w ago
Props to to the Summer Night Lights program for the good vibes at Lanark tonight and for the free sausage hot dogs (nice touch only having mustard cuz that's how you do it👍). #SummerNightLights
sctnia 7w ago
Stepped up my blood donation game today with a Double Red Cell pheresis donation, in which TWO units of red blood cells are collected and the remaining blood components (platelets, plasma, and added saline) are returned through to the body through the same needle. Sounds sketchy but you get to give twice the amount of the stuff that is needed most (used for surgery and trauma patients). Swipe once to see the platelets, plasma and saline start to be returned to my body. Swipe further to see after the blood remnant replenishing, when the blood get drained again. This process happened three times. #PowerRed #2RBC
sctnia 9w ago
While the onezers look on @chrisjoslin_ and @mattberger_ cruise #LanarkSkatepark before handing out cash and prizes to the carcass tossers. And was that a #Backside180DoubleDolphinFlip?!?! August 2nd, 2017.