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Sneak peak of tomorrow's post featuring @sugarlipsapparel on #ootd #sugarlips #stylingmylife

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The second look from my "How to Wear" series with this @aritzia sheer bodysuit and this one is a bit less revealing than the last 😜. This look is about adding a little extra coverage under a crop top for those of us that maybe don't love our stomachs that much 🙈Or maybe we just want to keep warm!

Check out the post here 👉
#smlhowtowear #howtowear #fallfashion #smlincanada
The first post from my "How to Wear" series is now live! I've styled this sheer @aritzia bodysuit 5 ways (plus a bonus one) on the blog.
It's a piece that can seem a little scary, but there are so many possibilities that aren't too revealing at all. It has actually turned into my favorite item to layer for fall 🍂
The link is in my bio or right here 👉

#smlhowtowear #howtowear #fallfashion #smlincanada
Dang this girl needs a tan! 🙈

This is a little sneak peek of a "How To Wear" series I'm starting. Can you guess which item I'm featuring first?

#smlhowtowear #fallfashion #howtowear #smlincanada
Happy weekend! Pretty excited about today because I'm finally getting this mop of hair did after over a year! Well, I suppose I did get one trim during that time but this baby needs some highlights or something. Hoping for a "sunkissed" look so that I fit in for our upcoming Hawaii trip. Then all I'll need is a tan and I'm set✨

#fallfashion #selfportraitphotography #smlincanada
One of the many reasons I love Victoria -- rain in the forecast but this is what you get 💙💙💙 #victoriaharbour #beautiful #smlincanada
Finally coming to terms with the fact that it's actually fall now, just as we are planning our next getaway🏝 Figures 🤷‍♀️ #fallfashion #ootd #smlincanada
What a beautiful Thanksgiving day! Went for a nice little hike and lunch with some girlfriends and am now feeling so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Isn't it incredible how a day spent with positive girls can be so uplifting? Add some beautiful nature and it really is the perfect day ✨

#thetislake #victoria #smlincanada
Nothing beats that free feeling of being alone in nature ✨
Feeling so grateful on this Thanksgiving weekend for all of the amazing experiences we've had over the last year. Can't wait for what's to come in the next one!
#feelingfree #selfportrait #smlincanada
So ready for a cozy long weekend!! So nice to be home with the fam for Thanksgiving this year 🍂
Do you have any fun plans?
#fallfashion #friyay #smlincanada
Slightly obsessed with velvet but haven't known how to wear it before finding this bag. Now I'm hooked! Thinking of getting velvet shoes next... #velvet #ootd #smlincanada
Happy weekend! It's definitely not this nice out today but that's ok. A cozy night of pizza and wine is in order and you don't need sunshine for that 🍕🍷🍽 This new look is on the blog today! Check it out here 👉

#bohostyle #selfportraitphotography #smlincanada
Happy first day of fall! Actually, I'm really not happy about it at all but luckily it still looks like summer here in Victoria. If all of fall can be this beautiful, I'm all for it!

#fallfashion #ootd #selfportrait #smlincanada
Practically sweating to death in this beautiful @acnestudios sweater. Forgot how good the quality was -- definitely more of a deep winter piece 😓
At least I'm prepared! #liketkit
I've found the perfect striped shirt for only $20 and even though I look angry here, I really couldn't be happier! It's from @hm and everyone needs it. I didn't link it here because I'm lazy but check my blog and you'll find it ❤️
Also, shot some photos with @dhruvsarangphotography and really loving the way they've turned out! I'm always amazed when photographers can make my awkward self look like I know what I'm doing 😜

#fashionblogger #fallfashion #smlincanada
Happy Monday! Woke up in a bit of a funk and have decided to get a change of scenery in a coffee shop this morning. I'm already feeling better for it! Do you guys ever do that? I feel like I should more often... Also getting super antsy for our next adventure. I'm loving Victoria but as the weather is getting colder and colder, my mind is wandering towards warmer places. I'm still refusing to give up my summer dresses so I'm just transitioning them for fall. Giving my tips over on the blog today 💕

#fashionblogger #selfportrait #smlincanada