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User Image brightonkeller Posted: Oct 17, 2012 1:37 AM (UTC)
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Brainstorming some new #organization blog posts for upcoming months! (It seems like y’all REALLY love those!) and I want to hear from #teamBTD on what YOU would like to see! We’re thinking some kind of accessories? Or how about FRIDGE organization?
QUESTION:: what kinds of organizational posts do y’all want to see?! Comment below and let us know!
LETS TALK MORNING ROUTINES! I’ve always kinda hated how morning routines were presented bc everyone is different and not one routine fits all SO I took it upon myself to look into different routines depending on the type of person you are. Or what you’re in search of! And I r just been really INTO IT lately as I’m trying to find my groove for 2018 🤗 All that info is on BTD, and I promise, once you find a routine that fits YOU, it’ll change your day (and actually LIFE) for the better!
QUESTION:: do you have a morning routine?! Please share what it looks like! And if not, what frustrates you about mornings or what do you struggle with?! Congratulations @megriley2 on wining the giveaway! Please email lisel@brightontheday@com to claim your prize! .
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User Image brightonkeller Posted: Jan 16, 2018 1:30 AM (UTC)
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Been wearing this cardigan on repeat lately 🤗❤️(it’s under $50!)
QUESTION: what did you do this weekend?! Congratulations @chelseaaataylorrr on wining the giveaway! Please email lisel@brightontheday@com to claim your prize! .
User Image brightonkeller Posted: Jan 12, 2018 9:11 PM (UTC)
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I think sometimes we imagine we’ll get to a place where things aren’t hard anymore.
Really. Like we’re all waiting for something to end, something to start, or something to stay longer.
We fantasize about life without pain, struggle, hardship; a life that feels more “full”, more complete, lacking in nothing. We all have THAT THING we want to get, accomplish, have, hold, etc. And usually someone else has it. And so we compare and covet - throw a pity party. We want it too. But here’s the thing: we can’t simultaneously embrace what God has called us to do in the season we’re in WHILE envying or focusing on someone else’s. We so often miss the beauty and opportunity for growth and gratitude that is right in front of us by focusing on what’s not. I’m pouring out my heart on BTD today about pain, struggle, pursuing contentment, and what I think that looks like. It’s raw and unfiltered - coming from a place of processing (learning) rather than completion (maturity or overcoming). If you don’t read any blog post I publish this month, read this one. Xo, B
Since this post is hard to comment on (pretty heavy-ish), I wanted to provide other topics to get a conversation going(answer/comment on ANY) of the following:: 👇🏼
What’s your favorite thing about Instagram right now? Do you like posts like this?
Do you have any requests for topics?
Would you be brave enough to share how God is working in your life right now?
Or what you’re struggling with?
What’re you waiting for in your life?

We will accept first 2,500 comments and will choose winner on Monday. Not sure what we’re giving away today but it’ll be something we love (as always!) Congratulations @allyj105 on wining the giveaway! Please email lisel@brightontheday@com to claim your prize! .
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Can’t get enough READING in lately 🤓 today I’m sharing 5 books to MOTIVATE you in 2018 + my current reading list (well, only the motivational ones) on BTD!
QUESTION: what’s your favorite motivational book for life or business? It could be one you just read or that you’ve heard is good! OR a TED talk!? Comment below and share with #teamBTD. Congratulations @audreythornton on wining the giveaway! Please email lisel@brightontheday@com to claim your prize! .
Your ability to FOCUS is a skill that will SET YOU APART from just about anyone, at anything - work, school, career, fitness etc. Problem is, it’s one of the hardest skills to master. But if we don’t learn how to control our mind to FOCUS, then we’re really cheating ourselves out of our BEST. In proper Brighton fashion, I've been in a black hole of curiosity re: this whole FOCUS thing and have come to realize another term for it - MENTAL TOUGHNESS. How to get it, what it looks like, and how to cultivate it. People who are successful usually are extremely mentally tough and they've learned to become emotionally intelligent - very imperative to lasting success. I’ve been focusing on mental toughness (and emotional intelligence, or controlling my emotions so I can focus on my skills) myself lately and it’s been amazing. Read more about it in today’s post ❤️
Question:: did you play a sport growing up? If so, what was it? And remember any advice your coach would always repeat?! Do you still apply it today? (Or hear their voice saying it ha) congratulations @heatherowillis on winning the giveaway! Please email to claim your prize! .
User Image brightonkeller Posted: Jan 10, 2018 1:31 AM (UTC)
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I know it's not original, but I'm back on that workout grind! Give me a (🙌🏼) if you are too! Really though, I saw a picture of myself from when I was exercising regularly and it motivated me like crazy. So, to help with all of us trying to get back into it, I pulled together my favorite WORKOUT BRANDS on BTD today! And y'all, these aren't just cute, they're FUNCTIONAL. Bc if they aren't functional, I'm not wearing them to the gym (or in my living room to do BBG 😆) I'm not that girl.
QUESTION:: What's your favorite fitness brand?! Congratulations @alyssaseman on winning the giveaway!! Please email: to claim your prize. . #liketkit #workoutgear #athleticapparel #activewear #athleisure #athleticwear #sportluxe #fitnessfashion
Photo: @beckleyco
What you don’t do determines what you can do. Our lives are governed by the choices we make and oftentimes we’re choosing (and doing) things without putting much thought into it. Being busy for business’ sake is actually a form of laziness: “lazy thinking and indiscriminate action”. It’s easy to go about life living in reactionary mode; the challenge lies in building a life with focus and intention. Being selective with our time, focus, and attention is difficult but critical. We’re always going to feel like we don’t have enough time. But that’s actually not true. “A lack of time is actually a lack of priorities.” It’s important that we think about WHAT we’re doing rather than simply HOW we’re doing it. You want to make sure you’re doing the RIGHT things. And thinking critically about the system (whether it be a business, process, work-out routine, etc.) as a whole. If you’re into this stuff, you should read today’s blog post where I dish out all I’ve been learning and thinking about since reading one of @timferriss books! ALSO if you have time, LISTEN TO MY STORIES TODAY!
QUESTION: what’s the best advice you’ve received for 2018? Or if that’s too hard to nail down, what’s just some good advice you’ve come across lately?
For today’s giveaway, we’ll be giving away this book! Or if you already own it, we can figure something else out! We’ll be accepting the first 2,000 entries, but be sure you answer TODAY (Monday December 8th) Congratulations @mackmerritt7 on winning this book!! Email to claim your prize!
Outfit details in today’s post or here::
Photo:: @beckleyco
I’ve always got something I’m reading and I wanted to share a devotional book I recently went through that REALLY helped shape the way I think. “Lies Women Believe” (by Nancy Demoss) has been such a light for me this past year in learning how to hold my thoughts captive and live wholeheartedly for the Lord. I have so much to say but I’ll keep it short because I’ve got lots of faith content coming to the blog this year! I’m thrilled AND SCARED to be sharing more of my heart with y’all this year!
But I KNOW God has plans for BTD that are better than anything I could ever imagine. Or do on my own. I’m so grateful to be a daughter of the King! And this year I’m committed to being obedient, fearless, and vulnerable at the risk of whatever it takes and whatever I may lose. May all the glory be to God!

QUESTION: Tell us about a book you’ve read recently that impacted your faith? Or if you’re not a believer, tell us about a book that has inspired you, helped with personal growth or helped with life’s big questions. Congratulations @amyowalthall on winning the book Lies Women Believe!! Email to claim your prize!
So excited to read your responses!
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User Image brightonkeller Posted: Jan 6, 2018 4:15 PM (UTC)

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TIME TO PURGE OH EM GEE. Earlier this week, we published 18+ Ways to Get Organized in 2018 on BTD! Today, I’m following my own advice and starting with closet! JOIN ME! I’ll be sharing snips on stories throughout the day too! ANYONE else?!
QUESTION:: How are you spending your FIRST Saturday of 2018?! COMMENT and let the rest of #TEAMBTD know! Congratulations @malloryn_dunn on winning!! Email to claim your prize!
Power struttin’ into the first weekend of 2018 like...🤗 I’m spending my first Saturday purging my closet. I’m on an organizing kick right now (gotta move it or lose it!) Anyone else?!
QUESTION:: how’s your first week of 2018?! What’s one thing you’re trying to change (slash “resolution”) and how’s it going?! Congratulations @cayleecantrell on winning!! Email to claim your prize!
ALMOST FRI-YAY! 🤗🍟 Sharing 10+ ways to wear (faux) leather leggings on BTD today!
QUESTION:: what’s your favorite fast food spot when you want to indulge? And WHAT do you get??
#leatherleggings #outfitoftheday #fashionblogger #dallasblogger #LTKunder50
How's everyone doing with their 2018 so far?! I'm over here spending a lot of time in my house aka organizing the heck outta my life. It's time consuming but always feels SO good (especially when I'm catching up on a podcast or audio book) - it's honestly a bit theraputic for me. Sharing some really good, simple ideas for getting YOUR LIFE cleaned up in the form of ORGANIZATION to make your days a bit easier this year today on BTD! I’ll be cleaning out my closet THIS Saturday. Should I LIVE stream it?! 😆
QUESTION: What snack do you have to have in your pantry no matter what?! I HAVE to have candy (at all time) and pita chips!
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User Image brightonkeller Posted: Jan 3, 2018 1:31 AM (UTC)
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Sharing my FAVORITE purchases from 2017 today on my STORIES & (even MORE!) on my BLOG! One of my favorite purchases is THIS cozy grey sweater! I LOVE it so much I’m giving one away tonight! Directions to enter are in my stories ;) (which is where we have ALL the fun most of the time!)
Question: Which piece of clothing have you been wearing the MOST this past year or just recently in general? Comment below and let’s get a conversation going! Congratulations @colboyle on winning this cozy sweater!! Email to claim your prize! .
SHOP it either in today’s post, or via blog (SHOP> SHOP MY INSTAGRAM) or
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2017 has been SUCH a year, but I’m REALLY excited about what’s to come! And quite frankly, I’m just really excited about RIGHT NOW. TODAY. The Present. And living my BEST life RIGHT NOW. Anyway, some of my favorite moments of 2017 revolve around getting settled into my new home (that I closed this past January!) Organizing my closet was my first feat and I’m so glad to have that behind me and find a place for everything! It’s actually about time to revisit and purge a bit!
Are you doing the same to start the year? Doing any organizing? We did a few organization posts on the blog this year if you missed them - swipe right to see the pantry, kitchen, and bathroom and visit the blog for tips on getting started yourself!
QUESTION: What’s the first thing you’re organizing to start off the new year? Comment below and let us know! Congratulations @amherbst4 on winning a gift card to the Container Store!! Email to claim your prize! .
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User Image brightonkeller Posted: Dec 31, 2017 5:45 PM (UTC)
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One of my LIFE QUOTES is “an unexamined life is not worth living.” (by way of my man Socrates) 🤓
I love this and have an alarm set on my phone for the last day of every month to remind me to STOP, slow down and reflect on what just happened. I’ll be spending my day right here by the fire doing just that!
JOIN ME! I’ve put together a SELF-ASSESSMENT just for YOU on my blog that you can download and fill out too! It’s a series of questions covering 4 areas of life:: personal, career, relationships & money. But I encourage you to reflect on more areas that might be fitting for YOU! Spend some time today reflecting on 2017 so you can be realistic and informed when setting your sights on 2018! Read more on!
QUESTION:: Which area of your life CHANGED the most in 2017? And (optional but encouraged!, would you mind sharing what you learned from this change?
CONSIDER: career, HEALTH, fitness, relationships, investments & money, mindset, self-love, personal style, priorities, faith, family, GIVING, confidence, habits, spending, FREE TIME (how you spend it), mornings, community, volunteering, etc.
User Image brightonkeller Posted: Dec 29, 2017 11:00 PM (UTC)

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Wish it was socially acceptable to leave up my decorations all year 🤗😆 but I am excited to redo my bookshelves sans Christmas decor in the new year! Speaking of, WHAT are you doing Sunday night for NYE? #confessions - I got zero plans. 🤷🏻‍♀️ but kinda not mad about it!
AND I’ll be posting a cool self-reflection post to help you do your own annual review this weekend . 🤞🏼 fingers crossed I get it finished and up for y’all tomorrow! I’ll let you know when I do! 👊🏼
User Image brightonkeller Posted: Dec 29, 2017 1:34 AM (UTC)
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Tell us your FAVORITE song right now?!! I’m putting together the BTD Q1 playlist and want to hear your faves! PS:: this look is on BTD today!
User Image brightonkeller Posted: Dec 28, 2017 3:00 PM (UTC)
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I love to match my shoes with my outfit 💁🏻‍♀️ my mama used to always do it growing up, so I picked it up from her obvi! (These shoes are actually MADE by her - @deekellerdesign 😉) ANYWAY, I’m posting this look because I want to tell you about THIS TOP. I have it in 3 colors, LOVE how versatile it is & it’s on SALE for $36! 👊🏼 It’s great for work-to-play 🤓 💗 AND I just got these pants last month from @whbm and love the fit!! Wearing petite-sizing and highly recommend! I’ll talk more about them on stories later! You can shop my look on my blog >> shop >> shop my instagram! 💗 .
QUESTION:: what’s your BEST/FAVE purchase of 2017?! SHARE THE LOVE with the TEAM BTD in the comments below 😎
[GIVEAWAY:: Congrats - @alibethcook! Woohoo! Looking for your email in our inbox!! Xoxo]
User Image brightonkeller Posted: Dec 28, 2017 1:31 AM (UTC)

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Bilzzzzzz 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ and #adulting 😑😫...I've always thought this "in between" week was kinda weird, don't y'all? I'm still pretty exhausted from December in general, so I'm taking this week to recoup slash get my ISH together before 2018 kicks off. LIKE PAY MY FREAKIN’ BILLS that have been piling up (OH EM GEE #stress). MORE on what I’m doing to recoup after the Holidays on BTD today (!) but I WANT TO KNOW what you’re doing yourself?! COME ON, share, motivate, and inspire us please! .
Outfit deets:: on the blog! And linked here too!
PS:: giving away a PLANNER today and you MUST answer the question in your comment Bc that’s more fun!!