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Sunset, strappy shoes.

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Yes to bars where the clock stops, where a 70-year-old doing a little jig across the floor is also, truly, still 21, 30, and so on. The ages, they blur. As they should. And honestly, it's the best women's room in town to take a picture in. Old memories. Even the shitty memories have become fond ones. Why not?
TBH I didn't know a girl could have an orgasm 'til I learned it on Oprah some time in my (too late) teens. So let me just tack that on to this repost from @busyphilipps that says it all, K?!
Honestly, guys? This just made ME so happy and maybe it will bring you joy, too. Oprah was there for me at 3pm after school with homemade nachos when I was a kid (Kraft singles and tortilla chips in the microwave) And Oprah was there for me all thru my late teens and 20s, telling me what I needed to know and what I should read and how to be a person and a grown-up. And Oprah was there for me after my first daughter was born, offering me comfort in the afternoons which stretched endlessly in those early months and when I felt so alone. Screw anyone who doesn't agree, Oprah is everything. She has brought me comfort for years. And I love seeing this. Let's live our best lives, guys. Let's fucking GET our bountiful harvest. #Repost @oprah (@get_repost)
This makes me so HaPpy! Just picked. Wishing all kinds of bountiful harvests to you all. #harvestday
Too LAZY to do a proper repost, but you said it, Jen. Nothing but gratitude and love here. My first "real" job out of art school, and I got to spend it being a jerk with these special people. They all taught me a lot. Planted seeds of curiosity in me that still grow, make me understand what a blessing is is to have once been that young and naive, got me thinking that the comings and goings of life's pain, when shared with others, in time makes growing older...a thrilling experience in its own right. Lucky indeed to grow and change, yet still connect with this original crew once in a while. Always in my heart and soul. Laughing about something. ❤️
Night walks and realtalk, an old photo in our mailbox, questions about the spirit world, a baby's reaction to licking his first fluffy dandelion, a stolen shirt, my favorite hat, and brewery cats.
One of my favorite things I did in the creative realm last year was naming a gin. Had a cocktail made with that gin earlier this week: SIDE SADDLE at @rockmilltavern ★ Vim & Petal Gin, Honey, Lemon, Lavender, Sparkling Rose. (10/10 would drink again.)
@pet_rabbits brought beer home, and 🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠💕🍠💕👅💦 #opinions
Am I living life loving?
Am I living life kind?
Am I living life with gratitude?
I've spent my life up until this point desperate for self-help books. Help, fix me. Before I face x, y, and z. Studying to live, rather than living to study. Now...I'm being challenged to flip that. I'm not great at it yet. But I also don't mind. But it also feels better. But I also like it. 🌻
When r they gonna let us set music to these boomerangs?
Abandoned toll road at New Harmony. (Did not trespass due to a mild injury. Yes, you can hurt yourself by jumping out of a vehicle that's only going 10mph. Yes, it's probably for the best. I hope the wasp that spooked me is happy. A very lawful view.)
Bill and I went back to New Harmony, Indiana for the fist time since getting married there six years ago. This camera obscura, located inside a cabin from the early 1800's, is still there. Still mesmerizing. Upside down world. (Oculus, by Jim Buchanan)
(Nevermind the last two lines of the first stanza, which draw to mind an image of an underwater fart. Hi, I'm twelve.) I happened to stick a note in a book of poetry last night, which happened to lead me to this section, which happened to lead me to this poem, which is so damn beautiful! ❤️
Coworker left a heart post-it on my desk. I added the face and the word to it right away...without thinking too hard about how or why there was room for more to add. Life goals. Love goals.
Portraits of me by 3 different women at the @wildgoosecreative You by Three event. Thank you @autumntheodorephotography @meganleighbarnard and @alliepal ! (This was an exercise outside of my comfort zone. Thank you for being a part of it. ❤️)
I tried! Engineer, I am not. But it works!!!!!