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  Posted: Oct 16, 2012 4:16 PM FEED
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dwill8 5y ago
Y'all didn't know @quietstorm_32 was a movie star

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dwill8 1w ago
Episode 10 of @ballersandbrawlers is up now on iTunes and ballers and brawlers dot com “My Rook” @jusanderson1 joined us to talk about being traded from the @dallasmavs, expectations for his upcoming season, his new found love of combat sports, my mood swings (bi polar disorder) and more. Check it out now #ballersandbrawlers #mma #ufc #nba #imightbebipolar #iswearimnottho #philadelphiaseventysixers #dallasmavs #rookieduties #fortismma #rockwellwatches #mojomarketplace #blackrifflecoffee #episode10
Posted: Oct 10, 2017 2:13 PM
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dwill8 3w ago
I love the life we have together, I love that you are the best mom to our kids, I love that we love so many of the same things, I love that you are my best friend, I love that you have always supported me and had my back through any and everything #randomiloveyou #mywifeisthebest #myqueen #myworld #mybff #wce😍😍😍😍😍 #sheissobeautiful #tbe #speciala #mamabear #amylou #ana #amybelle
Posted: Aug 30, 2017 12:58 PM
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dwill8 1M ago
#Repost @_stak5_ (@get_repost)
My Hometown needs help. Please if u in the area help is needed. Praying Hard.
dwill8 1M ago
#Repost @sayifsaud (@get_repost)
Fortis MMA fight team will be doing a donation drive for our brothers in Houston starting tomorrow. They are suffering all over the city and in a very bad way. We are collecting non-perishables, bottled water, clothes, etc. We will be collecting here at the gym for the next two days and then sending it down. Houston is supposed to get hit with even more rain in the coming days and conditions may continue to worsen. Also any MMA fighters or BJJ students who have come to Dallas because of the situation you are all welcome at our gym and hopefully can get in some good training. We maybe in Dallas but we are all Texans here. Please be mindful and donate. #texas #martialarts #family #hurricane #harvey #help #donate #houston #dallas #bjj #mma #jiujitsu #prayfortexas
dwill8 2M ago
1st Day of School today.... 4 kids three different school 😩 9th Grade, 5th Grade, 3rd Grade and 1st Grade!!! I love these lil boogers
dwill8 2M ago
Happy 33rd Birthday 🎉 to my beautiful bride 👰🏻 @mewithana enjoy your day babe I hope it's great and your 33rd year on this earth is even better. Thanks for being everything to this family and a bag of potato chips. I LOVE YOU to Juniper and back 😜😂 😘💕❤️ #happybirthday #youarethbest #speciala #trex #saturnandjuniper #shrimpchickenwings #udontlookadayoverthirtyfive #insidejokes #iloveyou #myqueen #myrock #myeverything
dwill8 2M ago
Honored to have USMC vet @tankmachine on our @ballersandbrawlers podcast episode 4 check it out on iTunes now or link in the bio. NSFW bc he may or may not have dropped one or 1000 F Bombs but the dude is def a motivator. Had me wanting to jump up and do something I dunno what exactly but felt like anything but sitting down at the time. Could have been partly the @blackriflecoffee also. @fortis_mma @blackriflecoffee @rockwellwatches @mojomarketplace
Posted: Aug 6, 2017 2:07 PM
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dwill8 2M ago
I know I'm guilty of this.... have a blessed Sunday 🙏🏽
dwill8 2M ago
Our @ballersandbrawlers podcast episode 3 is up now! Click the link in my bio to check it out. Big shoutout to my boy and number #2 ranked featherweight in the world and #15 ranked pound for pound fighter in the world @frankieedgar for joining us to talk about his MMA career, UFC 214, Mayweather vs. McGregor and more.... @rockwelljohnny @realocsports @blackriflecoffee @fortis_mma @rockwellwatches @mojomarketplace @ufc @mmajunkiedotcom @arielhelwani @mmafightingdotcom
dwill8 2M ago
Excited to announce and tell everyone to check out the @ballersandbrawlers podcast with UFC Vet @realocsports, The Lucky Leprechaun @rockwelljohnny and myself as we talk about UFC Weidman vs Gastelum, UFC 214 Jones vs Cormier and more..... link is in my bio. Give us a follow on @ballersandbrawlers on IG, and @ballernbrawler on twitter... Special thanks to @blackriflecoffee for allowing us to use their beautiful studio and making this possible. #mmapodcast #threeknuckleheads #blackriflecoffee #rockwellwatches #fortismma #powerhands
dwill8 3M ago
Happy 11th Bday to my baby girl @daijamicah8... you are such a beautiful little girl inside and out. You truly bring joy to my life every single day with your kind heart. I am so blessed and lucky to be able to call you my daughter. You are growing up so fast and i hate every min of it bc I know one day you won't be so little anymore and won't want to live with your daddy (even tho you said you would live at home forever when you were 8) 😢... I'm so lucky and blessed to be able to call you my daughter. I hope you had a great day today and an even better 11th year on this crazy 🌎. I LOVE YOU
dwill8 3M ago
Happy 11th Anniversary @mewithana you have been with me every step of the way since we were 15 years old! Through all the ups and downs and bumps in the road you have always had my back and I am so blessed to get to share my life with you. You are an amazing woman, mother and wife. I don't know what the future holds bc only the man upstairs knows that but I do know that I always want you in it. I Love You!!! ❤️💕😘 #happyanniversary #11yearsstrong #11yearsandcounting #wearegettingold #mybride #myqueen #mylady #imnoteasytolivewith #sothankyouforputtingupwithme #yourethebest #iloveyoubabe #iamtrulyblessed
dwill8 4M ago
Happy 24th Birthday to my lil bro @june_mcmxciii I will always remember you like you were in these pics but I am so proud of the man you have become. It's been amazing to watch you grow up before my eyes. Just know you will never be able to whoop me just in case u get a stupid thought 💭 💭 💭 in your head. I love you and hope u had a great day today.... sorry for the 1942 shots last night and the missed flight.... #hewasntready #toldhimhewasntgettingup #heisalightweight #carridehomewasepic #happybday #lilbro #lovethatdude