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  Posted: Oct 16, 2012 12:58 PM FEED
20 Normal
  • Soo nice...!!

  • That guy looks like he needs a hug. Excellent picture 💙

  • Case of the Mondays?

  • Hooo it feels like it was a tough one.

  • Hahaha . Btw can you take more shots of the people who performs or sings or sells in the subway there ? They are my favorite part of a city' s subway and I'm very interested in seeing them in your photos . :D

  • Nice!

  • Great mood

  • Brilliant as always

  • poor bloke, doesn't look happy!

  • jp_esq 5y ago

    That guy, looks like his wife kicked him out for another man he just lost his job, and he's just realised he jumped on the wrong tube with all the stress. Hope I'm wrong..

  • @antojeda you seen these picture of the underground?

  • Any idea what he was reading?

  • squa25 5y ago

    @jp_esq nah, I think it's just another day in London...

  • jp_esq 5y ago

    Lol yea

  • @tubeinblackandwhite I absolutely adore your feed, one of my fav things is watching and catching pics in the NYC subway... Especially late night. Thank you for all your likes too!

  • those pics r so cool ! you r going to old school ,huh ? 👍😁

  • 👍🌟

  • Parallax View

  • 🌟

  • I like your pictures, you're a great photographer

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