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#tbt to @gatebil_official in July. @danfegent kindly took this of me after receiving a stack of @gatebil_magazine’s that I am in. A long with a front cover! Fingers crossed there will be more in the future.
Had a nice morning down at @players_shows. Nice to catch up with some friends. Ever so slightly overwhelming seeing so much metal in one place.
I'm 32 years of age and until now I had never fired a gun. @londonpaps changed that yesterday by taking me to Springview Ranges. I got to fire a variety of guns but this Remington 700 VTR was on my favourites firing a 7.62mm bullet. It's safe to say that I am pretty shit on anything without a scope but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Would definitely do it again. Thanks @londonpaps for taking me and getting this picture.