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Feeling really stressed today so Ben told me to open the door and their was a stress relieving package waiting for me. #ilovebenny

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“We do not remember days, we remember moments” - from a sign I saw in a bathroom, but Google tells me it’s from Cesare Pavese // Often, I feel like we have more hard days than easy ones, but I’m hoping what they’ll remember most will be the sweet moments of grace, repentance, and forgiveness that happened when we came together to remind each other of what Christ did for us on the cross. #truebravesoulglow
Head over to @babiekinsmag to see the 🎃 surprise ball you can fill with trick or treats for Halloween! An easy project to make and so fun for the kids to unravel.
I had planned to take it easy and not really do school today (I had some work to do), but sometimes I’m such a rule follower, so we did school. Also, if we didn’t, I’d throw my lesson plans off schedule. 😂 I need to learn to chill a little. But I still got my work done 🙌 and the girls have been working hard, so maybe we will take a day off later in the week. #homeschooling #bratcherboardingacademy
When the girls are at school, it’s a work day for me. More fall craft projects coming to @babiekinsmag soon.
Just a girl and her whale enjoying the California fall.
I see a little lady in this photo. Where’d time go?!
✨Finally, a post of Brave’s very Harry Potter birthday (from August!) is up on the blog. She turned 10, so we did 10 Harry Potter things. Here’s a peek at some of the activities... Olivander’s wand workshop, going through Platform 3/4 (it’s still hanging in our house), the Great Hall Feast, transfiguration and potions class, and a Hagrid smashed birthday cake. There are plenty of other things on the blog, with little tips on how we put it together. Believe it or not, Ben and I are scrambled and put this all together in one day (last minute idea). Thank you to @mrshelenhong, @lyssafin, and @bobbiwhitney for being my Harry Potter consultants since I had no Potter knowledge prior! Link in bio. #cakiesblog
We are an excited bunch of gals cause our main man is coming home tonight.
Country roads, sunshine, and my girls... I like this combo. #truebravesoulglow
A big goodbye airport smooch. This time he’s the one leaving. #ilovebennyb
Pull the curtains open and bring in all the light. #cakieshome
An afternoon of swimming motivates them to stay on task while schooling.
As we walked out of the library today, I heard the librarian tell a co-worker, “That’s the family I told you about, the one with all the girls.” Yup, we are the one with all the girls (with the strange names too). 😂 #truebravesoulglow
Love these gorgeous embroidered pieces from @forestfibers that I saw at last week’s conference.
Listening to day 3 of @desiringgod podcast “Here We Stand” on the reformation.
If you’ve got time, I wrote a little (okay, really long) post about the messiness of love and marriage. I really love this guy, but sometimes we really piss each other off. Link in bio. #cakiesblog
This (super easy) 1960’s flower child costume is up on the blog today. All you need to make is a floral headband and a tie dye shirt, supplies for both were found at @michaelsstores (even the round glasses!), then you’re ready to go. ✌️🌼 link in bio. #cakiesblog #michaelsmakers #makeitwithmichaels