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mahieu 1w ago
Last saturday I (re)discovered why it’s entirely useless to grow potatoes in our veggie garden: we live right in the middle of a major potato-farming region 🥔 . I went out, put on my boots and gathered some harvest “leftovers”. About 100kg later and out of boxes I decided enough is enough :) Só much food just lying around going to waste.. (so I couldn’t resist picking up some pumpkins and red beets on the way home). #potato 🥔 🎃 🌰 #notgoinghungry #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight
mahieu 7w ago
I found out this season is my absolute favorite. Can't help myself, have to wake up before sunrise each morning to catch the view. #hetboerengenieten #afamersdelight #wakeupwithmahieu #sunrise
mahieu 10w ago
Harvesting time. Not so quiet these days, but still pretty ;) Making good use of the dry day, fresh new haybails being pressed across our street. #lngwg1 #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight
mahieu 14w ago
As a remembrance, this is what our front door (portal) looked like some weeks ago, the difference is stunning. Stay tuned, @jofabi will post an "after" shot today 😮#lngwg1 #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers
mahieu 14w ago
The last details: @jofabi spending some spare time finishing our "new" restored front door #lngwg1 #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers
mahieu 15w ago
Enjoying some spectacular views just before sunset. Reminds me why we moved to Zeeland ;) (swipe for the panoramic view!) #zeeland #zeelandbrug #igerszeeland
mahieu 16w ago
Finally! With the gravel in we finally finished our modernistic black box. #lngwg1 #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers
mahieu 21w ago
New life, yaay! 🐣 The first one out, and there's another one underneath mothers wings. And 12 more eggs.. who knows how much more will hatch :) #achickenslife #afarmersdelight #hetboerengenieten #lngwg1
mahieu 23w ago
A before and after (swipe for the after) of one of the coolest jobs we've done on the house. Finally it's former glory has been restored completely! #lngwg1 #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight
mahieu 29w ago
And suddenly we have a rather strange looking bench. But I'm told it sits great @jofabi ;) #lngwg1 #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers #hetboerengenieten
mahieu 29w ago
Bye bye dear tree. You were beautiful, but unfortunately you had a rather dangerous split personality, so it's time to make place for new growth. #lngwg1 #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers #hetboerengenieten
mahieu 32w ago
597 stainless steel screws later, the decking is done! (Next job, the sidings..) #lngwg1 #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers
mahieu 33w ago
Finally, started our last bit of raw construction - we just keep on going. At least I have two @jofabi 's, too bad it didn't help finishing it in one weekend.. Decking is hard work and takes a lót of time. To be continued.. #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers #lngwg1
mahieu 34w ago
Finally! After lots of very cold, rainy days, and days filled with working again (yes, I'm back in "digital" business!) - we had some sunny days and time to spare. So back to the sawing-table, and guess what: our kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen, yaay :) Check out @jofabi 's photos for more detail of our beautiful hand-made-reclaimed-floorboard cabinet fronts, concrete countertop and vintage sink. And a cool bonus: by reusing materials and using cheap swedish flat-pack cabinets as a base (Ikea-Hacking²), this is actually a very budget friendly kitchen too ;) #lngwg1 #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers #hetboerengenieten #kitchen #countrystyle #ikeahack #upcycle
mahieu 43w ago
"In between" shot of the clayplasterfrenzy 🐣 #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers #lngwg1
mahieu 43w ago
Project "Clay plastering till you drop" has commenced. Before.. #vrijetijdsbouwvakkers #lngwg1